Small Bubbler Bongs

Bubblers and Sherlocks are the most beautiful and most colorful smoking devices among bongs ever! Lovely colors mixed in magical swirls in glass carry the smoker to a fairy tale land even before the first hit. Definitely a must for eye candy lovers!

My Favorite Small Bubbler Bongs

Mini Bubbler

Mini Bubbler, 77 Bongs

Imagine you are in a cave. A huge, dark, and old cave. Just like the one prehistoric people, our far ancestors lived in. You light a torch, slowly and carefully move on, deeper and deeper in the vast space filled with stalagmites and stalactites.

You cross the subterranean lake, you go deeper and deeper…and suddenly you come across a fire and a few men smoking weed. They smoke in this Mini bubbler.

The artwork glows in the dark space of the cave and you slowly begin to feel confection with your roots as you inhale the smoke.

Size: 17.7cm

Mini Fumed Bubbler

Mini Fumed Bubbler, 77 Bongs

The psychedelic design of this bong definitely catches the eye. Look at these mushrooms and candy-like elements! A kitschy outlook can be fun, believe me.

Sit amongst your Garden Gnomes and smoke with them some weed from your psychedelic Mini Fumed Bubbler. Play “Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles and lose yourself in the world of the impossible and incredible.

Size: 17.7cm

Mini Fumed Bubbler

Mini Fumed Bubbler 2, 77 Bongs

Aqua style is represented by our Min Fumed Bubbler. Have you ever wondered how it would be to smoke with dolphins?

Sounds irrational? But what is rational when talking about weed and getting high? You can be anyone, anywhere, anytime. Try this bong, swing with the dolphins – friends of men. Feel the positive energy with the smoke you inhale.

Size: 12cm

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