Top 7 Weed Efficient Bongs

Top 7 Weed Efficient Bongs 1024x536, 77 Bongs

Bongs are the best when it comes to efficiency. Joints waste a ton of weed cause you are not smoking it the entire time, so it burns. Meanwhile, the ashes fly away, and you can never smoke it 100 percent through. Choose one of the most weed-efficient bongs and save some weed for later.

When it comes to smoking marijuana, there are several ways to enjoy the effects. One way is by using a bong; these have been around for quite some time and have become very popular among recreational users.

You may wonder what kind of weed-efficient bong will work best for your needs. This article covers some top-rated weed-efficient bongs available on today’s market.

Smoking marijuana has long been associated with certain rituals or traditions. Many methods are used when attempting to get high – from traditional cigarettes to joints. But none offer the same effect as inhaling the smoke through a water pipe known as a bong.

A bong allows you to consume cannabis more efficiently than any other method. While this doesn’t mean that all forms of smoking should cease (there are still plenty of reasons why people choose not to use a bong), bongs make pot consumption easier and less messy.

You’ll find yourself puffing away at your bowl while watching TV or listening to music. And if you want a quality, effective, weed-efficient bong, keep reading!

Why Use A Potency Bong?

There are several reasons for purchasing a potency bong instead of a cigarette or joint. First, there isn’t nearly as much tar present in cannabis smoke compared to tobacco products.

You don’t end up filling your lungs with nasty carcinogens. Additionally, since most bongs consist of glass rather than metal, it keeps out contaminants such as lead found in cigarettes.

Another reason a person might prefer a potent bong over another type of smoker is its ability to deliver larger amounts of THC without holding the stem. Since you aren’t holding onto the stem, you won’t feel nearly as stoned after.

Finally, bongs allow you to take bigger hits because of their design. Because you’re taking large quantities into your body so quickly, you could experience higher highs more quicker.

Are Bongs Machine Made 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

What Are Some Of The Best Rated Weed Efficient Bongs On Today’s Market?

To pick the right bong, you need to know exactly what you want. After all, just about every brand offers a variety of models and designs. If you’re new to buying bongs online, here are a few things to look for when browsing for the perfect model.

First, check to see whether or not the product includes a diffuser attachment. These attachments function similarly to candles but with cannabis oil. Instead of burning your lighter or matches, you light the attached candle.

When the flame gets hot enough, it blows air down toward your mouthpiece, where the vapors are pulled into your lungs. This makes it incredibly easy to avoid secondhand smoke and helps regulate the temperature inside your home.

Second, look for a bong made with premium materials. While cheap plastic pieces are certainly cheaper, they aren’t last as long as those made with stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, or even gold plating. Look for a vaporizer that uses a material capable of resisting heat better than others. Also, consider the overall weight of the unit. Lighter units tend to perform better due to their lower center of gravity.

Finally, be sure to read reviews left by previous customers before purchasing anything. Many brands have hidden flaws within their devices that only appear once the unit has shipped. By checking user comments, you can ensure that the device you’re interested in actually functions properly and safely.

One final tip is always to try a piece out before purchasing. Don’t trust photos alone to tell you everything about a particular style. Take advantage of free trial periods offered by many companies that sell vaping accessories. Try all styles until you find the one that suits you best. Then you’ll never go back to regular pipes again!

The Top Three Rated Cannabis-Infused Oils & What They Do For Your Smoking Experience

Cannabis-infused oils are becoming increasingly common among smokers worldwide. They’re now preferred by many medical patients who have trouble obtaining prescription painkillers. Although many different kinds of oils exist, three stand above the rest as extremely powerful. Here are descriptions of each one:

Blueberry Kush Oil: Regarding CBD, blueberry kush oil ranks near the top. Its popularity stems from the high levels of antioxidants contained within each drop. Not only does this help fight cancer and heart disease, but it also provides relief from inflammation and arthritis symptoms.

Purple Punch: Another highly regarded oil is purple punch. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it relieves muscle aches and pains caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Just apply a small amount directly to the affected area and massage gently.

Cherry Diesel: Last but certainly not least is cherry diesel. With its rich flavor and strong aroma, it tastes delicious and leaves you feeling relaxed. Like all of the other oils mentioned, it contains loads of antioxidants. However, unlike the others listed, it is loaded with phytocannabinoids called terpenes. Terpene molecules act as “carriers” for cannabinoids, transporting them throughout the bloodstream. Therefore, it greatly increases the intensity of both THC and CBD.

Which Is The Most Effective Way To Smoke Marijuana Via A Bong?

If you’re unfamiliar with smoking via a bong, we recommend starting with smaller bowls first. Once you start getting accustomed to the process, you can move on to larger ones.

Here’s an example of a proper technique: place your hand under the water tube (not too close to the opening) and begin sucking in the air. Hold your breath for half a count, exhale slowly, and repeat. Repeat this cycle until you fill your lungs with as much smoke as possible. Now inhale deeply through your nose and continue doing this until you reach maximum capacity.

Once you finish, wait five seconds and exhale slowly. Make sure to clean your bong thoroughly afterward. Never leave dirty equipment lying around! Next, put the whole thing in the dishwasher on low settings until fully dry. Lastly, treat yourself to a nice relaxing vape session!


