What Is a Bong?

A bong, also commonly known as a water pipe, is a smoking device, generally used to smoke cannabis or tobacco, but also other substances.

The construction of a bong and its principle of action is similar to that of the bubbler. Smoking a bong contrasts with smoking a pipe or cigarette in two major ways: bongs cool the smoke before it enters the user’s lungs (making it easier to smoke a bong than a join or pipe), and a large amount of smoke is inhaled quickly as opposed to the smaller, more frequent, inhalations from pipe or cannabis joint.

Bong works to smoker advantage because of water filtration and cooling principles. There are many kinds of bongs and materials bong can be made of: glass, acryl, stone, wood, clay, ceramic, metal.

Thousands of shapes and sizes make bong a classy show-off smoking device, bringing cannabis smokers endless fun. Join us and get yourself a bong of your choice!

Molino Mad Scientist V2 Pyrex Double Chamber Water Bong, 77 Bongs

Holland Bong Metal Stem 2 Holes

Holland Bong Metal Stem 2 Holes, 77 Bongs

In my opinion, it’s an amazing bong for the price! It can be a little tricky to assemble and there are no instructions. You want to put the rubber pieces in both holes then slowly slide the stem through the bottom rubber piece.

Once assembled it smokes great. It has a nice sized chamber for the price. I think it’s possible to put too much water in the bong and it can be hard to get continuous suck-age; if you have this happen just pour some of the water out.

Size: 38 cm

Amber Glass Bong With Curl

Amber Glass Bong With Curl, 77 Bongs

Caution! Very affordable. The unique twist in the bong’s neck is not only a desirable sale feature but also its Achilles heel. Some stoners are known to knock over this bong after inhaling from it too deeply.

A fussy beautiful bong with a pot leaf emblem on the shaft requires a little more attention than your standard water pipe. The bizarre curl ensures ice loading is a challenge. However, its uniqueness makes this bong an excellent addition to any enthusiast’s collection.

Size: 25 cm

“Bought it the other day, but can’t really say much. It looks nice and everything, but it broke before i even got to use it. it fell over on my counter right on the curl and shattered. Oh well, it definitely looks nice but it is challenging to get water/ice down there due to the curl.”

“Tricky! But worth owning. Mine shattered. But I break plenty of bongs. Oh well. Two years old. And still going strong.”

Fluorescent Plastic Bong

Fluorescent Plastic Bong, 77 Bongs

Now, this is what I call real Science Fiction and Fantasy Design. Do you like SF movies, games, or books?

This Acrylic Bong looks like some strange device brought from Alien’s Spaceship. This high and thick bent tube makes smoking a real cosmic journey.

Fluorescent Acrylic turns your smoke into an extraordinary material of unknown origin – may be some other Galaxy or a Parallel Universe? Everything is possible with this cosmic Water Bong.

Size: 29.8 cm