Water Bongs

Water bongs use a water filtration process in order to make smoke cooler and more palatable and to allow the dose of cannabinoids to be inhaled more deeply and rapidly. This makes absorption more efficient and so a smaller amount of cannabis is required.

Water filtered smoke also protects alveolar macrophages, an important component in the lung’s immune system, and their ability to fight bacteria.

Protect your lungs and use water bongs!

My Favorite Water Bongs

Medium Water Bong

Medium Water Bong, 77 Bongs

If you are afraid that smoking too much weed will cause you to drop and break your bong, this is the thing to get! This bong is comfortable to hold, giving you a sure grip. But even if it falls, don’t worry – it won’t break!

The glass is thick as heck. That’s not the only advantage of our Medium Water Bong. Its curved neck helps to trap smoke, so you can enjoy smoking even longer! Amongst all the water bongs, this one definitely should get your attention!

Size: 18cm

Hand Water Bong

Hand Water Bong, 77 Bongs

This is a wonderful water bong. When I purchased it I thought it might be too small or would break easily, but no! The bowl is nice and large and I was feeling pretty wiggy for the whole day after I smoked from this little guy. Definitely satisfied!

Size: 18cm

Ice Water Bong

Ice Water Bong, 77 Bongs

Awkward looking but surprisingly very comfortable to grip. The bong’s unique shape is perfect for filtering herbs. Holds plenty of ice and water. The stem is slick with “Ice Fire” stenciled in. Extremely durable.

Size: 34cm

“This bong impressed us right away when it fell out of its box onto a kitchen floor and there wasn’t even a scuff on it. This bong design is the cream of the crop this year. The stem is straight, which felt surprisingly comfortable, and the base, emblazoned with “Ice Fire” was amongst the most worry-free we’ve come across.”

“A must-have. You can jam lotta weed in the bowl. Nice bong! Rips awesome. Kickass bong! Dropped it on the floor after a heavy hit and it didn’t break. Serious!”