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RooR bongs are usually called the BMW of bongs for their quality of manufacture. RooRs are designed in Germany, the nation of perfection, and individually hand-made for the highest smoke quality and smoothness.

Thick, premium finished glass, custom-made RooR bowls, diffusers, ash catchers, and countless accessories make RooR bongs the most wanted and appreciated glass bongs brand in the world. Want the best bong money can buy? Choose RooR!

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This is the next big thing in smoking devices, and it’s all your parents’ fault.

We’ve been hearing about this one for a while now — “the water pipe of our generation.”

It’s called RooR (pronounced like “rock”), but you may have also seen its name on other products. The device looks vaguely similar to a giant bong with a hose from the top that connects to a funnel-shaped mouthpiece.

The company behind it says they’re trying to change how people smoke marijuana by making it more socially acceptable. They also say their product will help them stay sober during the day, while others claim it can consume any liquid instead of just booze.

But does anyone know what it is or if it works? And who exactly are these users? We spoke to several experts to get answers. Here’s what we found.

What Is It?

A water pipe — essentially a large piece of glass that has been shaped into something resembling a cigarette holder. A tube runs through the middle so that when you inhale, air comes down the center channel and then gets directed up toward your mouth, where it mixes with vaporized cannabis oil which sits at the bottom end of the pipe. When you exhale, the remaining air carries the mixture back down the center line.

In short, it creates a sort of reverse waterfall effect. Instead of getting rid of toxins, it traps them within the bowl, allowing for much deeper inhalation than would normally occur without using such a contraption. Users typically take long hits off the end of the pipe because there’s nowhere else for the resulting vapor to go.

You can buy pre-rolled joints to use with a RooR too, but many customers order unpackaged weed online and use their pipes. Some even purchase specially designed cartridges containing various THC and C02 for specific effects.

If you want to try it, you’ll need a $500 starter kit, including a RooR, a small bag of loose-leaf marijuana, a battery-powered fan, a lighter, and two filters. Many tutorials on YouTube showing exactly how to set everything up properly.

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77 Bongs

Who’s Using It?

People over 21 years old are looking for a way to smoke recreationally without breaking the law. People under 21 don’t generally find themselves attracted to the design unless perhaps they were hoping to sneak some into school.

And yes, some teenagers occasionally use RooRs, according to Justin Bieber. But most of those cases involve alcohol and not pot.

Despite early reports claiming otherwise, RooRs aren’t strictly illegal in Canada. However, certain provinces and states within countries still prohibit their sale due to recreational marijuana legalization efforts. As far as the United States goes, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics considers these items to be drug paraphernalia, meaning businesses selling them risk being shut down.

Some argue that since the FDA doesn’t regulate tobacco products, neither should they regulate vaping devices. Others contend that the agency shouldn’t ban anything until research shows whether or not it causes cancer or other health problems. Regardless, federal officials continue to crack down on companies producing these products.

According to a representative from the National Organization For Reform Of Marijuana Laws (NORML), the average age of someone who uses a RooR appears to be between 25 and 35. That fits right in with my experience as a former smoker.

Growing up, my friends and I smoked cigarettes whenever possible because it was easy to access cheap nicotine, but after college, I stopped smoking entirely. At least once, I started doing that; however, I eventually got hooked on nicotine gum.

So maybe that explains why almost everyone I knew who tried RooRs became regular smokers despite never having done so before.

At the same time, I’m aware of plenty of non-smokers who enjoy edibles, which are legal in every state except Maine and Montana. Many of these people regularly eat brownies and cookies made with medical-grade cannabutter. If they wanted to experiment with edibles, wouldn’t they already have gotten high via ingestion rather than combustion?

One final point worth mentioning here is that even if someone wants to quit smoking, they might start using a RooR anyway, simply because it gives them an excuse to keep drinking. This seems true regardless of age. After all, if you’re going to break the rules anyways, why not pick something less embarrassing?

