RooR Bongs Zumo 4.2mm

The Roor bong is a solid piece of equipment, and the new version with a small diameter makes it even better for beginners who are looking to get into smoking marijuana but aren’t quite ready for an 8-inch pipe yet. The 4.25mm diameter will allow you to take in more smoke without coughing too much or feeling lightheaded from lack of oxygen.

I’ll admit that I am not what most people would call “a pot smoker.” Never have been — although as I learned after graduating college and getting married, my wife was pretty interested in trying out some of our local herb back then.

We tried several different methods (rolling joints, roasting weed over lava rocks), but we were always left disappointed because either we didn’t feel high enough or felt like puking within minutes.  We also weren’t really sure how to use all those fancy concentrates (“shatter” especially) that seemed so popular on TV shows about stoners.

For a while there, my wife thought she had lung cancer due to her heavy cigarette habit, and I just couldn’t understand why anyone would choose cigarettes when they could be puffing on this magical flower instead!

After many years of experimentation, though, I’ve finally found something that satisfies me both aesthetically and functionally, and I’m excited to share it with others. If you’re curious where I got it, well…it’s called the RooR bong. Yes, it’s named after Snoop Dogg’s song, which only adds to its coolness factor if you ask me.

But first things first – let’s talk design.

It looks very simple at first glance, doesn’t it? All plastic parts, no frills, nothing special. But once you pick one up and hold it in your hand, realize that you can actually do a lot of interesting stuff with such a tiny little device.

First off, it has three chambers: Inlet Chamber, Smoke Chamber, and Exhaust Chamber. At each end of these chambers is attached a tube, and at the other ends are air holes. When you put the mouthpiece down, these tubes face downward, and the two air hole pairs point toward each other.

This allows you to breathe through them easily by sucking air straight down through the chamber and pushing it right out again.

Because every part of the unit is made of sturdy material, you don’t need to worry about breaking anything. Plus, the entire thing weighs less than 5 pounds, which means you won’t be carrying around a huge box when you go out.

And unlike other types of bongs, it packs away nicely, making it easy to transport wherever you want. Best of all, it’s portable, lightweight, affordable ($50 plus shipping!) and functional. What else could you possibly want?


As mentioned earlier, the bowl itself consists of only 3 pieces: A main body, a top cap and bottom base. There are four adjustable feet underneath, which give it stability and keep it from sliding across the surface during normal usage.

On the front side, there are 2 metal rings for mounting the unit onto another object using magnets. These rings slide right onto any standard 1 inch barbell iron, allowing you to attach it to almost any horizontal surface of your choice. Since it uses strong suction rather than water pressure, you shouldn’t find yourself needing any extra accessories and tools to make it work.

On the sides of the main body there are a couple of knobs, one controls the temperature settings between cold and hot and the other adjusts the intensity of the airflow (measured in CFM). Another pair of buttons sits next to the knob, one activates auto mode, which works automatically whenever the unit is plugged in, and the other button turns the fan on and off manually.

Finally, there’s a power indicator LED sitting above the battery pack, indicating whether the unit is currently charging or running normally.

One feature that sets apart the Roar from similar products is its ability to provide multiple levels of stimulation. By adjusting the speed of the motor inside, you can control the amount of vapor given off per drag, ranging anywhere from 10 percent to 100 percent.

That way you aren’t stuck with the same old boring hit every time. Not only does this improve your overall experience, but it helps prevent against long term effects caused by chronic marijuana smokers.

Using It

When buying a bong online, you usually receive a manual telling you exactly how to assemble it properly. However, since this product isn’t available commercially, here are step-by-step instructions showing you everything you need to know about putting together and operating this nifty gadget.

First, plug the unit into the wall charger, and insert the batteries. Next, place the top portion of the top plate onto the unit and secure it with the screws provided. Then, screw the bottom portion of the base onto the underside of the top plate.

Now turn the unit upside down and align the exhaust port with the opening under the base. Use the included rubber gasket to seal the connection, and set aside until you’re ready to start vaping.

Now, it’s time to adjust the heat sensitivity level. To do this, simply twist the lower knob clockwise to increase the setting, and counterclockwise to decrease it. Once you reach your desired number, press the green Auto Mode button located next to the knob.

After doing so, you should see the white led flash quickly to indicate that the system is now active. Press the center blue button to cycle through the modes, and then select Green Vape Mode to begin inhaling vapors.

Note: Remember that since the vapor comes directly from the combustion process, you may notice a burning smell initially. Don’t fret, however – that’s perfectly normal. Just wait patiently for 30 seconds or so before taking your first pull. Your lungs will soon learn to adapt to the unique taste sensation.
In addition to being able to switch modes, you can also customize your draw based on personal preference.