We hope our list has helped you decide which of the top-rated weed-efficient bongs on today’s market is the best fit for you. Whether you’re searching for a beginner model or a heavy hitter, you can find one that fits your budget and lifestyle perfectly.

Remember that everyone is unique and reacts differently to various strains. So, experiment and explore until you discover the exact combination that suits you best.


Clear Acrylic Bong

Clear Acrylic Bong 2, 77 Bongs

Simplicity can be a huge benefit. This water bong shows how this claim works in reality. It’s clear; it’s straight; it’s simple. Yet, it’s very effective and easy to use.

The water doesn’t spill easily out of this bong. Made out of standardized bong parts, including the metal downtube and bowl, mouthpiece ring, rubber grommet, and base, this water bong will serve you well and long.

Size: 12cm


Hand Water Bong

Hand Water Bong, 77 Bongs

There is something magical about the way this Bong allows you to smoke. Placing this Water Bong on your open hand automatically creates a strong connection between you and smoke.

Touching the glass which encloses a tasty smoke feels natural and amazingly familiar – as you have smoked for your whole life or even your past lives (who knows how many of them you might have walked through?).

Bubbling water makes some nice vibrations, touching your hand while you smoke and telling your stories about other worlds.

Size: 18cm


Mini Molino Bong

Mini Molino Bong, 77 Bongs

This is amazing how every single Water Bong Brought to us by Molino Glass is amazing in its original design, high quality despite affordable price, and perfect smoking conditions.

This Bong is tiny with its 11.5 cm in height. still, it is very effective and guarantees some pleasant moments.

Nice glass, interesting shape, and cool cobalt dots, typical for this line of Molino Bongs, make this Water Bong worth trying!

Size: 11cm


Tattoo Fluorescent Acrylic Bong

Tattoo Fluorescent Acrylic Bong, 77 Bongs

These bright vividly colored bongs have a cool tribal tattoo design on their stem.

Cheap acyclic bongs are great for parties because there’s no fear of someone accidentally breaking a good piece of glass. An affordable stylish party bong.

Size: 26cm

“Too bright! It’s a decent bong when kept clean. Doesn’t break. Very cool cuz some of my stoner friends are clumsy. I really like mine. I pack with plenty of ice for a perfectly cool toke every time.”


Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 – The Blingpin

Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 The Blingpin, 77 Bongs

Standing just under two feet tall (22 inches / 55 cm) and weighing an impressive 1300 grams, this is a fantastic piece of glass. Its weight, combined with a large base, makes tipping this amazing bong extremely difficult.

Very little worry about breakage. The RooR’s shaft is an incredible 5 cm thick. With a gorgeous white RooR label etched beautifully up its neck, 24-karat gold-coated ice notches, and the artist’s signature. Up to eight standard ice cubes can be thrown into the RooR’s shaft. Its extra-large base holds plenty of cold water. Making for an incredibly sweet, easy inhale.

The RooR delivers heavy hardy tokes, but the filtration system ensures cool clean smoke. The expensive price tag ensures exclusivity. Meaning this gem of a bong won’t be in everyone’s home.

Size: 55cm

“The RooR is the best bong ever. Mine delivers tokes that blow friends over. The other glass bongs in my collection hardly get used now that my RooR has arrived. Unlike other bongs that you sometimes let get grungy, because money spent on RooR is plenty, you’ll constantly be cleaning the bong to ensure it delivers impressive hits. When cleaned, packed with a tray of ice cubes, and filled with cold bottled water, the RooR delivers a punch better than a Volcano Vaporizer. Get a good bong bag to sling over your back and take it to your friend’s house for serious sessions.”

“Just wanted to comment about the bong withstanding a fall. My dumbass buddy knocked over my bong bar after taking a heavy hit from my most expensive RooR. The bong fell over, but didn’t break when it hit the carpet. Thank god! We don’t let my friend hit the RooR. We gave him a little cheap bong.”


Bamboo Bong With Leaf

Bamboo Bong With Leaf 2, 77 Bongs

A sturdy durable bong that rips hard when kept clean. A beautiful pot leaf blazed on a black stem makes for a gorgeous bong.

Built from standardized bong parts allowing for easy switching of the metal bowl, metal down tube, and rubber mouthpiece ring. Switching up parts makes this bong fun.

Size: 29cm

“This bamboo bong is perfect if you smoke with 2-3 other people or yourself. The best features are the sturdy-as-hell bamboo and the smooth hits you get as long as you keep it clean.”

“Sweet bong! I replaced all the standard parts that it came with for my own personal pieces. Very easy. The pot leaf is large. It’s a really cool bong. Looks great in my room. My friends and I love this bong. Hits like a champ. Pot leaf looks great too.”


Large Glass Shabong

Large Glass Shabong, 77 Bongs

Treat yourself to the pleasure of smoking through the glass and watching your favorite smoke roll down deep into your lungs.

Watching the smoke shaped by a nice glassy pipe makes you almost wanna touch it, although we all know it should be inhaled first! I have been a smoker for twenty years, and this pipe design is my favorite a must-have!!

Size: 19.5cm

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