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Water bongs use a water filtration process to make smoke cooler and more palatable and allow the dose of cannabinoids to be inhaled more deeply and rapidly. This makes absorption more efficient, so a smaller amount of cannabis is required.

Water-filtered smoke also protects alveolar macrophages, an important component in the lung’s immune system, and their ability to fight bacteria.

Protect your lungs and use water bongs!

If you’ve ever had a glass of water, then chances are good that you know how great it feels to have your mist maker. Water bong technology has come far from the simple bamboo tube with holes drilled in its side and an attached hose for dispersal (see below). Today’s water bongs offer more design options than ever, including some unique ones!

It was only recently that we started using the word “vapor” instead of smoke when referring to smoking marijuana or other drugs. But even though words can change over time, what hasn’t changed is that smokers want their drugs delivered as quickly as possible into their lungs, which will be absorbed by blood vessels deep within the respiratory tract.

The easiest way to do this is through direct inhalation. This practice originated thousands of years ago during ancient times when people would use burning coal to heat water so that vapor could fill a container, allowing them to inhale the vapors without actually burning themselves.

Today, many users prefer to use modern technologies like water pipes, which deliver heated liquid directly into their lungs via tubes or hoses rather than fire. While there are hundreds of different types of water pipes available today, each one follows the same principle: It uses electricity or gas to heat water until steam pressure builds enough inside a closed chamber to force the hot water out through small nozzles at high speed.

When the water shoots out of the pipe, it cools down again once it leaves the nozzle and hits the air. Once the user breathes in, the resulting cool mist fills their mouth and throat, making them feel relaxed and tired. Some experts say that water pipes may help smokers quit because they don’t produce tar and carbon monoxide when used.

But while most water pipes look similar, newer models offer plenty of room for customization depending on individual preferences. Some people want something sleek and sophisticated looking. Others need something eye-catching but also functional. And still, others want something unique. Read on to learn about the newest innovations in the world of water bongs.

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77 Bongs

Types of Water Bongs

Bubble Glass Water Pipe

A bubble pipe consists of two pieces: A long narrow piece called a stem and another wide end section called a bowl. Add warm tap water to the bowl and light a candle to make bubbles, creating a nice glow around the entire device.

Then turn the flame off and allow the wax-dripping candles to burn lower and create a gentle stream of tiny bubbles throughout the length of the bowl. You’ll notice that the bubbles rise toward the top and eventually burst through the hole at the bottom of the bowl.

As the steam shoots out of the bowl, it cools down rapidly and becomes visible as little water droplets. When someone takes a breath of fresh air after blowing through the bubbler, they get hit with a cooling mist that makes breathing easier and provides soothing relief like a cold shower.

Drip Tip Water Pipe

Sometimes people enjoy getting wetter than usual as part of their drug experience. If that sounds fun to you, check out the drip-tip water bong. Instead of a fine spray, this type of water pipe sends thick beads of water along the surface of any liquid in the bowl.

So if you’re drinking alcohol, limeade, soda pop, etc., and you put a few drops of fruit juice in the mix, you might see a rainbow effect emerge from the tip. These special effects are usually achieved by adding colored additives such as food coloring to various liquids.

Users who enjoy taking risks should try mixing several different kinds of drinks. For example, why not combine cola and orange juice? Or maybe a vodka and red bull?

Vaporizing Bowl Water Pipe

This is probably the most popular style among water pipe aficionados. Place the wick end of the bowl into the water and watch the smoke shoot straight upward through the opening at the base of the bowl. No electrical components are required.

What sets this kind apart from other bongs is that it produces thicker clouds of smoke due to other particles floating around in the mixture. Also, unlike traditional water pipes, this model doesn’t require much maintenance since you rinse the bowl under running water whenever necessary.

Carburetor Water Pipe

The carburetor water pipe incorporates both a tank system and a heating element. Unlike other models, the carburetor relies exclusively on propane (natural gas) fuel and gasoline.

By setting the right temperature control knob, you can adjust the amount of gas released and thus regulate the intensity of the smoke. Just keep the safety valve open so that gas isn’t accidentally leaked onto anything flammable.

