Types of Bongs

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Are you planning to purchase a bong?

Do you want all the advanced features to take your experience to the next level?

We understand your concerns. If you are a first-time buyer, the availability of unlimited options might confuse you. You will have to research features, buying considerations, and types, and then you can make a buying decision. We will cover all these aspects in the following.

Bongs are available in many designs, materials, shapes, functionalities, and prices. However, the main objective is to filter smoke through water. The process will filter out some of the tar. Hence, you can have a better experience. But you will have to find an appropriate bong for your use. In the current market, you will find different types of bongs. All of them will have some unique features. Here are the most popular types of bongs you can go through.

Gravity Bongs

Gravity or water bongs are not new additions. They have been around for decades. But they are still a preferred choice for many. All the credit goes to the easy usage and filtration process. Yes, these water pipes can filter the fine particles from your smoke. Besides, they can help with cooler and smoother hits. Some of them feature percolators to offer better diffusion and condensation. You will love smoking every time you use this bong.

Apart from that, water bongs are versatile. You can use them for dry herbs, flowers, and tobacco. They can satisfy all types of users. You will enjoy gentler and kinder smoking.

Glass Bongs

Medicali 18″ Straight Tube Glass Water Pipe Bong – Green

Medicali 18 Straight Tube Glass Water Pipe Bong Green, 77 Bongs

BIO 12″ Clear Glass Water Pipe Bong w/ Camo Logo

BIO 12 Clear Glass Water Pipe Bong Camo Logo, 77 Bongs

Glass bongs are the most popular since they help with the purest and cleanest taste. Also, they ensure proper filtration without impacting the flavor of the smoke. As the glass is transparent, smokers can check the resin and junk buildups. Glass bongs can be the best choice with a flexible budget. You can consider buying a quality material to use for a long time.

Glass options can help with maximum performance and customizability. Also, glass bongs work consistently compared to other materials. Besides, you can use accessories based on your preferences. These bongs look super exceptional as well.

Silicone Bongs

You will find silicone bongs and dab rigs the most impressive. They will help with the best filtration. Also, the material is powdery smooth and ensures better customization. Besides, this bong can take the desired heat. So you can use it wherever you want, even during your adventures. Currently, people prefer silicone bongs for concentrates and flowers. The reason is high-quality and BPA-free materials.

Some other benefits are durability and easy maintenance requirements. Also, silicone bongs are flexible, easy to transport, and environmentally friendly. While using these bongs, you will not harm your environment. Also, you will use safe materials for your smoking.

Cheap Bongs

AMG Glass 10 Inch Wide Base Bong Water Pipe

AMG Glass 10 Inch Wide Base Bong Water Pipe, 77 Bongs

16 Inch Beaker Base Iridescent Bong with Super Thick Glass

16 Inch Beaker Base Iridescent Bong With Super Thick Glass, 77 Bongs

AMG Glass 10 Inch Rasta Glass Water Pipe Bong

AMG Glass 10 Inch Rasta Glass Water Pipe Bong, 77 Bongs

You might think you will have to spend more on quality and durability. However, less expensive options are available. You can get one for under $99. You can find cheap options online and get the delivery to your doorstep. Even if they are affordable, you can expect thick and well-crafted products. Some come with many accessories to support your smoking needs.

Glass City Pipes – Huge Clearance Sale

You can consider a reliable seller to get quality products without hurting your budget. Cheap is not inferior all the time. Yes, you can have durable and well-made products at an affordable price. Also, you will have return options. You can request a refund if you do not find the bong worth your money.

Cool Bongs

Grace Glass | Straight Tube Green Bong w/ Coil Perc

Grace Glass Straight Tube Green Bong W Coil Perc, 77 Bongs

Diamond Glass – 8″ Clear Beaker Base Glass Water Pipe

Diamond Glass 8 Clear Beaker Base Glass Water Pipe, 77 Bongs

Grav Labs 12-inch Flared Base Bong w/ Coil & Showerhead Percs

Grav Labs 12 Inch Flared Base Bong W Coil Showerhead Percs, 77 Bongs

You can say most bongs are cool bongs. Yes, all of them work with the same objective to bring down the temperature of the smoke. However, you will have many cool bongs in the current condition. A few unique features make them different from other types. For example, when some have layered perc action, others might have impressive sizes. A cool bong might be a zong, teardrop, or buoy base.

