Up To 20 Dollars Water Bongs

For those looking for a budget-friendly bong, these models are reported to be durable and effective.

Acryl Bong Fluorescent

Acryl Bong Fluorescent 4, 77 Bongs

This Acrylic Water Bong shines in the darkness, showing you where to go. It will show you the way in dark corridors of life and help you find the light whenever you need it.

Green tea is considered extremely healthy for your body, as well as your mind. Who knows, maybe this little green thing can give even better benefits such as a great mood, nice moments to remember, brilliant thoughts, and high emotions. Go Fluorescent!

Height: 18cm
Diameter: 38mm

Glass Bong

Glass Bong 4, 77 Bongs

This small but effective Glass Bong has a simple but interesting design and is made entirely from glass which makes it natural and pleasant to touch. The water chamber is small, but it still provides you a nice smoke.

Comparatively to its small size, this Bong has a long tube, letting the smoke gain some time for itself before it reaches your mouth. This Waterbong is portable and effective. Recommended!

Height: 15cm

Glass Bong Wood Feet

Glass Bong Wood Feet, 77 Bongs

It’s all-natural: wood, glass, and the ornaments of Green Cannabis Leafs. Wooden foot makes this Bong stand firmly on the table or on the ground. Filtration of smoke is very good thanks to a long water chamber.

Five Pot Leaves make a nice decoration, suitable for the destination of this Water Bong. Smoking from it is a pure pleasure and the more puffs you take, the more natural and easy your life becomes.

Size: 26.5cm

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