RooR Bongs Option Bowls

My Favorite RooR Bongs

Roor Crown Bowl

Roor Crown Bowl, 77 Bongs

Introducing the brand new range of RooR-colored section bowls.

The combination of vibrant colors and switchback reversals make these bowls a great addition to any RooR bong!

Size: N/A

Roor Narrowing Bowl

Roor Narrowing Bowl, 77 Bongs

This narrowing bowl has a pinched neck, preventing herbs or ash from falling into your bong.

Like all RooR pieces, these RooR Bowls are hand-blown and may vary in size.

Size: N/A

Roor Screen Notch Bowl

Roor Screen Notch Bowl, 77 Bongs

This optional bowl has a notch built-in to allow a standard screen to be used.

Size: N/A