For example, imagine a group of students talking about quitting smoking. Someone tells them he plans to stop soon, but his best friend suggests he stick to drinking wine rather than switching to hard liquor. He points to another student who’s currently sipping champagne from her bottle of bubbly. Why not join her, so no one notices?

That’s not to mention that RooRs are often sold alongside alcohol, giving drinkers yet another reason to reach for the plastic container.

Why Should I Care?

First of all, let me clear up the confusion surrounding RooRs. They look like the traditional hookahs used by Arab men to pass water through a series of tubes leading to their mouths. No, they don’t work quite the same way. Nor are they likely to cause lung damage as secondhand smoke does.

In addition, unlike regular hookah hoses, RooRs allow air to flow upwards, not downwards. Finally, although some argue that the chemicals present in e-cigs could theoretically pose hazards in terms of carcinogens, studies show that the number of dangerous substances released when you vape compared to conventional methods isn’t enough to worry about.

Secondly, RooRs provide an alternative method for consuming cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike the popularization of flowery concentrates among younger generations, RooR enthusiasts tend to favor higher concentrations of THC in their products. According to NORML, 65 percent of current users prefer to vape their weed versus taking it orally.

“There’s a perception that vaping makes you feel good, whereas smoking feels bad,” said Dr. James Nicholls, director of education & training at Cannabis Culture magazine. “With the RooR, you can achieve that feeling without smoking the stuff.”

Regarding the lungs, Nicholl noted that RooR users usually inhale for longer periods per hit than vapers. Also, the lack of downward airflow means that RooR users aren’t breathing in potentially harmful fumes or particulates.

Finally, RooR users appear to be predominantly older folks. While there seem to be exceptions, most buyers are probably adults or at least young adults. In contrast, millennials and Gen Z kids spend more money on flavored pods from Juul machines than ever before.

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77 Bongs


Many reviews describe the RooR as being fairly heavy and bulky. Its base features four feet that connect to the sides of a standard rectangular box fan. Inside the box, the fan is a motor that spins a shaft connected to multiple blades inside the unit’s body.

These blades create suction power that pulls air through the filter below the bowl. The overall structure resembles a candle flame with a wick running along the side. A slot cutout on the front of each device section leads directly to the mouthpiece.

Users place the mouthpiece onto their lips or cheeks, blow into the opening, and suck air through the filter. Since the entire machine runs through the fan’s body, the user must hold it upright during use.

Once they’ve filled up on whatever substance they plan to ingest, the person needs to turn the handle clockwise to spin the blades faster until air flows freely through the hole. Then they can either put the whole rig away or leave it somewhere discreetly.

Using It

Setting up the RooR takes very little effort, and once you figure out how to attach the pieces, you can begin enjoying your new toy immediately. The instructions provided by the manufacturer include detailed step-by-step photos, videos, and illustrations. It doesn’t sound very easy, but it’s pretty straightforward.

Once you open up the package, you’ll see three different sections: an outer case, a smaller inner case, and a larger metal grate. You slide the metal grate onto the mouthpiece and screw on the cover to assemble the first part.

Next, insert the metal grate into the inner case and secure it with screws. Take the inner case and unscrew it, so it lies flat against the rest of the assembly. Now close the lid and flip the switch near the grill. A green light indicates the system is ready to operate, while a red light tells you that nothing is plugged in.

When ready to use the device, remove the mouthpiece and plug it into the electric outlet. Hold the handle firmly in place and press the button facing inward.

Pull the trigger until the blades rotate fast enough to produce sufficient suction force. Keep the unit steady and watch for bubbles forming at the mouthpiece’s tip.

My Favorite RooR Bongs

RooR Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 – The Blingpin

Roor Custom Dealers Cup 5.0 The Blingpin, 77 Bongs

Standing just under two feet tall (22 inches / 55 cm) and weighing an impressive 1300 grams, this is a fantastic piece of glass. Its weight, combined with a large base, makes tipping this amazing bong extremely difficult.

