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As the smoke clears, you can see that these RooR bong accessories are designed to help your experience with this smoking device. An ash catcher is a handy tool for cleaning out any remaining ashes or other debris from between the dual coils of the RooR bong’s airway and chamber.

Also included in the package are two long stems, which allow users to place their mouthpieces at an angle above the bowl. This helps prevent water droplets from entering the stem tubes when inhaling.

The modern cigarette has evolved somewhat over time, but there’s one thing it still does better than anything else—it burns down so far and leaves such large amounts of ash behind. Smoking devices have also followed suit, growing larger and producing more vapor, but many smokers struggle to keep those nasty little tars inside the device where they belong.

It doesn’t take much searching on Google Images to find some pretty amazing-looking hookahs, bubblers, and even water pipes with built-in filters and ash catchers to make sure you never lose another stray bit of tobacco again.

Of course, if you’ve got a nice collection of vapes already, adding a filter/ash catcher combo might be a great way to upgrade them without breaking the bank (or spending hours cleaning up after each session). We decided to look beyond just the typical hookah bowls we’re used to seeing online and check out some unique products designed to catch all that loose tobacco before it gets anywhere near your lungs.

First up was the Roar Roo ($130) by Smoke Farm, makers of several popular smoking accessories like the original Solo unit and the Vape Pen Pro. While the Ash Catcher isn’t quite as stylishly sleek as its competitors, it does offer a few key features that give it an edge over standard ashtrays.

First off, the top half of the Ash Catcher is made of glass rather than plastic, making it easier to clean. Second, the bottom part of the product includes a metal grate that sits under the entire assembly, allowing you to easily dispose of any leftover bits while keeping everything else intact.

Finally, because the bowl rests atop the metal grate instead of underneath it, you won’t need to worry about accidentally dropping anything onto the ground while using the product.

Next, we stepped things up a notch with the $150 RooR Smoker ($150), complete with an adjustable aluminum handle. This particular model uses the same concept as the previous one, only it adds a couple of extra features that expand what you can do with this design.

To start, the front portion of the smoker now sports a clear cover that allows you to view the flame within the bowl itself. Additionally, the smoker’s base holds a small metal tray with a locking lid, perfect for holding tobacco sticks and prepping yourself for later use.

If you don’t want to refill it every night, the RooR Smoker also offers a convenient hole through the backside of the unit for refilling during breaks.

Finally, the most expensive version of the RooR line comes with both a beverage tube and a longer, angled stem holder, giving you three different ways to enjoy your favorite smoking accessory. The $200 RooR Deluxe Water Pipe ($200) gives you access to all kinds of goodies, including an integrated fire button, a removable bowl, and an easy-to-clean interior.

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77 Bongs

You’ll be able to get plenty of practice loading new tobacco sticks before taking a big pull, too, since the deluxe model provides enough room for four full loads per refill. And finally, the RooR Premium Deluxe Water Pipe ($250) takes things to a whole new level thanks to several additional features, including multiple temperature settings for adjusting the strength of the hit, a digital display screen showing how close you are to running out of juice and a replaceable quartz igniter that keeps burning cigarettes going 24 hours a day.

If you aren’t ready to drop thousands of dollars on one of these models yet, there are many cheaper options available ranging from around $50-$100, depending on whether you go with a hookah-style bong or a simple water pipe.

For example, the $75 Sutra Hookah Kit from San Francisco-based company Big Buddha makes it super easy for anyone who wants something cheap and basic right away. With no fancy handles, bells, or whistles, the kit attaches directly to whatever type of container you prefer to smoke from, and it works equally well indoors or outdoors.

It’s tough to tell the difference between the results of traditional smoking methods and vaping once the initial cloud hits your face!

Once you know exactly what kind of smoker you are, it’s time to decide your specific needs. Are you someone who likes to light up multiple sessions throughout the evening? Do you prefer lighter hits? Or maybe you’d love a stronger wake ‘n’ bake buzzy feeling?

Our recommended smoking devices cater to specific tastes, so read reviews of various products here.

And remember, always stay safe and protect yourself against secondhand smoke whenever possible. Just saying “no” to cigarettes will save lives everywhere.

Ash Catcher

What better way to capture a quick puff or drag than with a cool, streamlined ash catcher? Most ash catchers work best when placed over the end of a hookah bowl, with the opening positioned slightly below the center point of the bowl.

Before lighting up, however, try shaking the bowl upside down to loosen any lingering lint particles. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the exterior surface of the ash catcher, then set it aside until needed. When it’s time to prepare for a smoke break, fill the ash catcher with fresh charcoal and let it heat up slowly until you hear the starter click.

