Unique Glass Bongs

Unique Glass Bongs 1024x536, 77 Bongs

Smokers always choose glass bongs for their unique design, cool glass touch, and cleaner smoke. Water filters out tars that protect your lungs from harmful chemicals found in cigarettes or other tobacco products such as marijuana!

Quality aesthetic features provide good visibility when you’re taking a hit, so it’s important to keep these things around if possible because they make the experience more enjoyable.

There is an endless supply of options for those in the market for a glass bong. From simple to complex and expensive to cheap, you can find anything from traditional pipes with one tube down to long-stemmed models with multiple tubes and water chambers. There are also many unique designs, such as hand-blown or carved pieces, some of which feature elaborate carvings and detailed color work.

There is an endless supply of options for those in the market for a glass bong. From simple to complex and expensive to cheap, you can find anything from traditional pipes with one tube down to long-stemmed models with multiple tubes and water chambers.

There are also many unique designs, such as hand-blown or carved items, some of which feature elaborate carvings and detailed color work. If you’re looking for something different than what’s on offer at your local headshop, then read on. We’ll look at several types of glass smoking devices so that you know exactly how they will perform when purchasing.

Simple Water Pipes

These basic units have been around since man first discovered fire. They consist of a bowl (where smoke enters) and a single stem attached directly below the said bowl. These bowls come in all shapes and sizes and are made of almost any material imaginable – including ceramic, metal, wood, plastic, etc.

Some of these bowls may be smaller, while others may be larger. Simple water pipes typically do not include screens over their openings because the unit does not need them. Rather, users cover the opening(s) with their fingers.

In addition to this design element, these units are often very inexpensive. You can usually pick up a piece for less than USD 10 during a yard sale. This makes them great starter smoking devices if you are new to smoking marijuana.

However, the amount of control available is limited because of their simplicity. For example, smokers cannot regulate airflow into the bowl, nor do they have much ability to adjust temperatures inside the unit itself. Also, because of their small dimensions, people tend to hold them too close to the face resulting in poor air circulation.

Furthermore, simple water pipes rarely allow more than one hit per session. As far as performance goes, I would say these units provide decent overall results, but they certainly aren’t going to blow anyone away.

RooR Bongs 7mm 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Long Stemmed Models

Long-stemmed glasses are similar to those used by wine enthusiasts, except they resemble a cigarette holder instead of being held like a shot glass. Similar to the other styles mentioned here, these units are designed to help maximize control over temperature, airflow, and duration within each user’s preference.

Long-stemmed units generally have two main sections – a mouthpiece section and a chamber section. Most of these units utilize carburetors located in the chamber section to draw air through the length of the straw, where it mixes with heated vapor created in the combustion area. Because of this type of system, flow rates vary greatly between individuals.

Typically speaking, you should avoid using quick bursts of air through the straw as this could result in burning embers landing near your face or eyes. Instead, slow deep breaths are preferred to create a smooth transition. Another key factor to consider is the length of the stem.

While longer stems increase surface area and therefore improve flavor extraction, shorter stems are best suited to beginners and casual use. When selecting one style over another, remember to pay attention to the specifications listed on the product label.

Many manufacturers list specific measurements such as height, diameter, weight, etc. Make sure you select the right model before dropping hundreds of dollars.

Hand-Carved/Blown Items

As we’ve already discussed, glass smoking devices don’t require heat sources such as burners or chimneys to produce smoke. Therefore, there are no flames involved. The active ingredient found in cannabis, known as THC, gets converted into tiny particles called “tar.”

Due to its low boiling point, tar remains suspended until shortly after inhalation. Afterward, the smoker experiences a warm sensation followed by relaxation. Unfortunately, without proper ventilation, the effects of inhaling hot tar can cause damage to the lungs and respiratory systems, requiring hospitalization.

Fortunately, there are products specifically designed to alleviate this problem. One such item is a specially shaped water pipe known as a “bud catcher,” which incorporates a filter screen under its lid. Smokers can enjoy full-capacity hits with minimal risk by removing the screen. Other devices incorporate additional features such as adjustable vents and built-in fans.

However, be aware that smoked bud obtained outdoors has higher contaminants than weed grown indoors, potentially affecting health. It’s probably better to stick with indoor varieties unless you want to run the risk of getting sick.

Colored Glass Smoking Device

In recent years colored glass smoking devices have become increasingly popular among recreational pot aficionados. Not only are colors fun, but they also serve as excellent conversation starters. Whether you prefer green, blue, purple, orange, red, pink, black, white, yellow, brown, grey, silver, gold, turquoise, or teal doesn’t matter.

With so many choices, finding the perfect accessory can seem overwhelming. Here are some guidelines to follow when shopping for a colorful glass smoking device.

First off, determine why you want the color. Are you interested in aesthetics or functionality?

Second, decide on a budget. Do you plan on investing thousands of dollars or spending a few hundred?

Thirdly, choose a brand name. While many companies carry numerous lines, some brands consistently rank highly amongst consumers.

Finally, take note of pricing and availability.

Certain materials cost substantially more than others making certain items hard to obtain. Occasionally, ordering online might save money, but shipping fees must be considered. Lastly, consider that quality varies widely between glass smoking devices regardless of the price range.

Just because a particular company offers high prices doesn’t mean they put good stuff in the box. Bottom line, spend wisely and never settle for second-rate goods.

The End Result Is The Same…Smoking A Toke!

Whether buying your first glass smoking device or searching for something different, choosing the correct piece is important. Understanding the purpose behind your choice, knowing your preferences, and taking advantage of discounts are crucial factors in obtaining the best possible deal.

Regardless of your ultimate result, always remember the following statement. Cannabis is a natural plant intended to be enjoyed responsibly. Enjoying a legal substance means taking responsible action for yourself and others.

So whenever you reach for a joint, blunt, roach clip, vape pen, oil cartridge, or dabbing rig, ask yourself, ‘what am I doing?’ Remember also that every form of consumption carries risks. Always use common sense, stay safe, and please share responsibly. Cheers!

My Favorite Unique Glass Bongs

Gold Fumed Bubbler Bong

Gold Fumed Bubbler Bong, 77 Bongs

Looking amazing, with its gold and purple patterns, Gold Fumed Bubber Bong offers you a unique way of smoking marihuana. This water bong stands out with its powerful design and the magic strength it gives you with the smoke made by it.

Feel as if you would be guesting at Maharaja’s Palace, tasting one of his best specialties, chilling in gold and crimson interiors, and having good oriental puffs.

Gold Fumed Bubbler Bong is equipped with multiple magnifiers around the mouthpiece and serves its user.

Size: 20cm

Glass Bong Turned Medium

Glass Bong Turned Medium, 77 Bongs

Remember a song from The Beatles called “Twist and shout”? This Bong will make you scream and shout excitedly while you smoke out of its twisted pipe.

Bends, curves, and twists are things that, when found on your life path, often let or make you change something, and search for new solutions and directions.

Who knows, maybe this twisted pipe will bring something brand new to your smoking experience. This Unique Glass Bong surely has great potential.

Size: 25cm

Dragon Bong Small

Dragon Bong Small, 77 Bongs

High in the sky. Collectors Glass art. In ancient times there lived a flying creature in the skies. The seal of the emperor. The symbol of power and good luck.

Fine art and skillful craftsmanship infusion with high-grade material (Borosilicate Glass) have made this marvelous design of the highest functionality. The one and only Dragon bong are back on earth! It makes the perfect gift for Christmas this year!

Length: 25cm
Height: 16cm
Cut: 14.5mm

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