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When you think of smoking marijuana out in public, what do you picture? Is it an incense stick burning away in a corner somewhere? Or maybe you’re more into the cloud that hangs over you wherever you go (and whatever you eat).

I’m here to tell you there is another way. And while we may not be able to stop cops from busting us all anytime soon, at least people will have something to giggle about when they see our bongs hanging around our necks.

These aren’t just any old bongs, either. They were designed specifically for those who want their highs without dealing with ashtrays full of spent roaches, burnt paper, and other unsightly elements. We spoke with one such person, who asked to remain anonymous—we’ll call him “J,” which is his real name—to talk about these beauties and how he uses them.

He has been using this bong style since 2009 and now sells several different models. J says he makes his products himself because he likes being involved with every aspect of his work… even if there isn’t much room for error.

I’ve never used one before, so I was interested in trying one myself. The first thing that struck me about its design is that it looks very similar to many other pipes sold online today, except instead of metal, it’s mostly plastic and resin.

This particular model comes in three sizes: 18 inches tall ($35), 24 inches tall ($50), and 30 inches tall ($75). There are also two colors to choose between black and white. But unlike most others, this one doesn’t come with a stem, meaning you have to hold onto it yourself.

That’s fine, considering that holding onto anything else during a high would probably drive anyone insane.

After taking it home, I noticed that the bowl felt solid and sturdy. However, the pipe itself seems flimsy compared to the rest. When I took my lighter up close to the mouthpiece, the flame seemed to almost burn through it.

If you look closely, you might notice tiny holes in the side of the piece where hot gases pass through, giving off the distinct odor described below.

This is part of why this type of bong works so well. Instead of getting your entire hit directly from combustion, you get a slow dose delivered via vaporization. When smoked correctly, this method allows users to take longer hits than traditional methods, resulting in less harsh effects.

Also, if you use the right amount of concentrate, you won’t need to worry about inhaling harmful chemicals. You can find concentrates ranging anywhere from 10 percent THC to 50 percent THC.

Concentrate levels vary depending on whether you purchase prerolled buds, ground bud, loose leaf, tinctures, edibles, topicals, etc., which means each user should consult their local laws regarding consumption.

While it takes some practice, smoking a strain-specific bong is fairly easy once you learn how. Let’s break down exactly how it works.

Can Weed Be Addictive 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

The Weed Star P-Series

First, let’s start with what material this product is made of. Most manufacturers make their pieces from acrylic nowadays, but J prefers going the extra mile. His preferred material is 100% food-grade silicone with a thickness of 0.3 millimeters.

Why does this matter? Well, according to him, thicker walls mean better durability. Not only does it allow for easier cleaning, but it also ensures that no nasty residue gets left behind after smoking.

Next, let’s discuss the actual shape of the device. Like most bowls, this one features a single chamber design with a large center area surrounded by smaller ones. These chambers typically range anywhere from 2″ – 4″. One size fits all!

This model sets apart because the small areas are cut diagonally, allowing air to flow freely throughout the system. Simply put, this helps ensure that your high produces cleaner results.

Now, let’s talk about the heating element. Since this bong relies heavily on heat to deliver its potent effect, it includes multiple ceramic coils and a fan. Because of the angled cuts mentioned above, the airflow easily passes around the coil to keep everything cool.

As far as temperature control goes, there is none. While it’s possible to adjust the intensity level of the heat source, doing so requires that you turn a dial inside the body. Turning the dial too quickly could cause damage to the mechanism. You can raise or lower the handle until you feel comfortable starting your session.

As far as specs go, this model offers a total capacity of 6 ounces, making it perfect for moderate smokers looking to achieve light to medium hits. Each puff holds approximately 1 gram of dry herb.

One interesting feature of this bong is its built-in water filtration system that removes particles as big as 5 microns. According to J, a typical water filter leaves microscopic bits of dirt and debris untouched, effectively cutting the potency of the experience.

So basically, you don’t have to clean this thing unless you plan on selling it.

