Weed Star Bongs

Weed Star Bongs are quickly gaining popularity for their amazing different kind of bongs. Their bongs and company are unique in many different ways. For one Weed Star Bongs has some very interesting names when it comes to their bongs.

Some potheads will twig to Little Bitch, Baby Bitch, Ghetto Bitch, Player, and Big Mama line of bongs.

Weed Star bongs have some very interesting names for their different bongs that’s for sure.

The beautiful affordable bongs from Weed Star Bongs are beaker-bottomed with a solid ‘tank’ joint, featuring bubbles decorating the cylinder beneath the mouthpiece, which is also decorated with a colored rim consisting of twisting white lines.

The Bitch bongs have carb-holes included.

These three-piece bongs come with a separate slide bowl and are colored and decorated to accentuate the Bitch bong’s custom qualities. They are top bongs, but very affordable.

Weed Star Bongs is quickly earning a name for itself with their different kind of bongs.

Their elegant famous bongs provide a silky smooth hit. Weed Star Bong’s top quality while remaining affordable makes them a wonderful addition to any enthusiasts’ collection.

My Favorite Weed Star Bongs

Weed Star 5mm Double Bubbler Bong – with Daisy Diffuser

Weed Star 5mm Double Bubbler Bong With Daisy Diffuser, 77 Bongs

This Weed Star Double Bubble Bong has an in-built daisy diffuser and is made of 5mm thick glass. It stands securely by itself so it can be hit as you would a normal bong while the mouthpiece is periscope-shaped and wide-rimmed.

Though it holds its own as a simple double-chambered bong, this Weed Star Bubbler Bong comes into its own when held manfully in the hand while reclining like a king on his holidays.

Keep on the table or kick back on the couch, this beauty is a daily drivin’ dream.

Size: 31cm

Weed Star Glass Bong – Bazooka 29.2

Weed Star Glass Bong Bazooka, 77 Bongs

This booming Bazooka of a bong boasts a joint size measuring a whopping 29.2mm! It also has a massive tube for maximum smoke capacity.

Weed Star Bongs are great value for such high standards of quality – expertly crafted from quality glass and providing you with a fantastic hit every time.

Each Weed Star Bazooka Bong 29.2 comes with a special diffuser, separate bowl, and huge colored Weed Star logo.

Size: 50cm

Weed Star Glass Bong – Elevator 1

Weed Star Glass Bong Elevator, 77 Bongs

Weed Star Bongs are great value – expertly crafted from quality glass and providing you with a fantastic hit every time. Each bong comes with a downtube and blue-rimmed mouthpiece as standard.

The Elevator has a double percolator which forms a perfect twin inner-cooling system giving you the smoothest and the purest smoke possible. This is also great if you’re health-conscious. It also features ice notches, allowing you to fill the chamber with ice and cool down the smoke, further enhancing the wonderful hit this bong provides.

Size: 14cm x 59cm