A zong looks like a bong. Yes, it will have a bowl, neck, and downstem. Its neck resembles the Z letter. The neck shape has given it this name. When it comes to the buoy base, it will have a donut-shaped base. The teardrop looks like inverted beakers. The design and shape of all will vary. You can check the design and benefits of each before making a decision.

Straight Tube Bongs

Hoss Glass 18″ Straight Tube Clear Glass Bong – Blue

Hoss Glass 18 Straight Tube Clear Glass Bong Blue, 77 Bongs

17″ BIO Hazard Worked Colors Straight Tube Glass Water Pipe

17 BIO Hazard Worked Colors Straight Tube Glass Water Pipe, 77 Bongs

Medicali 18″ Straight Tube Glass Water Pipe Bong – Red

Medicali 18 Straight Tube Glass Water Pipe Bong Red, 77 Bongs

You will appreciate the iconic vertical look of the straight tube bongs. Also, the material is borosilicate glass tubing. This bong will stand upright and straight. Even if it looks impressive, you might not find it the best choice due to its capacity. Yes, these types will have less volume compared to a beaker bong.

Additionally, some smokers believe that straight-tube bongs are prone to tripping. However, there is no evidence to prove such a claim. You can go with this bong if you want an extremely secure base. Yes, the design ensures a secure base.

Beaker Bongs

OG Beaker Base Glass Bong with Cartoon Decal Design

OG Beaker Base Glass Bong With Cartoon Decal Design, 77 Bongs

Hoss Glass 9″ Beaker Base Clear Glass Bong – Blue

Hoss Glass 9 Beaker Base Clear Glass Bong Blue, 77 Bongs

10 Inch Multi-Colored Beaker Base Glass Water Pipe Bong

10 Inch Multi Colored Beaker Base Glass Water Pipe Bong, 77 Bongs

Many smokers prefer beaker bongs. Yes, these classic pipes come with a wide bottom. That ensures increased stability. Beaker types are studier than straight ones. Hence, you can expect the benefit of both and enjoy a smooth smoke. Another advantage is that beaker bongs can hold more smoke and water in the base. Therefore, you can have grander and better hits. There will be enough room for percs as well. Also, if you want, you can consider extra filtration and enjoy your preferred taste.

It is worth mentioning that some percs will not fit the straight tube bongs. Hence, if you want to experiment with many percs, you can use this one. Also, you can consider bubble bongs, the cute cousin of the beaker bong. You will have different designs and varieties. We can take the example of the ring, flared base, or lip.

Recycler Bongs

You can also have recycler bongs to enjoy wax, oil, and flowers. These pipes come with a unique design. Water will move consistently within the chamber while creating an excellent effect. You can enjoy the full flavor without harming your lung. Recycler bongs are the best due to their versatility. Yes, they can be perfect for terpene-rich sessions.

Additionally, these bongs come with two chambers with drain and intake tubes. The first chamber holds the prime percolator. Also, it filters your smoke and pulls water and smoke into your second chamber. The second chamber will have a conical shape. That will force the water to spin and create a smooth smoke.

Bongs With Percs

AMG Glass Massive 18-inch Glass Bong Water Pipe with Disc Perc

AMG Glass Massive 18 Inch Glass Bong Water Pipe With Disc Perc, 77 Bongs

AMG Glass Rocket Ship Double Showerhead Perc Glass Bong Water Pipe

AMG Glass Rocket Ship Double Showerhead Perc Glass Bong Water Pipe, 77 Bongs

14″ Hoss Glass Stemless Bong w/ Double Grid Perc – Orange

14 Hoss Glass Stemless Bong W Double Grid Perc Orange, 77 Bongs

You will find this type different from other bongs. Yes, it looks like a honeycomb and can enable you to enjoy your smoke to the fullest. You can expect more diffusion compared to a standard bong. The reason is that it will have many small holes. They will further divide your smoke and enable you to enjoy more filtered and purified smoke.

While looking for these bongs, you can go with one with more holes. If you do so, you can expect better diffusion.

