What Is a Bong?

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A bong, commonly known as a water pipe, is a smoking device used to smoke cannabis, tobacco, and other substances.

A bong is a type of smoking device that is often used to inhale marijuana smoke. It typically consists of a water-filled chamber, a tube or stem, and a bowl where the marijuana is placed. The user lights the marijuana in the bowl and then inhales the smoke through the tube or stem, which draws the smoke through the water and into the user’s lungs. The water helps to cool and filter the smoke, making it smoother and less harsh on the throat and lungs. Bongs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, and are a popular choice among marijuana smokers. However, it’s important to note that using a bong, like any smoking device, can still harm the respiratory system and overall health.

The construction of a bong and its principle of action is similar to that of the bubbler. Smoking a bong contrasts with smoking a pipe or cigarette in two major ways: bongs cool the smoke before it enters the user’s lungs (making it easier to smoke a bong than a join or pipe), and a large amount of smoke is inhaled quickly as opposed to the smaller, more frequent, inhalations from pipe or cannabis joint.

Bong works to a smoker’s advantage because of water filtration and cooling principles. There are many kinds of bongs and materials bongs can be made of: glass, acryl, stone, wood, clay, ceramic, and metal.

Thousands of shapes and sizes make the bong a classy show-off smoking device, bringing cannabis smokers endless fun. Join us and get yourself a bong of your choice!

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Bongs are one of the oldest forms of smoking devices. But what about these water pipes make them so popular today?

Suppose you’ve ever tried to smoke marijuana or another illegal drug through an actual cigarette. In that case, you know how difficult (and dangerous) it can be to do so without proper ventilation and safety precautions. This also applies to other traditional smoking apparatuses like cigars, tobacco cigarettes, hookahs, etc.

You have to ensure there’s no oxygen in your lungs during use. Otherwise, you risk being poisoned by carbon monoxide.

But with modern technology came new ways to enjoy weed and other drugs recreationally while staying safe from harm. One such innovation was the introduction of glass bongs into the society around 100 years ago.

These were just hoses attached to some chamber where they inserted dry ice for combustion. While this method certainly worked fine back then, it didn’t provide much vaporization and made burning cannabis pretty inefficient.

Today, most people who want to get high prefer to use a “vaporizer,” a small tube with a mouthpiece on either end. When heated up, the material inside releases its scent and taste into the air for more enjoyable consumption.

Vaporizers come in various shapes and sizes, but their main purpose remains: to allow users to inhale THC-laden aerosol particles instead of burning bud directly.

So if you’re not familiar with the concept yet, let me ask you—what exactly is a bong? Technically, it could refer to any smoking device used for recreational purposes. However, as we’ll see later, many enthusiasts now consider the term synonymous with only certain water pipe models specifically built for vaping pot rather than smoking buds.

So, if someone asks you what kind of bong you own, chances are good that you’ll know exactly what they mean!

Where Did The Name Come From?

For those unfamiliar with the word bong, here’s a brief history lesson: Before weed became legal in several states across America, it wasn’t uncommon for smokers to find themselves caught in a law enforcement raid.

If the police found yourself hiding under the bed with a bag full of sticky icky, you better hope you weren’t carrying anything resembling a water pipe because they’d almost always confiscate it right away.

This is why early pioneers developed ingenious methods of delivering weed without drawing attention to oneself. Some even resorted to building makeshift versions out of wood and metal, although these were often crude and prone to breaking after repeated usage.

Most historians believe the first recorded water pipe appeared somewhere in Southeast Asia around 3000 BC. It looked similar to a snakeskin stretched over sticks in mud puddles. Over the centuries, variations of this design would appear throughout the region until eventually evolving into the earliest known form of a hand-held water pipe we recognize today.

With legalization becoming increasingly common worldwide, newer generations began seeking alternative means of consuming cannabinoids. As part of this trend, inventors developed novel designs combining old ideas with new technologies.

Eventually, several companies took notice and introduced commercially available products to consumers in the 1960s. Although it may seem strange nowadays, many individuals still take great pride in crafting handmade pieces of art featuring unique styles and elaborate engravings. Many enthusiasts will proudly display their work on shelves or coffee tables alike.

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Are There Any Health Consequences To Using Bongs?

In recent decades, health concerns surrounding the effects of smoking marijuana have been growing tremendously. Unlike nicotine, which causes addiction due to its chemical composition and delivery mechanism, pot contains far fewer toxins associated with cancer and lung damage than regular cigarettes. However, despite this truth, many people still ignore medical advice and continue indulging anyway.

One reason might be related to misconceptions regarding the potential dangers of long-term use. Most people tend to think that prolonged exposure to carcinogens found in secondhand smoke increases the risk of getting sick down the road.

Yet, according to researchers, this isn’t entirely true since studies show that chronic inhalation of marijuana smoke doesn’t cause lasting negative consequences on human health.

Another misconception has to do with the way some folks perceive water pipes as inherently unsafe. Since the name conjures up images of reefer madness stoners sitting around puffing on joints and passing the bottle, many assume that these tools must involve heavy doses of harmful chemicals.

Fortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Water pipes don’t produce significant toxic gases during normal operation. Instead, heat generated by the flame provides enough energy to create a smooth hit.

Since marijuana typically requires higher temperatures for effective combustion, adding lighter fluid (or liquid propane gas) to improve efficiency is a standard practice among serious hobbyists. Other options include adding activated charcoal filters, which remove residual tar from incomplete burns. Regardless, none of these additives contain anything hazardous to our bodies.