Finally, let’s move on to the result. Some people say that the taste differs greatly based on the quality of the flower, but J claims that he experiences nearly identical tastes regardless of the plant. For example, he smokes Indica and Sativa strains, and neither tastes noticeably stronger.

Of course, this is dependent upon your preference. Once again, concentration plays a huge role in determining the strength of your high.

So how long can you expect to last with a standard joint? Depending on the type of weed you prefer, you can usually manage 8-12 puffs. A good rule of thumb is to divide the number of grams by the square root of your weight in pounds to determine the correct dosage. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs, consume 3/4th of a pound (.75 grams) per puff.

Pec or Oil?

Thanks to modern technology, you can now enjoy the benefits of concentrates without worrying about wasting time grinding your own. With companies popping up everywhere offering various options, choosing the right option can sometimes become overwhelming. Luckily, J wants to help simplify the process.

Here is his advice:

If you’re new to vaping, you may be tempted to try oil first. Please don’t give up hope because they can still relieve pain. Many patients report feeling significantly relieved within minutes of consuming oils. Just remember to breathe deeply afterward and avoid breathing in straight lines.

Vaping oil provides a quick fix for many conditions, including chronic inflammation, muscle spasms, migraines, anxiety, depression, insomnia, arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, and cancer treatments.

Unfortunately, the lack of research in this field prevents medical professionals from recommending oil to treat certain ailments. Always check with your doctor before experimenting with oils.
If you already know how to grind, skip ahead.

Is Marijuana Legal In New York 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Smoking Time

According to J, you should wait 15-30 seconds after lighting up to begin inhaling. Another important tip is to inhale slowly, focusing entirely on filling your lungs with fresh oxygen. Smoking under normal circumstances generally lasts 20-40 minutes, but that time varies dramatically among individuals. Be sure to experiment with different types of flowers to see what works best for your unique needs.

What’s On It?

Each puff contains roughly 1 gram of dried cannabis. Unlike a loose leaf, pre-packaged deals often contain fillers, additives, binders, and pesticides, rendering the final product useless. Therefore, before purchasing a pre-made bong, always ask questions, read reviews, and compare prices against alternative brands.


Plenty of gorgeous designs are available on the market, but J believes simplicity is key. After all, nobody cares how fancy your setup looks if it fails you when you need it the most. He says the simpler the design, the fewer chances for failure.

He recommends sticking to straight tubes and simple shapes, although multi-chamber stems are becoming increasingly popular.

Where To Buy

Head to Strain Labs’ website to browse hundreds of designer bongs created by people like you. Check out our guide to buying weed online for tips on safe delivery services and discreet shipping.

Have you ever tried a weed star perc bong? Are you happy with the outcome? Hit the comments section below and sound off!

My Favorite Weed Star Bongs

WS Series 5mm Glass Bong – Puncher Illusion Double Perc

WS Series 5mm Glass Bong Puncher Illusion Double Perc, 77 Bongs

This stunning 5mm WS Series Puncher Illusion Ice features TWO 3-arm Tree Percolators beneath ice notches that combine to create one of the smoothest, coolest hits.

The mouthpiece is subtly worked inside with slim white interweaving lines swirling around inside the rim. At the same time, directly beneath it, many glass bubbles decorate the outside of the tube above the frosted WS Series logo.

The 5mm Puncher Illusion Double Perc is a magnificent sight to behold.

Size: 60cm

Weed Star Glass Bong – Elevator 1

Weed Star Glass Bong Elevator, 77 Bongs

The Elevator has a double percolator, forming a perfect twin inner-cooling system, giving you the smoothest and purest smoke possible.

This is also great if you’re health-conscious. It also features ice notches, allowing you to fill the chamber with ice and cool down the smoke, further enhancing this bong’s great hit.

Size: 59cm

WS Series 5mm Glass Bong – Mahoney Hyper Removable Perc

WS Series 5mm Glass Bong Mahoney Hyper Removable Perc, 77 Bongs

This WS Series 5mm Mahoney by Weed Star features a removable tree percolator, also available to buy spare.

The solid tube has a reassuring weight, and the three-arm perc raises the quality and smoothness of the smoke.

Size: 50cm

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