Tips For Cleaning Your Bongs

Tips For Cleaning Your Bongs 1024x536, 77 Bongs

Bong cleaning is not an easy task. If you’ve ever tried to clean a bong, I’m sure the last thing that came to mind was how much it would cost to have someone else do this job for you. However, some things need to be done when cleaning your pipe, and here’s what they are!

Cleaning Your Pipe With A Cloth And Some Soap

This cleaning method can work, but there are many problems with using a cloth or dish soap to clean your pipe. The water in your pipes contains minerals that could damage the bowl if left alone long enough to evaporate. When cleaning cannabis products like oils and waxes, you should always use alcohol-based solvents.

The solvent has to be 100% alcohol because most commercial cleaners contain harsh chemicals that eventually destroy your product. These harsh chemicals include acetone, methyl chloride, ethylene glycol ethers, trichloroethylene, benzene, toluene, xylene, carbon tetrachloride, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite (bleach). Even though these chemicals might help get the job done quickly, they also leave behind harmful byproducts that are difficult to remove.

Cleaning a bong without damaging any part of it correctly takes time and patience, and you don’t want to risk ruining the whole thing.

How To Clean a Bong

First, ensure your glassware is completely dry before attempting to clean it. After all, you don’t want to break your glass while trying to clean it. Next, make sure no moisture remains on the glass surface after drying.

Now, fill a rag with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Dip the rag into the liquid and wipe down the entire outside of the glass until every trace of dirt is gone.

Next, dip another rag into the same alcohol solution and gently rub the inside of the bowl to loosen any residue from the walls. Be careful not to touch the actual resin, as you may transfer bacteria onto the area that already has traces of mold.

Finally, rinse out the glass under running hot tap water. Let the glass soak for at least 30 minutes. Avoid touching the glassware to keep it from transferring bacteria during this period. Once the soaking process is complete, rinse thoroughly with fresh cold water and sit overnight.

When you wake up the next day, place a towel over the top of the glass. Next, pour boiling water through the mirror slowly and carefully, so the steam doesn’t cause bubbles. Keep doing this until all of the remaining water is boiled out. Now, drain the water and repeat step 4 above. Finally, allow the glass to soak for at least 30 minutes.

Once the soaking process is complete, rinse the glass thoroughly with fresh water and air dry it. Finally, follow the instructions below to best maintain your new clean bong.

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Tips For Having a Clean Bong

Most people who smoke marijuana prefer to wash their hands before eating anything. However, smoking weed transfers bacteria directly into your mouth, so you shouldn’t eat right afterward. Instead, wait at least two hours before eating food.

Make sure to clean your bong between sessions. You must clean your bong regularly throughout the week to prevent buildup. Also, never put metal utensils into the bong. Due to heat changes, metal can easily scratch and mar the glass over time.

Clean your bong immediately after each session. Most users tend to store their bongs upside down to save space. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst ways to keep them, as you’re putting condensation on the glass over time. Make sure to turn your bong upside down to clean it after each session.

Some people claim that vinegar works well at removing resin from bongs. Although vinegar does break down wax, it won’t remove it altogether. Alcohol-based solvents are necessary to clean and sanitize your bong.

Vinegar can be used as a disinfectant for your bong, but it’s not effective enough to remove mold.

To effectively clean your bong, you must first identify the type of material that makes up the bong. Different materials require different methods of cleaning.

Resin is very stubborn and hard to clean. Therefore, a high-quality cleaner such as K2 Black Glass Cleaner would be best to clean your bong properly.

Salt is usually found in salt rinses. Salt rinses aren’t necessarily bad for bongs but can be ineffective at removing resin. In addition, you should know that salts can dissolve certain types of plastic making them dangerous to use.

Alcohol-based cleaning solutions are generally safe to use. They can even be used safely during pregnancy. Always remember to wear protective eye gear when cleaning your bong.

You may find that cleaning your bong with bleach will give it a streak-free shine. Just be aware that bleach can ruin plastics over time.

Never use toothpaste to clean your bong. Toothpaste contains acids that can permanently etch glassware.

Does Boiling Water Clean Bongs?

Yes, boiling water is excellent for cleaning your bong. You can boil water in a pot on your stove and then strain it through a filter. This removes all particles and leaves only pure water behind.

However, boiling water can damage some plastics. Avoid boiling water in plastic containers. If you still want boiling water, be extra cautious about placing the container, especially near open flames.

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Does Vinegar Clean Bongs Well?

A vinegar bath is a popular way to clean a bong. However, as with salt rinses, this isn’t a good idea for everyone. Vinegar is acidic and, therefore, can degrade plastics over time.

On the other hand, vinegar is known to break down resins. Add 1 cup vinegar to a spray bottle filled with warm water. Spray on your bong and let it rest for 15 minutes. Then, rinse with warm water.

Vinegar can be used as a disinfectant for your bong, but it’s not effective enough to remove mold.

What Removes Resin From Bongs?

K2 Black Glass Cleaner is rated #1 among bong cleaners by It can effectively clean almost all types of glassware. In addition, K2 uses non-toxic ingredients that won’t harm your lungs.

K2 is specifically designed to clean your bong without scratching it. It cleans everything except resin. If you own a black bong, you should consider purchasing K2 Black Glass Cleaner.

K2 Black Glass Cleaner comes in a convenient pump spray bottle that allows you to apply it to your glassware. It’s available in three sizes and is excellent for home or travel.

Although you can purchase K2 online, it’s often sold out. However, you can check its availability in your local stores. Otherwise, you can opt for a delivery service in the US.

Instead of buying your cleaning supplies locally, check out your nearby retail shops for the best deals. Many retailers offer discounts on their products and coupons to attract customers.

As with any product purchased online, requesting a return policy before placing an order is always wise. Ask about returns policies, shipping fees, cancellation orders, etc.

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