Water Black Leaf Bongs

Black water bong designs are a relatively new addition to the world of smoking accessories. While they may not be as popular as their lighter-colored counterparts, there is definitely something about them that draws people in.

When you think “smoking,” what do you picture in your mind’s eye? For many smokers, it’s an image of someone sitting on a couch puffing away at a cigarette while watching TV or lounging around reading a book.

But if you’re more into creative types than passive ones, then maybe you prefer seeing scenes from movies like The Big Lebowski with Jeff Bridges taking hits off his snow cone or Jack Kerouac typing up On the Road during a smoke break at work. These images aren’t necessarily associated with black leaf bongs — but we’ll get back to those later — because first let’s take a look at how these devices actually work.

What Is a Water Pipe?

A water pipe can best be described as a piece of glass, acrylic or other material shaped like a cylinder with one end wider than the other. This wide mouth allows liquid to enter through its narrow end, creating vapor when heated by fire.

A bowl or screen placed over this device creates a chamber where the vapor travels out and down toward the user before exiting through another opening near ground level. In short, a water pipe consists of two chambers separated only by a thin membrane known as a wick.

When heat is applied to the outer surface of the inner chamber, the resulting vapor rises upward and passes through the wicks to the outside environment where it eventually cools and condenses back onto itself inside the lower chamber.

Because the purpose of a water pipe is to create vapor, a smoker will typically inhale air into the pipe using some sort of draw system. Draw systems can vary greatly depending on the design. Some pipes have small holes along the length of the main tube leading up to the top section, allowing users to control exactly which area gets hit with hot vapors.

Other pipes use screens or perforated bowls instead of tiny holes to keep the temperature uniform throughout the entire length of the pipe. Because each person has different preferences regarding taste and smell, most manufacturers offer multiple models designed specifically for various types of smokers.
There are also several different ways in which water pipes can be used.

Many manufacturers produce units designed solely for aromatherapy purposes. Others make pipes equipped with special filters so that no contaminants pass through to become part of the experience. And still others include heating elements built right into the bottom of the unit.

One thing all water pipes share though is the ability to deliver hot vapor directly into your lungs without any tobacco residue getting stuck between your teeth.

So now that you know what a water pipe is, read ahead to see how it works.

How Does It Work?

While there are dozens upon dozens of unique styles available today, almost every water pipe contains three basic components: a flame source, a chamber and a wick. Once activated, the flame heats the liquid within the chamber until steam begins rising up through the wicks, carrying the burning embers along with it.

As soon as the mixture reaches the top of the chimney-like structure, the vapor expands freely, exits the pipe and finally enters the atmosphere.

Of course, that description oversimplifies things quite a bit.

First, even though a typical water pipe might contain just three parts, everything isn’t made equal. You need a proper balance of materials to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

Second, there really is no set way to activate a water pipe. There are however certain characteristics that tend to separate the majority of products into distinct categories. If you own a standard water pipe, chances are good that it falls under one of the following descriptions.

Leaf Blower Water Pipe (aka “Bucket”)

Most people who decide to buy a water pipe are looking for a product that requires minimal maintenance and doesn’t cost too much money to operate. So why would anyone bother with a complicated machine that takes forever to clean?

A simple solution exists in the form of the leaf blower water pipe. Instead of having to wait hours for the unit to warm up before being able to enjoy a session, simply turn the handle attached to the side of the unit and watch the flames roar to life.

With few exceptions, there usually won’t be anything left of a session once you switch it on. Leaf blowers are especially useful for beginners since the amount of time needed to bring a bowl to full capacity is significantly reduced compared to traditional methods.

That said, there’s nothing inherently wrong with owning one of these items. Just don’t expect to spend more than $40-$50 on one unless you plan on doing serious business in the future!

Wicked Wood Water Bong

If you want a fully functional water pipe that looks great, the wicked wood bong should be high on your list of priorities. Manufactured exclusively from real hardwoods such as maple, cherry and oak, wicked wood bongs come complete with decorative bases and stems, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor parties alike.

