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The RooR bong is a great option for smokers seeking a more mellow and affordable experience. The RooR 5MM has been out since late 2006, but it’s still one of the best-selling models on Amazon today. We took an in-depth look at this classic piece to find out why.

Bongs are some of the most iconic smoking devices ever made, with their distinctive shapes and colors making them instantly recognizable even years after they’ve stopped being produced. A lot can be said about the history of these handcrafted glass gadgets, which have evolved from simple water pipes into complex pieces that use different materials like plastic, metal, wood, and ceramic.

And while there are plenty of options available when you’re looking to buy your next bong (or maybe upgrade), one brand stands above the rest as having perfected its design over time. That brand is called RooR Bongs, which was founded by two former employees of Vapormetrix Inc., makers of the popular Volcano vaporizer line of products.

After leaving that company, the duo started developing new designs for various vapes, including creating a unique device called the “Thumb.” And then they got another idea — what if they designed something similar for traditional cigarettes instead?

It turns out they were onto something because the result was a product called the RooR Vapor Cigarette System. They soon discovered that people liked it, so they went ahead and developed the RooR Super Bowl model, which became the first RooR bong to hit shelves nationwide.

Since then, RooR has continued producing innovative bong designs, such as the original RooR Vaporator 2 ($99) and RooR Miniature ($49). But perhaps none has become as popular or well-known as the RooR 5mm ($59.95). We recently had the chance to look closely at RooR’s newest creation, and we think it might become one of the top-selling bongs of 2007.

What Is It?

Despite its small stature, the RooR 5mm is pretty big, thanks to its triple-column construction. Instead of using one single pillar to hold up the bowl, three separate pillars help keep everything balanced, allowing users to get smoother smoke than they would from any other type of bong.

In addition, each of those columns features individual temperature control, meaning that every puff gets exactly the right amount of heat. Another nice touch comes from how easy it is to clean the unit. All you need is warm water and dish soap, and you’ll never have to worry about cleaning anything inside.

On the bottom half of the unit sits a removable mouthpiece that doubles as a screen. This makes it perfect for keeping track of where you place the stem’s end during draws and protects against ash buildup. When not used, the mouthpiece folds flat and disappears completely between uses.

The last thing worth mentioning about the RooR 5mm is that it doesn’t come equipped with a carb cap, so you won’t easily adjust the airflow through the unit. However, many reviewers have noted that this feature adds to the overall quality of the draw rather than detracting from it.

Who’s It For?

If you’re used to getting high with only mild side effects and want to avoid the negative health impacts of burning tobacco and inhaling secondhand smoke, the RooR 5mm may be worth checking out.

While the downsides of smoking marijuana include headaches, nausea, dry eyes, and poor lung capacity, many customers report relief from symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. Many also claim that it helps promote creativity and relaxation; others note that it allows them to focus better on work and school without worrying too much about messing around.


When compared to other bongs, the RooR 5mm looks almost plain. There isn’t much going on here, especially when viewed head-on. On the plus side, though, it’s being so minimalistic gives it a modern feel, lending it a style that fits nicely with casual and formal settings.

Its shape is rectangular and measures roughly 6 1/2 inches long x 3 1/4 inches wide x 4 1/8 inches tall. It should fit perfectly on a nightstand or coffee table if put together correctly.

Of course, no matter how elegant it looks, it’s important to remember that this baby packs a punch with its massiveness and size. With all three columns supporting the main body, the RooR 5mm weighs approximately 8 pounds, making it far heavier than similarly sized bongs.

Still, despite weighing nearly double the weight of a standard superstore version, reviews consistently point to the RooR 5mm being easier to handle than smaller units. Users who purchased cheap knockoffs online reported spending hours packing their purchases into suitcases due to their tiny size.

People also claimed that the RooR 5mm was surprisingly stable considering its size and didn’t wobble around as lesser models.

One final detail is that, unlike cheaper versions, the RooR 5mm includes a built-in adjustable airflow system. Most other companies tend to leave this function intentionally due to oversaturation concerns. Still, RooR claims that providing users with a wider range of choices will allow them to achieve maximum satisfaction regardless of personal preference.

Using It

To operate the RooR 5mm, grab the stem near the unit’s base and pull upward. Once the draw begins, lean forward slightly until the tip of the stem touches the mouthpiece screen. Then start taking deep drags.

As mentioned earlier, users typically enjoy less coughing and hacking when using the RooR 5mm, which explains why it continues to rank among the bestselling bongs sold on One interesting tidbit is that many buyers noted that they prefer the cleaner taste of the RooR 5mm versus other brands’ offerings.

One major drawback is that the RooR 5mm lacks a carb cap, so you won’t easily adjust the airflow through the unit. This could cause problems if you live somewhere that experiences extreme weather conditions, like extremely cold winters.

Also, some people found that the mouthpiece occasionally fell apart, although this problem seems to occur primarily with cheap imitations of the RooR 5mm. Finally, some complained that the unit sometimes leaked hot gas, particularly if it wasn’t screwed tightly enough.

Overall, the RooR 5mm remains one of the best picks for anyone searching for an amazing way to kick back and relax.

Should You Buy This?

While suggesting buying a $60 bong that produces mediocre results may seem counterintuitive, it pays to spend extra money for a higher-quality item. Sure, the cheapest ones aren’t bad, but chances are good that you’ll receive superior performance if you pay close attention and try to pick the highest quality bong possible.

Furthermore, some studies show that smoking weed reduces cancer risk, and a lower dosage coupled with fewer harsh chemicals in the lungs can improve a person’s life. So whether or not you choose to purchase the RooR 5mm, make sure to educate yourself before doing so.

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My Favorite RooR Bongs

Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 5mm – Dark Knight

Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 5mm Dark Knight, 77 Bongs

The dark-colored ice notches and sig match the thick, dark-colored mouthpiece of this custom RooR pipe as they flank a Flame Polish RooR logo which appears more distinguished due to its dark surroundings.

The 10cm extension provides more smoke capacity within the chamber than the normal 35cm Little Sistas. At the same time, the ice notches are aesthetic and allow you to fill the chamber with even more ice to cool and smoothen the already gratuitously gratifying hit.

All RooR bongs are expertly crafted in their workshop in Germany and are made from the highest-quality Borosilicate glass, creating a completely tension-free masterpiece.

Size: 45cm

Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 5mm – Green Goblin

Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 5mm Green Goblin, 77 Bongs

This Little Sista features 5mm thick glass but with the custom, Green RooR logo usually associated with the 7mm varieties.

The large beaker-bottom of a Little Sista provides the bong with abundant water and smoke capacity and makes it very safe and secure while standing. The ice notches bump it up to Icemaster class and help this quality water pipe provide an incredibly cool, smooth hit.

While not as heavy as the 7mm version, this 5mm Green Goblin is still very strong and sturdy, while the Green RooR logo gives it a unique place amongst its fellow 5mm bongs.

Size: 35cm

Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 5mm – Desert Dream

Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 5mm Desert Dream, 77 Bongs

The Custom Icemaster 5.0 Desert Dream really touches all the hot points, as only a premium bong can do. It has a muscular and smooth design, with a sandblasted logo on the side helping to enhance the bong’s superb image.

The Desert Dream features two glass reductions, improving the bong’s grip. These reductions also further define the image of the bong, giving it a neater, sleeker feel.

A sandblasted leaf design is emblazoned on the back, bringing the bong to life and giving it some character. Ice notches are also cut into the sides, allowing you to fill the bong with ice cubes for a refreshing, cool smoke.

Size: 45cm

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