Up To 20 Dollars Weed Bongs

The best bongs in the price range of up to $20 are durable and effective. These products will provide you with a great smoking experience!

The weed bong is one of the most popular smoking devices in America, and for good reason. In short, a weed bong allows you to smoke marijuana without burning up your lungs like cigarettes do.

This article will look at some of the best weed bongs on today’s market, as well as give you tips and tricks on how to use them properly so that you enjoy all their benefits!

If you’ve ever smoked pot before, then you know it can be very intimidating. Not only is there an abundance of different ways to inhale the plant, but each method has its own unique set of pros and cons.

One such way involves using water pipes called “water smokers,” another is known as rolling papers while others involve vaporizers or edibles. But if you want something with more flavor, yet still retain the potency of the original bud, then buying yourself one of these excellent weed bongs may just be right for you!

As mentioned above, the weed bong is often considered the go-to device among stoners. It provides many advantages over other methods of consuming cannabis. First off, because its designed specifically for this purpose, they allow users to take in far less smoke than cigarettes or even tobacco products.

Secondly, they also provide much greater control over the amount of THC consumed since they’re usually equipped with adjustable mouthpieces and filters so no large chunks have to be taken into your body. Finally, they don’t require any messy preparation work either, meaning no cleaning required after every hit.

You simply put some ground up herb down inside the bowl itself, light it, and let it burn until done. These three factors alone make weed bongs extremely appealing to both casual smokers and seasoned enthusiasts alike. If you’d like to learn about the best selling weed bongs available out there, keep reading below!

What Is A Potent Marijuana Vaporizer?

Before we get started discussing specific models, it might be helpful to define exactly what we mean by a potent marijuana vaporizer. What does being “potent” actually mean though? Does it refer to the strength of the actual cannabinoids within the product?

Or perhaps potency means the ratio between THC and CBD contained within the particular strain? Well unfortunately, not really… As far as overall effectiveness goes, potency typically refers to the total number of milligrams of active ingredients present within the final product.

So if you bought a $20 bag of pre rolled joints that had.5 grams of dried flower per joint, you could say those were low quality joints despite having high amounts of THC. Most people aren’t too concerned with exact ratios here however, instead looking for larger numbers – especially when dealing with recreational purposes. The higher the number, the better.

Nowadays the average gram weight of marijuana flowers sold across North America hovers around 10 percent. That means a typical 1g serving from a dispensary contains roughly 9mg of pure THC content. An ounce of top shelf skunk grade Kush, meanwhile, yields approximately 22 percent of its contents as THC.

With that said, there are plenty of indoor growing operations that produce strains boasting upwards of 30% THC, although these types of plants tend to cost considerably more. Now that we understand what defines a potent marijuana vape pen, lets move onto reviewing some of the best weed bongs currently on the market!

Smoking Tips For Beginners

One common misconception associated with traditional weed smoking techniques is that you need to hold the entire cone tightly against your face. While this works initially, it causes some serious problems later on due to the buildup of carbon monoxide gas in your system.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is incredibly dangerous and potentially fatal, causing headaches, nausea, dizziness, unconsciousness, respiratory issues, heart palpitations, chest pains, vomiting, and ultimately death.

Another major problem with standard combustion methods is that the chemicals involved cause lung cancer and emphysema along with a variety of other pulmonary diseases. This holds true whether you’re talking about tobacco cigarettes or legal forms of medical marijuana.

Although these effects are rarely life threatening, they certainly shouldn’t be ignored. Smoking anything should never be undertaken lightly, and smoking marijuana isn’t any exception.

With that said, vaping offers numerous benefits over traditional consumption methods. Vaping produces virtually zero carcinogens or toxins whatsoever, making it safer than drinking alcohol for instance.

Also, unlike dabbing or roasting, vapes don’t heat up your buds nearly enough to affect the chemical composition of the THC. Instead, the molecules themselves are broken down through natural processes allowing for faster absorption rates.

When purchasing the perfect vape pen for beginners, try to find one made with stainless steel coils. Stainless steel doesn’t react chemically with the oils found in your herbs to create new compounds, rather it heats the ones already present.

Additionally, consider using loose leaf material over pre-ground blends as loose leaves contain far fewer impurities than pre-rolled nugs. On the subject of maximizing efficiency, ensure that your battery is capable of producing consistent temperatures.

Some units operate at lower wattages than others, resulting in weaker hits. And finally, always remember that temperature plays an important role in achieving optimal results. Higher temps yield stronger highs, whereas cooler temperatures result in milder, subtler experiences.