Joint Water Pipe

This is a relatively recent addition to the line of standard water pipes. Like the carburetor water pipe mentioned earlier, the joint water pipe offers a choice between natural gas and petroleum fuels.

However, the main difference is that the former requires less maintenance since it allows you to clean away residue left behind from previous sessions easily. On the downside, the price of propane is generally higher than gasoline.

Tunnel Water Pipe

Except for size, the tunnel water pipe looks exactly like a regular one. The body portion measures approximately 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter and features three separate chambers separated by thin walls and covered by ceramic plates.

Each chamber contains a set of adjustable jets allowing the user to choose between single-stream, dual-stream, triple-stream, and quadra-stream operation modes. The tunnel water pipe is often considered the best beginner’s product in the industry.

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77 Bongs

Hose-less Water Bong

As the name implies, the hose-less water bong dispenses with the tubing commonly associated with water pipes. Instead, it utilizes a specially designed silicone cup that attaches to the lighter socket outlet.

There are dozens of variations of hose-less products across America and Europe. However, none appear to resemble those first introduced in 1973 by Californian entrepreneur Larry Harvey [Source: Drug Enforcement Agency].

PEEK Plastic Water Bong

Another unique innovation in the field of water pipes involves PEEK plastic. PEEK stands for polyether ketone, a synthetic polymer compound formed by reacting ethylene glycol with terephthaloyl chloride. The result is a lightweight yet durable material, easy to transport, and resistant to extreme temperatures.

Because of its highly technical composition, PEEK is primarily found in space shuttles and missiles. Despite its futuristic appearance, the PEEK water bottle doesn’t get us any closer to achieving our waterpipe dreams. At least, not unless we find a way to attach a lighter plug to the outer shell so that it works as an ignition source.

LED Lighted Water Bong

Forget about throwing money at your friends. Now you can show off your latest gadget purchases by illuminating everyone present with an impressive display of brightly lit fog coming out of your LED water bong.

The device resembles a miniature version of the larger ones in clubs and bars. Although it won’t provide you with the full range of sensations from real weed, the LED water pipe adds color to any gathering.

Glass Jar Water Bong

While it seems unlikely that anyone would opt for an item labeled “jar,” turning ordinary containers into water bongs has proven successful. One particular novelty jar originally offered by Greenies Inc. contained layers of activated charcoal powder mixed with sand.

After removing the lid, the user placed a match head underneath the cover and lit a fuse sticking out of the rear wall. Upon doing so, the fuses burned slowly downward and created a steady supply of pure oxygenated water that poured out of the clear glass jar.

Unfortunately, Greenie Industries discontinued this unique product shortly after due to poor sales and legal complications.

My Favorite Water Bongs

Medium Water Bong

Medium Water Bong, 77 Bongs

If you are afraid that smoking too much weed will cause you to drop and break your bong, this is the thing to get! This bong is comfortable to hold, giving you a sure grip. But even if it falls, don’t worry – it won’t break!

The glass is thick as heck. That’s not the only advantage of our Medium Water Bong. Its curved neck helps trap smoke so you can enjoy smoking even longer! Amongst all the water bongs, this one definitely should get your attention!

Size: 18cm

Hand Water Bong

Hand Water Bong, 77 Bongs

This is a wonderful water bong. When I purchased it, I thought it might be too small or would break easily, but no! The bowl is nice and large, and I felt pretty wiggy the whole day after I smoked from this little guy. Definitely satisfied!

Size: 18cm

Ice Water Bong

Ice Water Bong, 77 Bongs

Awkward looking but surprisingly very comfortable to grip. The bong’s unique shape is perfect for filtering herbs. Holds plenty of ice and water. The stem is slick with “Ice Fire” stenciled in. Extremely durable.

Size: 34cm

“This bong impressed us right away when it fell out of its box onto a kitchen floor, and there wasn’t even a scuff on it. This bong design is the cream of the crop this year. The stem is straight, which felt surprisingly comfortable, and the base, emblazoned with “Ice Fire” was amongst the most worry-free we’ve come across.”

“A must-have. You can jam lot of weed in the bowl. Nice bong! Rips awesome. Kickass bong! Dropped it on the floor after a heavy hit and it didn’t break. Serious!”

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