Up To 20 Dollars Crazy Bongs

If you’re looking for a bong that will last, these are some of the best models in this price range. Unlike many other products on today’s market who mostly exist as temporary fixes and fad items; these durable pipes have been reported to be effective over time without fail! Whether it is sitting out at parties all night chatting with friends or hitting them hard while telling your story hour – grab one now before they run away like everyone else does when there’s good weed around.

Glass Bong Hand Model

Glass Bong Handmodel, 77 Bongs

This Bong is really extraordinary! With its interesting, round shape, nice-looking glass, and cool ornament on top, this smoking device is original and worth buying.

It is hard to describe the feeling which comes to you when you hold this thing in your hand and the water is beginning to bubble.

Pleasant vibrations start to touch your open hand, and while the smoke changes your mood and widens your consciousness, everything begins to seem so easy.

Height: 13cm
Diameter: 38mm

Acryl Female Bong Rasta

Acryl Female Bong Rasta, 77 Bongs

Everybody who ever listened to reggae music and connected this with smoking weed can know how relaxed it feels.

Rhythms and melodies created with the help of Cannabis smoke can show their real powers only when listened to in the midst of this magical herb. Now you can make your smoking, even more, Rasta by using this colorful and originally shaped Water Bong.

Does this shape show Mother Gaya? Maybe she can enrich your smoking experience with her eternal power and wisdom? In the end: grass comes from nature, right?

Height: 30cm
Diameter: 38mm

Acrylic Bong

Acrylic Bong 4, 77 Bongs

This colorful and bright Water Bong reminds its Owner of that magic Lava Lamp he always wanted to buy, but always forgot its name.

Made from bright colored acrylic, standing on a wide square foot, this Bong is nice and user-friendly. Smoking from this device is really a pleasure thanks to its long tube and fine mouthpiece. The smoke is good, so don’t hesitate.

Size: 15cm

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