Best Selling Weed Bongs Of All Time (In Order)

Blueberry Razzie

Best Overall Value: Great reviews, great price point! This is arguably one of the cheapest bongs on the market, coming in at only $15.00. Its design features two separate chambers separated by a glass panel.

When heated, the chamber filled with crushed blueberries releases clouds of thick vapors that smell similar to freshly picked berries. However, the real beauty lies in the fact that it’s completely silent and requires no maintenance whatsoever once lit.

Grav Labs Waterpipe Kit

Best Design/Utility: Very sleek, modern aesthetics coupled with full functionality makes this unit quite desirable. Despite being fairly small, it packs a punch thanks to its dual quartz heating elements. Unfortunately, it comes complete with flaws.

Though it looks nice, it’s prone to breaking easily. Another issue is that the included ceramic screen tends to break quickly under heavy use. Still, its worth keeping around for aesthetic reasons alone.

Volcano Platinum Series II

Best Performance: Featuring an innovative design consisting of multiple concentric tubes that increase airflow capacity, this model delivers powerful clouds of dense vapor. Its durable construction ensures years of reliable service, even during intense sessions. Just remember to clean your volcano regularly and replace burnt screens whenever possible!

DaVinci IQ Mini Edition

Best Taste / Smell: Known for its superior taste and strong odor, this smaller version of the world famous Da Vinci concentrate extractor was recently released. Made exclusively for consumers who prefer discreet operation, this compact little guy won’t draw attention away from you while enjoying your favorite weed product. Available in various colors, it’s definitely one of the coolest options available.

Dank Vape Pen Starter Pack

Best Budget Option: This is a fantastic entry level option that costs only $25.00. It includes four pieces including a clearomizer, a diffuser, and a USB charger. Each piece operates independently, making it easy to switch back and forth between modes depending on your preferences.

Its sleek design and uncomplicated interface make it super convenient to use, plus it’s pretty cheap considering the value offered.

Prodigy XO Classic XS Vaporizing System

Best Quality: Perfectly balanced aesthetically and functionally, this product incorporates many useful innovations. Amongst them is a patented Air Flow Control Valve technology that prevents leaking and reduces unwanted odors.

The user friendly interface features a digital display that shows remaining power levels. Once fully charged, it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach operating temperatures.

Sutra 2.0 Vaporizer

Best Versatility: Coming in slightly pricier than the aforementioned offerings, this second generation product boasts improved durability. Its redesigned stem allows it to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, while offering maximum air intake capabilities.

Its rechargeable lithium ion batteries last for approximately 4 hours and automatically shut off when finished. They come in several attractive designs, ensuring that you’ll select the one that suits you best.

Giochi Elite Auto-Extractor Rechargeable Vaporizer

Best Ease of Use: Unlike previous versions, this newer release eliminates the hassle of having to fill the reservoir manually. Rather, it uses gravity to pull fresh oil up from underneath the tray where it fills up the tank.

Users can charge the machine via microUSB port, while simultaneously charging their mobile phones. It also sports a handy LED indicator that displays remaining battery life.

Mystic Infusion Deluxe Glass Diffusor

Best Price Point: At only $19.99, this product represents tremendous savings compared to other comparable units. It features a translucent cover that keeps everything hidden from view, while providing efficient distribution of smoke.

Its special design facilitates enhanced airflow, minimizing hot spots and wasted energy. Since it’s made of FDA approved Pyrex, this product is safe to drink coffee or tea out of in addition to its intended usage as a smoking accessory.

Acryl Bong Colored

Acryl Bong Colored 8, 77 Bongs

This colorful acrylic Bong is a perfect one for those of you, Dear Smokers, who appreciate lightweight, simple but cool design, good filtration, and low price.

The water chamber and tube are made from nice colored acrylic and mouthpiece and base from black rubber. This Water Bong filtrates your smoke very nicely, which makes it a great friend of a Smoker.

Height: 20.5cm
Diameter: 38 mm

Molino Mini Bong

Molino Mini Bong 3, 77 Bongs

This is amazing how every single Water Bong Brought to us by Molino Glass is amazing in its original design, high quality despite affordable price, and perfect smoking conditions.

This Bong is really tiny with its 11.5 cm of height. still, it is very effective and guarantees some pleasant moments. Nice glass, interesting shape, and cool cobalt dots, typical for this line of Molino Bongs, make this Water Bong worth trying!

Height: 11.5cm

Glass Bong In Box

Glass Bong In Box, 77 Bongs

Small size, but well filtrating capabilities, simple but interesting design, low price but good quality – this Glass Bong is a really good choice for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a smoking device, but expect it to be valuable in its smoking capabilities.

Smoking from this thing is really cool thanks to its good water chamber. Definitely recommended!

Size: 14cm

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