Up To 20 Dollars Crazy Bongs

Up To 20 Dollars Crazy Bongs 1024x536, 77 Bongs

If you’re looking for a bong that will last, these are some of the best models in this price range. Unlike many other products on today’s market, which mostly exist as temporary fixes and fad items, these durable pipes have been reported to be effective over time without fail! Whether it is sitting out at parties all night chatting with friends or hitting them hard while telling your story hour – grab one now before they run away like everyone else does when there’s good weed around.

We’ve already covered the best cheap bong deals, but sometimes you must spend a little more on that special piece. Here are 20 of our favorite $20-dollar crazy bongs.

Smoking is bad for your health — we all know this. And yet millions continue to do so every day, despite knowing it’s harmful. It doesn’t have to be like that. You can quit smoking tobacco cigarettes without giving up weed or vice versa. There are many ways to smoke marijuana without actually burning any tobacco.

These are some of our favorites if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get high without breaking the bank.

The Best Cheap Bong

The cheapest bong we could find was about $20 at Amazon (although I’m sure they’d sell it cheaper if you ask them). But what makes this one the best? First, there’s no water line here, so you don’t have to worry about clogging up the device by dropping ice cubes from plastic containers.

Also, instead of water, you use loose cannabis buds, so when you go through those tasty treats and pull out the stem ends, you’ll never miss the taste of leaves. Lastly, this thing comes with two bowls, meaning you can switch between different strains easily depending on mood throughout the night.

DIY Water Pipe With Glass Straw and Wooden Handle

This homemade pipe has everything you need to make it work right now, including a glass straw and wooden handle. All you need is some vessel into which you want to put water. For example, you can fill a small metal cup with hot water and place it inside another cup filled with cold tap water.

When you light the end of the pipe, the hot water vaporizes first before mixing with the cold water, resulting in a nice warm hit. If you prefer something similar to the previous video, replace the plastic straw with a regular drinking straw. Afterward, you can add a filter, such as a bowl or mesh screen, over the mouthpiece, making it look much nicer than most people would expect.

Handmade Ceramic Vaporizer with LED Light

Here’s the deal: you cannot buy ceramic pieces online because they aren’t manufactured anymore. They used to be made very cheaply in factories overseas, but nowadays, they cost thousands of dollars per kilogram due to increased demand and lack of supply.

You can purchase ceramic parts individually at local hardware stores or pot shops. This particular part costs less than $15! Once assembled, this beautiful handmade vase will provide you with hours upon hours of intense hits while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Unfortunately, since it uses a lighter flame rather than electricity, it won’t heat up as quickly as other types of joints. However, once it starts heating up, it should keep going for a while.

Can Cannabis Companies Use Banks 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

A Homemade Altoids Tin Smoker

Forget expensive pipes, grinders, rigs, pens, etc.; this simple tin smoker only needs a few household items and takes minutes to set up. Just take an old Altoids tin, cut away its bottom, remove the foil liner, wrap the remaining tin with aluminum foil, poke holes for ventilation, pour enough water into the tin until it reaches halfway up the sides, and wait for it to boil.

Then you’re ready to roll. While this may not produce mind-blowing results compared to higher-quality products, it beats taking a joint down to the corner store. Plus, you can always upgrade later.

Mini Vape Pen for Under $10

What better way to enjoy your stash than discreetly with this mini vape pen? Perfect for home, car, or anywhere else where you wouldn’t feel comfortable carrying around a bulky bong, this tiny gadget heats up fast and produces thick clouds of dense vapor.

We recommend getting a battery pack along with it if you plan to use this often. Otherwise, you might have to charge it each time you want a quick hit. Although it looks kind of funny, it works surprisingly well.

Though, don’t let its size fool you; this isn’t a beginner product. Even seasoned smokers who tried it said it took several tries to master how long to hold the button to avoid coughing.

DIY Bubble Machines

You probably noticed bubbles coming out of the spout of your bubbler during your last session. Well, why stop there? Why not combine the fun of bubble machines with the ease of dabbing? Gather some cotton balls soaked in oil, plug the hole with duct tape, attach the wires to your batteries, insert the wicks into the cotton balls, light the wicks, and watch the magic happen.

To increase airflow, try attaching some foam gaskets near the top opening. Remember that this method is safer than traditional combustion methods and allows you to create multiple concentrates. Since the oil evaporates rapidly, you shouldn’t experience harsh burns after a short period of use.

The Original G Pen Starter Kit

Grown men love their cigars. Not too fond of smoking tobacco cigarettes, but wish you had access to good weed? Try the original G Pen starter kit. At $19, it’s almost half the price of buying individual components separately.

