Types of Bongs – Part 2

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Bongs are the most sought-after smoking tools people have used for many years. And it continues to be the popular choice among smokers worldwide. But gone are the days when you could find bongs made with selective materials. Today, you can find bongs that are made with a variety of materials.

You may get overwhelmed by the different types of bongs that you find while shopping online. Buying the right bong for your needs gets more complex because of the numerous varieties. This post helps you understand each particular type of bong to decide what to choose.

Mini Bong

Because of their small size, mini bongs are one of the preferred choices for many people. It is indeed a fun piece, especially if you are a beginner. In general, mini bongs are light in weight. Moreover, they are perfect for people seeking a different smoking approach.

However, when you use mini bongs, you can experience several setbacks. First, this smaller glass piece has less space for air to flow and provides you with harsher hits. Because of their small space, mini bongs don’t have enough room to allow air circulation. As such, you get harsher hits.

Stundenglass Gravity Bong

Nothing short of a masterpiece, the Stundenglass Gravity bong offers smooth draws along with vaping experience for concentrates, herb, and hookah. The 360 degrees rotating glass creates a kinetic motion that gets activated through water displacement and opposing the force of gravity. The build and design of the Stundenglass Gravity bong are breathtaking.

There is no denying that Stundenglass will impress you and your friends. The design is so unique that you will leave it on your coffee table or elsewhere. Stundenglass is made with high-quality materials that speak about durability. It is easy to clean and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Gas Mask Bong

The idea of a gas mask bong is straightforward. After filling it with herbs, you strap yourself into the gas mask and create your hot box. Gas mask bongs have become a staple at music festivals and other similar places where you can see vendors selling their stuff.

Moreover, you can detach the bong portion. That way, you can empty and fill the water. Also, it is easy to clean and pack the bowl. The gas mask bong is a fun novelty item that makes a great addition to your smoke sesh or party. However, some people find it clumsy to use.

Cookies Gravity Bong

If you want to experience new clarity and add variety to your smoking sessions, the Cookies Gravity bong is what you should buy. These types of bongs provide you with smooth, clean draws that don’t sting or choke. In addition, the Cookie Gravity bong is designed using the best materials so that you can enjoy it for a long.

The Cookies Gravity bong has an elegant design that can make any smoking session perfect for anyone who likes to get high without issues. This isn’t an ordinary bong that you get to see often. Instead, the sleek design ensures you get the best possible smoke whenever you use it.

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77 Bongs

Mushroom Bong

Being a smoker, you may have seen a lot of people who love smoking from mushroom bongs. There is something about the mushroom aesthetics that makes it popular among people. In short, a mushroom bong is a right fit on a dab tray, a grinder, or even a poster.

With mushroom bongs, your love for mushrooms is on display. From mushroom-shaped bongs in different colors to beaker bongs bearing decals, there is no end to appreciating mushrooms in glassware. Other variants include game-themed bongs and simple, cute-themed beakers. So if you are looking for an aesthetic look, mushroom bongs won’t disappoint you.

Lava Lamp Bong

The lava lamp bongs are another famous glassware that people used to steal the show during the 1966s and 1990s. With their vivid colors, the lava lamp bongs are a real eye-catcher and a must-have in your collection. Moreover, having a lava lamp bong is right for you if you crave vintage pieces and are a fan of retro looks.

The body is made from durable borosilicate glass and encased in an indestructible silicone shell. That makes the bong a steady piece while you smoke in utter peace. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and maintain.

Rick & Morty Bong

Are you looking for more unique-looking bongs? If so, the Rick & Morty bong should be suitable for you. The feel, look, durability, and performance they provide are unmatched compared to ordinary bongs. And all you have to do is bring the herbs and get going.

Rick & Morty is one of the popular animated science fiction sitcoms that won the hearts of many people. Hence, if you enjoy watching their adventures, Rick & Morty bongs will add more fun to your hits. On the other hand, if you prefer a bottle-shaped glass bong, this is the right one for your setup.

Alice Bong

Getting your favorite adult star on a bong as decals is rare. To some people, it might seem absurd. But only the true fans will know what it feels like to be smoking while having their star by their side virtually. Also, you can feel the same when you buy an Alice bong.

While everyone has watched the star perform in their teens, this type of bong takes you to a mesmerizing place where you can take your imagination as high as possible. If you like to live in a world where you can dictate your terms, include Alice bong in your collection and let the world flow with you.

Louis Vuitton Bong

There is no denying that the Louis Vuitton bong oozes outclass that will make your smoking sessions one of the best you have encountered so far. If you are a person who loves experimenting with new things, this type of bong should be the perfect piece.

Moreover, the Louis Vuitton bong differs slightly from the standard bongs and stands out from the rest in its class. So, if you want to try something classy, this one might be the right item you want. Besides your preferences, the Louis Vuitton bong makes a big impression on the passerby.