Each person reacts differently to various THC concentrations, and everyone experiences highs differently depending on their tolerance. Some prefer a stronger hit, whereas others enjoy lighter ones. With this model, you can dial in your preferred strength right from the beginning.

Simply loosen the locking ring and rotate the upper section towards the middle. From there, you can adjust the height of the coil assembly on the fly to achieve maximum efficiency. Of course, you can always change it later if you’d prefer to experiment with different settings.

Unlike traditional bongs, the RooR offers users an added bonus: enhanced safety features. Unlike glass bongs, the units themselves are completely nonporous, preventing nasty burns and breakage.

Furthermore, the unit includes a built-in carbon filter designed specifically to remove impurities from the smoke stream, ensuring cleaner hits for your lungs and brain. Lastly, the design also keeps any ash buildup away from sensitive areas, keeping your precious bong clean longer.


This is probably the best bong I’ve ever used. Everything about it feels great, except maybe the price tag. Sure, $50 might seem pricey compared to some models, but considering the fact that it’s worth it, I think spending that money is definitely justified.

Besides having superior quality materials, construction and engineering, it also feels incredibly stable and balanced. The weight alone lends to this illusion, giving you the impression that it won’t tip over. Also, the compact size lets you carry it anywhere without hassle. Overall, it’s the kind of purchase you wouldn’t regret making.


While I love the design, I wish it came in larger sizes. Being 6’5″, I tend to lean forward sometimes during conversations or activities, and it often happens that my head gets caught between the unit and the ground.

While I never experienced that problem with the original ZUMO, it happened occasionally with the smaller diameter. Additionally, while I appreciate the durability and ease of cleaning offered by the removable components, I still hate how difficult it is to disassemble.

Every single nut must be screwed loose individually, forcing you to fish out individual parts. It takes forever, and somehow I managed to lose half a nut somewhere along the line. It’s annoying, especially when you consider that most other bongs come fully assembled.

Lastly, the automatic function seems unnecessary to me. Why not leave it to the user to decide when he wants to vape? Personally, I like to sit back and relax, but some folks might prefer to engage in conversation while enjoying their own company. Having it run constantly in the background detracts from the whole ambiance.

Should You Buy One?

If you’ve never smoked marijuana, chances are you haven’t heard of the RooR bong. But regardless of your current situation, this product is perfect for someone who hasn’t gotten started yet. Its performance, affordability and versatility appeal to both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.

So if you’re tired of wasting money on cheap knockoffs, then it’s time you invest in a real piece of cannabis history. Check it out today!

My Favorite RooR Bongs

Roor Bong Zumo 4.2mm – Orange Logo

Roor Bong Zumo 4.2mm Orange Logo, 77 Bongs

With its extreme size, the ‘Zumo 4.2 Orange’ does great credit to its name. The height of 50cm combined with a diameter of 65mm equals an air volume of over one liter clearly a pipe for the sporty smoker!

A large stand of about 15cm diameter makes sure the massive pipe has a secure footing.
This bong consists of a cylinder, a down tube, and a separate lift-off bowl. All RooR glass bongs come complete with a RooR glass gauze.

Size: 50cm

Roor Bong Custom Zumo 4.2mm – Rasta Bead Blues

Roor Bong Custom Zumo 4.2mm Rasta Bead Blues, 77 Bongs

This custom RooR Zumo 4.2 has a massive 29.2 sized joint and has been expertly fashioned from the purest, highest-quality Borosilicate glass and is one of RooRs finest creations.

Renowned for their quality in both effect and appearance, RooR continues to amaze and astound all who experience their craftsmanship, and with this, they have once again proved themselves to be several cuts above their contemporaries.

Size: 50cm

Roor Bong Custom Zumo 4.2mm – The Bastard

Roor Bong Custom Zumo 4.2mm The Bastard, 77 Bongs

This Bastard of RooR Zumo Bong comes fully equipped with:
– 29.2 Diffuser
– 29.2 Downtube
– 29.2 Narrowing Bowl
– 29.2 Medium Bowl
– 18.8 Medium Bowl
– Reducing Adaptor – 29.2 to 18.8
– 1 x 29.2 Glass Gauze
– 1 x 18.8 Glass Gauze

With its extreme size, the RooR Bong Custom Zumo 4.2 does great credit to its name. Despite a water level of 6.5cm, the height of 50cm combined with a diameter of 67mm equals an Air Volume of over 1 Liter! Clearly a pipe for the sporty smoker.

Size: 50cm