Dab Rigs

Mini 5.5 Inch Fumed Recycler Style Glass Dab Rig

Mini 5.5 Inch Fumed Recycler Style Glass Dab Rig, 77 Bongs

10″ Hoss Glass Hourglass Marble Dab Rig – Milk Green

10 Hoss Glass Hourglass Marble Dab Rig Milk Green, 77 Bongs

AFM Glass 6″ Glass Dab Rig w/ Fixed Diffused Downstem – Purple

AFM Glass 6 Glass Dab Rig W Fixed Diffused Downstem Purple, 77 Bongs

The design of dab rigs makes them the best choice for filtering oils, waxes, or dabs. You can get the most out of shatter, budder, and honey with a well-made dab rig. These water pipes are the best to diffuse heat. However, they will not help with intense filtration. Hence, smokers can enjoy the maximum flavors of their concentrates.

You will find different types of dab rigs in the current market. However, all of them work with the same objective. They will move vapor and water consistently within the glass. Hence, you can expect maximum flavor and minimum drag. It might not be easy to find a perfect dab. However, you will have to research to find a quality borosilicate glass rig.

Percolator Bongs

You will appreciate the impressive design of the percolator bongs. Yes, they look excellent and work exceptionally well. You can expect advanced filtration with these pipes. They will take filtration further and create the smoothest hit for you. During the filtration, they will form tiny bubbles. It will give more surfaces for water to interact with the smoke. With more surface area, water will filter out all the possible junk. As a result, you can enjoy the smoothest vapor.

You might find the design a bit complicated. But this type is the best for extra filtration. Also, some bongs will have more parts. You can go with the one based on your preferences. You can check different designs to find the most suitable one.

All these types of bongs will have some specific features. When some have desired base stability, others might help with extra filtration. A few might be the perfect choice for a limited budget. You can find unique designs for traveling as well. You can consider your purpose, and then you can decide accordingly.

Things To Consider

When it comes to buying considerations, you will have to check the design, price, and durability. Here are more details.


A bong will cost you between $60 and $150. You will have many options under $100. However, if you want quality material and advanced features, you might need to spend more. You will also have more expensive options. First, know your budget, and then narrow down your choices accordingly. You will have to pay more for excessive percolation and an extremely tall design.


For the desired durability, you will have to consider a few factors. First, you will have to consider a leading brand. Additionally, you need to check the thickness, base, and accessories. For example, silicone bongs last long compared to other materials. However, you will have to consider other factors in addition to durability.


Size is all about preferences. If you want large bongs, you can go with 2ft tall. However, you must go in small sizes if you want one for traveling. Regarding the best size, you can consider between 8-14 ranges. The big ones will help with a solid hit, and the small ones can be travel-friendly.


You should go with a quality bong, even if the cost is a bit higher. Quality products will ensure durability and improved functionality. You will not have a smooth smoking experience if you buy a poor product. Besides, you might end up spending on regular replacements.


You can go with a leading and reliable brand to get enhanced satisfaction. The reputed brands will focus on quality and durability to maintain consistency and attract more buyers.

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77 Bongs

Features of a Bong

Bongs will have four essential elements. These are the water chamber, the downstem, the neck, and the bow. The design aims to filter the smoke and help with a smooth experience. The regular bongs come with a base that holds water. Also, they will have a bowl that will hold dry herbs and tobacco.

There is a downstem that will connect the two. Apart from that, bongs will feature a mouthpiece. Bongs can ensure filtration and minimize the impact of smoke. The water will remove impurities from your smoke. As a result, you can enjoy a cleaner and tastier hit. Also, some models come with an ice catcher. It will hold ice and cool down your smoke before inhaling it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bongs Available Online?

Yes, bongs are available online. You can buy them legally from reputed websites. But make sure that you are eligible to purchase a bong. In addition, you will have to meet the minimum age requirements.

How Can I Remove Mold From a Bong?

You should not use a bong if it has mold inside. You will have to replace it with a new one. However, you can soak your dirty bong in Isopropyl alcohol overnight. Then, rinse it and immerse it in hot water, salt, and Isopropyl alcohol again. This method might remove mold and other dirt deposits.

What Should Be The Water Level In a Bong?

You will have to pour water until it reaches the downstem. There are no specific rules for filling water. You can fill the level that you find convenient for inhaling. Also, there might be some instructions based on the bong type.

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