Then carefully remove the hot coals with tongs and dump them outside. Afterward, run the ash catcher under tap water to rinse out the charcoal and thoroughly dry the interior. Now you’re ready to begin enjoying a delicious drag without dealing with annoying bits of ash falling down your shirt collar, hair, or wherever else.

You may not think twice about picking up a portable ashtray, especially if you travel often. But for people who spend extended periods living in places with harsh climates, ashtrays usually fall victim to condensation buildups in the cold weather.

These clumps become unsightly and difficult to scrape out, and they can create a disgusting mess in your car seats, backpack, or, even worse, airplane cabins. Luckily, the Ash Catcher solves this problem by preventing moisture buildup entirely.

Toss a handful of raw coal into the ash catcher, wait five minutes, then grab the contraption by its side and shake vigorously to release the collected ash. Rinse out the interior of the product with warm water and lightly scrub with soap to eliminate dust and dirt, and you’re good to go.

Beverage Tube

Your first thought upon hearing the word “beverage” probably involves alcohol, soda pop, or beer. However, the term refers to any liquid consumed via a straw. One of the coolest aspects of drinking from a hookah is controlling the amount of nicotine or cannabis extract you intake due to the higher temperatures involved.

Unfortunately, this effect tends to diminish quickly after putting the hookah down. That’s why many hookah enthusiasts favor putting a drink tube attached to the end of the hose for continuous consumption.

Depending on the size and shape of the hookah, the length of the tube required varies greatly. Some hookahs require shorter tubes connecting directly to the bowl, while others call for lengthy hoses that reach deep beneath the floorboards. You should consult your owner’s manual before purchasing hookah accessories to avoid damaging your vacuum cleaner or carpeting.

Long Stem Holder

While the majority of hookah users opt to stick with a smaller diameter hookah bowl for ease of transport and storage, some folks prefer bigger rigs for increased performance. Since larger bowls generally produce more smoke volume, increasing your distance from the source also increases your efficiency.

A common solution to this issue is to purchase a hookah with an extendible stem capable of reaching farther distances. But finding a tall person willing to hold the smoke head straight overhead can prove challenging unless they live in an apartment with high ceilings. So, what’s a smoker to do? Buy an ash catcher equipped with long stems to solve this dilemma.

These types of holders attach to the very tip of the ash catcher and feature wide bases that sit perfectly flush against the wall. They provide ample space for taller individuals to rest the smoke head upright and comfortably lean forward for maximum enjoyment.

Long hooks also allow vapers to utilize low-voltage chargers like the ones found on eCigs, eliminating the need to plug in bulky power strips. Plus, unlike short extensions, long stems typically include a protective cap covering the tip, ensuring you don’t waste precious herbs getting burned to try to figure out how to properly store them.

My Favorite RooR Bongs

Roor Ashcatcher 3.2mm – Rasta Logo (Tri-Logo)

Roor Ashcatcher 3.2mm Rasta Logo Tri Logo, 77 Bongs

The RooR Tri-colour Rasta Ashcatcher is a flamboyantly functional tool for the smoking connoisseur. Expertly crafted, the triple-logod RooR ashcatcher is technically a three-part miniature pipe.

The special characteristic is that it pre-filters and pre-cools the smoke, thus keeping the water and your bong much cleaner. A RooR ashcatcher is indeed the undisputed champion of water pipe accessories.

Size: 25cm Approx.

Roor Ashcatcher 5mm – Green Logo

Roor Ashcatcher 5mm Green Logo, 77 Bongs

The RooR Ashcatcher (or pre-cooler) is a three-piece miniature pipe that acts as an extra chamber to catch ash and other impurities and pass the smoke through an extra pre-cooling water filter.

This RooR Ashcatcher has a wall thickness of 5mm and is available in 14.5mm or 18.8mm joint sizes.
The Green Logo is a custom addition as 5mm RooR glass traditionally comes with a Black Logo, with Green Logos usually the preserve of 7mm glass.

Size: 55cm

Roor Ashcatcher 5mm – Flame-Polish Logo

Roor Ashcatcher 5mm Flame Polish Logo, 77 Bongs

The RooR Custom Ashcatcher is a three-piece miniature pipe that acts as an extra chamber to catch ash and other impurities.

The RooR Ashcatcher has a wall thickness of 5mm, usually meaning a Black Logo, but this special custom RooR Ashcatcher has a customized Flame Polished logo.
It is available in an 18.8mm joint size only.

Size: 25cm Approx

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