RooR Bongs 5mm

My Favorite RooR Bongs

Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 5mm – Dark Knight

Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 5mm Dark Knight, 77 Bongs

The thick, dark-colored mouthpiece of this custom RooR pipe is matched by the dark-colored ice notches and sig, as they flank a Flame Polish RooR logo which appears more distinguished due to its dark surroundings.

The 10cm extension provides more smoke capacity within the chamber than normal 35cm Little Sistas, while the ice notches are not only aesthetic but allow you to fill the chamber with even more ice to cool and smoothen the already gratuitously gratifying hit.

All RooR bongs are expertly crafted in their workshop in Germany and are made from the highest-quality Borosilicate glass, creating a completely tension-free masterpiece.

Size: 45cm

Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 5mm – Green Goblin

Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 5mm Green Goblin, 77 Bongs

This Little Sista features 5mm thick glass but with the custom, Green RooR logo usually associated with the 7mm varieties.

The large beaker-bottom of a Little Sista provides the bong with generous water and smoke capacity and makes it very safe and secure while standing. The ice notches bump it up to Icemaster class and help this quality water pipe provide an incredibly cool, smooth hit.

While not as heavy as the 7mm version, this 5mm Green Goblin is still very, very strong and sturdy while the Green RooR logo gives it a unique place amongst its fellow 5mm bongs.

Size: 35cm

Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 5mm – Desert Dream

Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 5mm Desert Dream, 77 Bongs

The Custom Icemaster 5.0 Desert Dream really touches all the hot points, as only a premium bong can do. It has a muscular and smooth design, with a sandblasted logo on the side helping to enhance the bong’s superb image.

The Desert Dream features two reductions in the glass which improve grip when carrying the bong. These reductions also further define the image of the bong, giving a neater, sleeker feel.

A sandblasted leaf design is emblazoned on the back, really bringing the bong to life and giving it some character. Ice notches are also cut into the sides, which allow you to fill the bong up with ice cubes for a refreshing, cool smoke.

Size: 45cm