Finally, it should go without saying that regardless of whether you buy prebuilt units or build your custom creations, you shouldn’t try to operate a water pipe without taking the necessary safety measures. Always wear protective eye goggles whenever possible, keep loose parts locked tightly away from curious children, and never mix alcohol with any mind-altering substances.

The bottom line is that you should never consume marijuana without ensuring that you receive adequate ventilation. Otherwise, you risk overdosing on deadly fumes like CO2, carbon monoxide, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide.

Also, remember that if you live in a state where recreational weed is completely legalized, there’s nothing wrong with sharing a joint with friends, provided everyone stays sober enough to handle things responsibly.

Is Smoking Weed On A Bong Bad For Your Lungs?

As mentioned earlier, the primary concern when dealing with water pipes involves breathing in potentially harmful emissions. Because of this, experts recommend wearing a mask before and during each session.

Aside from protecting your eyes, nose, and throat, masks help filter out particulates produced by heating materials like oil and wax. They also serve as useful accessories to protect against harsh weather conditions by blocking incoming UV rays.

Aside from keeping your lungs free of pollutants, it’s important to note that most water pipes sold online today feature special ceramic chambers designed to maximize airflow. This helps prevent the buildup of excess moisture that tends to occur when smoking with lower-quality equipment.

By eliminating condensation, water pipes promote less wetness overall, making your experience smoother and easier. Additionally, if you purchase a unit equipped with a cone top, you won’t need to worry about accidentally spilling hot fluids onto yourself.

Overall, these features greatly reduce the chance of experiencing uncomfortable side effects like coughing fits, chest tightness, and respiratory problems.

However, if you decide to bypass commercialized systems and create your art, please pay close attention to how well the finished product matches your expectations. Not every craftsman knows his onions when designing bowls and stems properly.

Sometimes, poor construction leads to leaks, cracks, and failure to achieve maximum performance. Luckily, most experienced vapers post reviews online with detailed explanations of their experiences. Take advantage of this information and ask questions if needed.

On the plus side, I should mention that many reputable manufacturers offer affordable products that deliver excellent results. Popular brands include Sutra Glass Pipes, Smoke Sticks, Vapium, and Volcano Medic.

These companies offer a wide range of durable, reliable products that incorporate cutting-edge engineering techniques to ensure optimal functionality.

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The Pros And Cons Of Building Or Buying A DIY Bong

Finding decent deals on premium components comes at a cost. Unless you already spend thousands per year on clothing, cars, electronics, housing, vacations, etc., you probably can’t afford to buy everything straight off the shelf.

Thankfully, thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to break the bank to indulge in your favorite vice legally. Thanks to sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon, Reddit, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Google Shopping, etc., you can easily connect with sellers looking to unload extra inventory or trade services in exchange for cash.

Additionally, you can save money on shipping charges by utilizing mail forwarding services offered by USPS. Just set up a box anywhere in town and send items via priority mail overnight for next-day delivery. Depending on where you live, you might also qualify to ship packages overseas for cheap.

Finally, if you’re strapped for cash, you could always turn to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency networks to fund your habit. After all, nobody pays taxes when selling goods for digital currency!

While buying prebuilt units has advantages, sometimes it’s fun to customize and personalize your setup to fit your style. Plus, if you’re feeling creative, you could always attempt to recreate classic designs that haven’t changed much over the past 50 years.

Whether you seek inspiration from retro collectibles, vintage advertisements, pictures taken from magazines, or famous artwork, you can virtually browse hundreds of photos on websites dedicated to public domain imagery. Once you locate a pattern, search online stores for budget alternatives to expensive originals.

Holland Bong Metal Stem 2 Holes

Holland Bong Metal Stem 2 Holes, 77 Bongs

In my opinion, it’s an amazing bong for the price! It can be tricky to assemble, and there are no instructions. You want to put the rubber pieces in both holes, then slowly slide the stem through the bottom rubber piece.

Once assembled, it smokes great. It has a nice-sized chamber for the price. I think putting too much water in the bong is possible, and it can be hard to get continuous suck-age; if this happens, pour some of the water out.

Size: 38 cm

Amber Glass Bong With Curl

Amber Glass Bong With Curl, 77 Bongs

Caution! Very affordable. The unique twist in the bong’s neck is a desirable sale feature and its Achilles heel. Some stoners are known to knock over this bong after inhaling it too deeply.

A fussy beautiful bong with a pot leaf emblem on the shaft requires a little more attention than your standard water pipe. The bizarre curl ensures ice loading is a challenge. However, its uniqueness makes this bong an excellent addition to any enthusiast’s collection.

Size: 25 cm

“Bought it the other day, but can’t say much. It looks nice, but it broke before I even used it. It fell over on my counter right on the curl and shattered. It looks nice, but it is challenging to get water/ice down there due to the curl.”

“Tricky! But worth owning. Mine shattered. But I break plenty of bongs. Oh well. Two years old. And still going strong.”

Fluorescent Plastic Bong

Fluorescent Plastic Bong, 77 Bongs

Now, this is what I call real Science Fiction and Fantasy Design. Do you like SF movies, games, or books?

This Acrylic Bong looks like some strange device from an Alien’s Spaceship. This high and thick bent tube makes smoking a real cosmic journey.

Fluorescent Acrylic turns your smoke into an extraordinary material of unknown origin – maybe some other Galaxy or a Parallel Universe? Everything is possible with this cosmic Water Bong.

Size: 29.8 cm

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