Since there’s virtually no risk involved with trying one out, wicked wood bongs are perfect for friends and family members who haven’t yet decided whether they’re ready to step up from a regular joint or spliff. Wicked woods generally start around $70 -$90 dollars, making them slightly less expensive than buying a comparable acrylic model.

Although they’re rarely marketed as strictly recreational tools, wicked wood bongs are often thought of primarily as medical grade products due to their natural properties.

Vaporizing Waterpipe

This type of water pipe was originally developed by a woman named Jennifer Lee who wanted a healthier alternative to her usual method of consumption. After experimenting with several different approaches, she settled on placing a filter at the base of the pipe that contained concentrated cannabis oil.

By removing unwanted substances from the flow of vaporized fluid, Lee managed to eliminate nearly all traces of THC and CBD found in other kinds of smoking paraphernalia. Today, vaporizers are commonly used by patients suffering from lung diseases like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Patients suffering from severe cases of cancer sometimes opt to receive treatments similar to chemotherapy via inhalation rather than injection. However, unlike marijuana, the active ingredients in hashish and weed cannot cause long term health problems; therefore, vaporization provides a safer method of administration for casual consumers.

Nebula Cloud Chorus Water Pipe

In 2006, Nebula introduced the world to the concept of cloud choruses. What seemed to be little more than an interesting novelty quickly became a highly sought after item among collectors thanks to its sleek appearance and premium quality construction.

Nowadays, Nebula sells a variety of different shapes, colors and sizes to suit any budget. Unlike other brands, Nebula does not rely heavily on marketing gimmicks to sell its products. Rather, it offers competitive prices coupled with superior customer service.

All of Nebula’s pieces feature durable stainless steel mesh and utilize efficient gas burners capable of producing large amounts of vapor with very low levels of pollution. At present, Nebula remains the industry leader when it comes to innovation, creativity and overall beauty. Prices range anywhere from $60 to well over $300 based on size and complexity.

The Hayes BD01 Vaporizer Water Pipe

Hayes’ newest line of water pipes represents a significant departure from previous versions that relied primarily on aesthetic appeal to attract customers. Instead, the company turned to engineering and patented technology to develop this latest series of products.

According to Hayes CEO Mark Wilson, the company’s engineers spent years developing an innovative platform capable of delivering smooth, consistent streams of vapor regardless of external factors such as ambient noise or room lighting conditions.

To achieve this feat, Hayes designers studied the behavior of water molecules in order to find the optimal configuration necessary to maximize performance. From here, the team created several prototypes that were subjected to extensive testing in lab settings in order to determine which modifications resulted in the highest quality output possible.

Despite coming out roughly five months ago, the first units remain difficult to obtain due to overwhelming demand. Fortunately, prices continue to drop steadily year over year, meaning that you shouldn’t have trouble finding yourself a nice replacement anytime soon.

Smoking Accessories For Your Next Party or Event

Now that you understand how water pipes function and recognize some of the hottest trends currently shaping the market, you’re probably itching to try your hand at designing your own personal masterpiece.

Luckily, there are plenty of places online where you can learn about specific techniques, tips and tricks related to building and maintaining bongs. Whether you choose to purchase pre-made models or build them yourself, you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to a reliable supply of fresh smoke whenever you desire it.

My Favorite Black Leaf Bongs

Black Leaf Glass Ball Diffuser Bong

Black Leaf Glass Ball Diffuser Bong, 77 Bongs

This Black Leaf Glass Bong features a specially built diffuser with a æballÆ tip. The joint of the bong is 29.2 and the diffuser reduces the size so that a 14.5 size bowl is required to fit.

With a long extended mouthpiece and the rims of the joints and mouthpiece all matching in black, this Black Leaf is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functionally impressive.

Size: 22cm

Black Leaf Inline Bong – Nautilus

Black Leaf Inline Bong Nautilus, 77 Bongs

This brand new Black Leaf Inline Bong features an in-line built into the bong at the base. The diffuser tube within the blue-colored in-line features 14 slits about 2mm wide each.

The Black Leaf in-line Bong also comes with its own removable lift-off bowl. Ice notches in the tube allow adding ice cubes to cool down that smoke.

Size: N/A