Naruto Bong

Sometimes the beaker bongs are designed to look elegant, and the Naruto bong is one of them. This type of bong is pretty much different because it makes you feel stylish with impressive designs that stand out. The Naruto bong will win your heart if you are an anime lover.

Naruto bong is another popular choice among people who love to have their favorite anime characters on their side while they smoke. However, anime-themed bongs are designed in a different way that doesn’t look bland compared to regular ones. And, you can go wrong when you buy one of your choices.

Hello Kitty Bongs

The Hello Kitty bong is another classic glassware that you will love to its core. If you seek a smooth and classy feel while smoking, you can get a fantastic feel by using this particular bong. These bongs look adorable and work like magic. Also, most of the designs come in pink, and that soothes the environment you are in.

These days, bongs are designed to provide users with the right environment they want to feel while smoking. Perfect for cartoon lovers, the Hello Kitty bongs bring color to your life. It is functional as well as stylish.

Pokemon Bongs

It is beyond doubt that Pokemon is one of the influential animated series that became the highest-grossing franchise in the area of animation. So, if you are a fan of these little monsters, you won’t like to miss Pokemon bongs. Of course, there are more elegant bongs, but the others unmatch this unique design.

The Pokemon bongs feature your favorite monsters, such as Squirtle and Pikachu. Also, you can have the Pokemon ball base design that looks great. Most of the design consists of a 3-pinch ice catcher. That way, the vapor becomes silky and icy.

Seth Rogan Gravity Bongs

Seth Rogen is a big fan of gravity bongs that are popular for delivering big hits with less grass than an ordinary joint. The Seth Rogan Gravity bongs have a unique water-powered contactless smoking feature that makes it a completely different product you get to see often.

The Gravity bongs have two chambers where water displacement occurs when you rotate the bong to 360 degrees. Apart from the intuitive filtration system, the Gravity bongs create the smooth yet potent hits possible. The Seth Rogan Gravity bongs bring precision craftsmanship and transformative smoking design in an elegantly designed model.

Ceramic Bongs

Rumored to date back less or more than 3000 years, ceramic bongs are the most preferred material for smoking. And, it has good reasons as well. Because of its high melting point, you can heat the bong for heavy, long smoking sessions. Moreover, the hardness is quite impressive as well.

So, whenever you buy a ceramic bong, you will immediately notice its great build that looks good and solid. The ceramic bongs have a metal down stem and herb slides that complement their durability. While it isn’t indestructible like silicone bongs, it won’t break like glass bongs.

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77 Bongs

Anime Bongs

For animation lovers, it is now easy to find their desired anime characters in bongs. So many anime themes and options are available these days that sometimes you may find it hard to narrow down your choices. Whether it is humorous and fun, creative sci-fi, or retro classics, you can have any of them.

Furthermore, possessing different anime-themed characters on the bongs tends to showcase your unique personality to the world. And this is what everyone dreams of, more or less. So, get your favorite characters on your bongs and show your style.

Pickle Rick Bongs

Do you like Pickle Rick and get hits from it? Now you can have it in the form of Pickle Rick bongs. The Pickle Rick bongs are equipped with a green percolator that is efficient enough to cool the water for you. While most bongs measure 10 inches, most of their height comes from the long neck.

As a result, it provides you with a more pleasurable experience. Furthermore, the 2-pinch rings serve as ice holders. So, grab some ice cubes and put them in them for a fresh hit that you won’t regret it.

Things To Consider When Buying Bongs:

When buying your first bong, certain features can make you feel overwhelmed. However, here are some factors that will help you know where to get started.

  • Materials – While glass pieces may look exciting, they are not for people who travel frequently. On the other hand, ceramic pieces are delicate. However, you can use bongs made from high-quality scientific glass.
  • Experience – Your smoking experience is another factor you should consider when buying a bong. That gives you the perfect combination that goes with your smoking preferences.
  • Pricing – The price of bongs varies according to their quality. If you buy it for the first time, it is not worth spending on expensive bongs. However, when you have gathered enough experience, you can always buy an expensive one.  
  • The Brand – Buying from a reputed brand has its benefits. You get to choose from the most affordable and innovative designs that ordinary brands fail to provide you. As such, it makes your smoking experiences a memorable one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you take bongs on airplanes?

It is not a good idea to carry a bong on an airplane. However, you can take it if it is 100% clean.

Can you fix a bong stem?

Yes, you can use food-grade glue to fix the stem.

Can you use a nail polish remover to clean a bong?

Never use nail polish remover to clean bongs.

Can you drink bong water?

If you drink water, get prepared for an upset stomach and probably vomiting. So, it is unwise to drink the bong water.

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