Assembled, this unit provides great performance, whether dabbling in concentrate or smoking a flower. And yes, it includes a carb cap charger for optimal charging speed. Oh yeah, and did I mention it lights faster than anything else on Earth?

Small Mouthpiece Dab Rig

Dabs are becoming increasingly popular among users interested in a cleaner alternative to typical forms of consumption. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need a big rig to achieve them. Thanks to modern engineering, you can build a portable system suitable for beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

This design incorporates a small tank attached to a mouthpiece with a single adjustable rod. By adjusting the length of the rod, you can control the thickness of the mixture. Because it’s small and easy to carry, you can bring it wherever you please, alone or with others.

This Simple Water Bottle Holder Makes Any Drink Into a Joint

I love my Keurig coffee maker. It’s convenient, efficient, and saves me tons of money. Imagine combining all three qualities into a device capable of producing delicious drinks year-round. That’s exactly what you can accomplish with this clever hack.

You cut open a large soda bottle and stuff a bag of ground herbs inside it, replacing the liquid with filtered water. Then, stick a stainless steel nail in the middle of the lid and run some fishing wire under the lip of the bottle.

Finally, mount the whole contraption onto whatever surface you desire. Instead of wasting coins for refills, you’ll pay pennies whenever you drink!

Is Marijuana Legal In Missouri 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Wood Burning Bowl

Wooden vessels are usually reserved for cooking food and thus tend to collect dirt and grime. So why not turn it into a bong? Take sandpaper and gently rub it against a hardwood log to smooth the outer layer.

Next, drill four 1/32″ holes around the bowl’s perimeter, centered vertically. Run lengths of dental floss through the holes and tie the ends with a nylon cord. Cut a slit in the side of the wood and thread the floss through it. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the bowl.

Now, screw a rubber stopper into the bottom of the bowl, fill it with water until it touches the rim, and seal the top tightly. Attach a hose adapter to the mouthpiece, add a pinch of salt, plug in some power strips, and you’re good to go. The result is a cloud that smells like freshly baked bread.

These Two Pipes Are One Of Our Favorites

When deciding which pipe you wanted to include in our list, we considered convenience above all else. Naturally, the cheapest option ended up winning out over pricier alternatives. This model combines a smaller cone with a larger cylinder for maximum efficiency.

It’s perfect for anyone trying to save space in their apartment or dorm. What’s cool about this one is that it features an extremely low-temperature rating (.68 degrees Celsius), so it won’t burn your lips or teeth even after extended sessions.

Aluminum CookingPotas a SmokingDevice

A lot of people have been doing research into building their vaporization devices lately. Some have taken inspiration from medical inhalers and modified them accordingly. Others have turned to computers and smartphones for guidance.

This guy decided to use an ordinary aluminum pan and combined it with a water source to serve as his makeshift smoking machine. He didn’t specify what type of herb he smoked, but judging from the picture, it appears he prefers hashish. Regardless, this project shows us how versatile certain everyday objects can be when given new life.

Glass Bong Hand Model

Glass Bong Handmodel, 77 Bongs

This Bong is extraordinary! With its interesting, round shape, nice-looking glass, and cool ornament on top, this smoking device is original and worth buying.

It is hard to describe the feeling which comes to you when you hold this thing in your hand and the water is beginning to bubble.

Pleasant vibrations start to touch your open hand, and while the smoke changes your mood and widens your consciousness, everything seems so easy.

Height: 13cm
Diameter: 38mm

Acryl Female Bong Rasta

Acryl Female Bong Rasta, 77 Bongs

Everybody who has ever listened to reggae music and connected it with smoking weed can know how relaxed it feels.

Rhythms and melodies created with the help of Cannabis smoke can show their real powers only when listened to amid this magical herb. Now you can make your smoking even more Rasta by using this colorful and originally shaped Water Bong.

Does this shape show Mother Gaya? Maybe she can enrich your smoking experience with her eternal power and wisdom. In the end: grass comes from nature.

Height: 30cm
Diameter: 38mm

Acrylic Bong

Acrylic Bong 4, 77 Bongs

This colorful and bright Water Bong reminds its Owner of that magic Lava Lamp he always wanted to buy but always forgot its name.

Made from bright-colored acrylic, standing on a wide square foot, this Bong is nice and user-friendly. Smoking from this device is really a pleasure, thanks to its long tube and fine mouthpiece. The smoke is good, so don’t hesitate.

Size: 15cm

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