RooR Dealers Cup Bongs

The holidays can be such an exciting time of year—you get together with family and friends, eat copious amounts of food, smoke marijuana (legally!), and play board games like Uno. But there’s also something so satisfying about being high that it almost feels wrong to enjoy all this joy without getting stoned first. This is where the RooR Dealer Cup comes into play.

Every November, RooR hosts its annual event at which dozens of vendors show off their wares over three days of outdoor music, art shows, and other festivities. The goal? To provide consumers with as many different ways as possible to partake in recreational cannabis consumption.

And what better way than through one of several massive RooR bongs? These huge blow pipes come complete with multiple screens or water chambers, allowing users to customize their experience based on how they want to take in their buds. For those who prefer concentrates, there are even smaller dab rigs available too.

And if you’ve never heard of RooR before, don’t worry—it doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned veteran looking to expand your collection. Every year, we keep our eyes peeled for the best RooRs around town, and each year we find ourselves drooling over more and more amazing products from companies we love.

We’ll do everything from giving away free vaporizers to selling you dope lighters worth thousands of dollars. Here’s just a taste of the fantastic RooR events this year:

Tour De Force

This incredible bong was designed by none other than Mr. Eddy himself, Tommy Chong. It looks pretty much exactly like the iconic image above, but when you see it up close it’s actually quite impressive. Not only does Tour De Force have two separate chambers inside of it but you can adjust them independently to create whatever effect you desire.

You could choose to use air pressure alone to dry things out and leave clouds of thick hash oil behind, or go full throttle and blast super fresh bud while keeping most of the plant material intact. A true work of art.

Headshop Deluxe Pipe Set [$65]

If you know anything about me, then you probably already know I’m not very original. So why did HeadShop send us this gorgeous set of four classic pipe bowls instead of my usual choice of a Grav Labs Volcano vaporizing pen?

Because unlike traditional vapes, RooR bongs allow users to control both the temperature setting and airflow, meaning you can fine tune your experience to exact preference. With adjustable heat settings ranging between 190F and 420 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll always be able to achieve the perfect amount of extraction.

Plus, if you ever tire of using the same bowl day after day, simply swap it out for another model with a slightly lower heating element.

Giant G Pen Pro+ Vaporizer [$90]

I recently tried out the G Pen Pro+, courtesy of Greenlane Apothecary, Los Angeles’ largest medical dispensary. When I say “try,” I mean I took a single hit and immediately felt a tingling sensation throughout my body.

That feeling lasted long enough for me to finish reading this sentence, which should tell you all you need to know about just how intense this concentrate really is. Like any good glass, however, I wouldn’t recommend trying this product unless you feel ready for it. Just because you’re going outside doesn’t necessarily make you fit for surgery.

But if you still insist upon sampling it, remember that every patient has his own tolerance level. Also, try taking half of the recommended dosage per serving once or twice a week until you figure out how strong you want to go.

Once again, please note that you shouldn’t consume large quantities of concentrated cannabis within 24 hours, especially if you’re sensitive to edibles. In addition to making you extremely paranoid, THC metabolizes quickly in the bloodstream, causing nausea, vomiting, dizziness, hallucinations, paranoia, and nightmares.

Don’t drink alcohol during your next session either, lest you end up blacked out and unable to drive home safely. So yes, we may call it “vaping” but it’s still consuming illegal drugs. Please treat it accordingly. Now let’s continue celebrating the winter solstice with some delicious smoked foods. Cheers.

My Favorite RooR Bongs

Roor Bong Dealers Cup – 5mm

Roor Bong Dealers Cup 5mm, 77 Bongs

The Dealers Cup 5.0 White with a wall thickness of 5mm and a tube diameter of 50mm was declared the absolute favorite by RooR dealers. The large body of this pipe satisfies the demand for more volume, which guarantees the well-loved lower pressure.

Stability, functionality, aesthetics; are the main criteria for a good water pipe. High-quality raw material, professional processing, and, naturally, the thickness of the pipe wall together with the pipe diameter are the prerequisites for stability.

This bong consists of a cylinder with a bi-stable joint, a down tube, and a separate lift-off bowl. All RooR glass bongs come complete with a RooR glass gauze.

Size: 550mm x 50mm

Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 – The Kingpin

Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 The Kingpin, 77 Bongs

The Kingpin is a tall and imposing bong, with a clear and defined design that screams superb craftsmanship. This RooR Custom Bong has a Dealer’s Cup base, with plenty of room for smoke to gather for inhalation.

The Kingpin features silver-gilded ice notches cut into the sides, perfect for adding ice cubes to the bong. This refines and cools the smoke for a smooth experience.

The bong is further defined by the reduction in the glass, which provides extra grip when carrying the bong and adds stylish flair as well. The whole look is finished by the traditional RooR White Logo printed on the side.

When you need an impressive and captivating bong, the Kingpin really is a top gun. Tall, sleek, and muscular – this one is a beast all of its own.

Size: 55cm

Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 – Lion of Judah

Originally a very special one-off custom bong that was never to be created again, this Dealers Cup has been requested again and again and established itself as one of EDIT’s regular top-of-the-range custom RooRs.

This genuinely unique design features tri-colored ice-notches matching a beautiful wavy æCosmosÆ mid-section. The sandblasted hemp leaf on the base and surprisingly Rasta mouthpiece add even more character to the piece, while the flame-polish logo glints in the sun as the greens, reds, and yellows weave magically around it.

The large beaker bottom of this Dealers Cup base provides the bong with a water volume FOUR TIMES that of a straight-up Fairmaster, with which it otherwise shares the same height and tube diameter.

Size: 55cm