WS Bongs Parts And Accessories

WS Bongs Parts And Accessories 1024x536, 77 Bongs

My Favorite Weed Star Bongs

18.8 Glass Bowl – Blue Bead

18.8 Glass Bowl Blue Bead, 77 Bongs

This Glass Bowl will perfectly fit the joint of any 18.8-sized glass bong, from the most expensive styles to the cheapest.

It features a dark blue bead upon the very lip of the bowl, which looks pretty cool but actually serves to allow you to place it and remove it with ease.

Size: 8.5cm long

Weed Star ‘Mad Professor’ Replacement Perc

Weed Star Mad Professor Replacement Perc, 77 Bongs

Replacement percolator part for the WS Series 5mm Removable Perc Bong – ‘Mad Professor.’

Size: 85mm

Weed Star Crystal Bowl – Deep Amber

Weed Star Crystal Bowl Deep Amber, 77 Bongs

These new glass bowls from Weed Star have been forged to resemble the outer shells of shiny jewels or ancient amber stones (I have no idea what an ancient amber stone is, but those things they had in Jurassic Park).

The many, many edges keep it constantly glistening under lights, and it makes a uniquely satisfying addition to your bowl collection.

Size: N/A

Weed Star Glass Skull Bowl Green

Weed Star Glass Skull Bowl Green, 77 Bongs

This glass bowl is in the shape of a grinning skull, with a good size space within to pack your herbs.
The hole diameter is approximately 4 or 5mm across and is available in both 14.5 and 18.8 joint sizes (see dropdown).

Size: 75mm x 45mm

Weed Star Glass Stash Jar

Weed Star Glass Stash Jar, 77 Bongs

This Weed Star Glass Stash Jar will house your herbs and even aid in the capture of rogue spiders.

Size: 70mm x 40mm

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