Very little worry about breakage. The RooR’s shaft is an incredible 5 cm thick. With a gorgeous white RooR label etched beautifully up its neck, 24-karat gold-coated ice notches, and the artist’s signature. Up to eight standard ice cubes can be thrown into the RooR’s shaft. Its extra-large base holds plenty of cold water. Making for an incredibly sweet, easy inhale.

The RooR delivers heavy hardy tokes, but the filtration system ensures cool smoke. The expensive price tag ensures exclusivity. Meaning this gem of a bong won’t be in everyone’s home.

Size: 55cm

“The RooR is the best bong ever. Mine delivers tokes that blow friends over. The other glass bongs in my collection hardly get used now that my RooR has arrived. Unlike other bongs that you sometimes let get grungy, because money spent on RooR is plenty, you’ll constantly be cleaning the bong to ensure it delivers impressive hits. When cleaned, packed with a tray of ice cubes, and filled with cold bottled water, the RooR delivers a punch better than a Volcano Vaporizer. Get a good bong bag to sling over your back and take it to your friend’s house for serious sessions.”

“Just wanted to comment about the bong withstanding a fall. My dumbass buddy knocked over my bong bar after taking a heavy hit from my most expensive RooR. The bong fell over, but didn’t break when it hit the carpet. Thank god! We don’t let my friend hit the RooR. We gave him a little cheap bong.”

RooR Custom Little Sista Icemaster 3.2 – Pink Logo

Roor Custom Little Sista Icemaster Pink Logo, 77 Bongs

This glass gem is sure to impress. Standing at just over a foot tall (14 inches) with a styling pink RooR label. The Little Sista weighs just over 500 grams with a slim durable glass thickness of 3.2mm.

A smaller version of RooR’s Dealer Cup bong. The bong’s flat wide base will contain just enough water for perfect filtration. Ice notches in the neck allow enthusiasts to pack plenty of ice cubes when they pack a bowl. Providing a very smooth, cool inhalation.

A variety of RooR accessories provides a near-limitless possibility in alternative parts. The Little Sisata Icemaster is an awesome mid-priced RooR bong.

Durable, very stable, and reliable RooR bong, 14 inches tall, 3.2mm thick glass, weighs around 500 grams. Lovely Roor signature logo embossed in pink along the main shaft and useful ice notches molded into the sides for cooling smoke with ice cubes.

Top-of-the-line, well-designed, and manufactured bong with limitless accessories and a free herb grinder as an extra. I was impressed by the smooth smoke and extraordinary quality glass touch!

Size: 35cm

“Damn fine bong! Worth the investment. It hits like a bitch in heat. This is my third RooR. Not as good as the Dealer Cup bong, but damn she’s a sweet toke and way more affordable too. Buy this bong! Hasn’t left my side since I got it. Own plenty of awesome ash-catchers too.”

RooR Bong 7.0 – 3 Piece

Roor Bong 7.0 3 Piece, 77 Bongs

Functionality, durability, and, most importantly, the design have made this RooR bong one of the most desirable pieces that glass enthusiasts will want in their collections.

The RooR 7.0 is smaller and more affordable but still has the distinctive quality enthusiasts expect from RooR. The bong’s simple design combined with 7mm thick glass ensures its stability. A three-piece system that can be easily added with awesome RooR accessories.

An excellent affordable introduction to the RooR line.
Roor bong with the thickest wall diameter of 7mm, and impressive glass volume gives a rich, heavy feeling and results in an unmatched grade of stability.

One of the simplest ascetic designs with a very stable ground notch and great raw glass touch. Definitely my favorite and a recommendation for smaller bong lovers. Very durable!

Size: 35cm

“This was the first RooR bong I bought! My other bongs collect dust now that I own this beautiful RooR. Loved it so much I began my own RooR collection. Careful! Owning this bong will make you want to come back for more. After four months of thinking about it, I finally bought this bong for my birthday. Why did I wait!”

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