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RooR Bongs 3.2mm 1024x536, 77 Bongs

The latest RooR bong is a little different from the rest of their line, and for a good reason – it’s designed to be used with concentrates instead of flower or tobacco blends. This thing looks out of Blade Runner and packs some serious punch in its price range. It does have some issues, though, that may make you look elsewhere.

RooR bongs are known for being incredibly well-made pieces of glass art. They’re also known as one of the most popular brands because they offer incredible bang for your buck. The newest addition to the lineup comes packed with features that differentiate this model from all the others.

Not only will you get an amazing piece of smoking equipment at a low cost, but you’ll also be able to use it with concentrate instead of flower or tobacco blends. This thing looks out of Blade Runner and packs some serious punch in its price range.

It does have some issues, though, that may make you look elsewhere. If you want to learn more about what the new RooR bong can do and if it’s worth buying, read on!

What Is It?

It’s a bong made by RooR, which has been making smoking accessories since 1996. These things are usually expensive, so $110 isn’t usually considered cheap. The RooR bong 3.2 mm is cheaper than the previous version.

This probably won’t surprise you if you’ve seen any other bong. It’s just a smaller bowl attached to a stem. However, the way it works makes this product stand apart.

This bong uses a special “concentrate cup” attachment that fits over the bowl. This device can use concentrates like hash oil or shatter directly into the mouthpiece. There’s no need to hold onto a joint while trying to light it anymore.

Instead, you can take a hit and enjoy yourself without waiting for anything to burn. Of course, you can still smoke regular weed through this bong if you prefer. It’s convenient when you don’t have to worry about lighting up a big enough spliff to put everything inside.

As long as you’re using a high-quality concentrate (like Blue Dream), you shouldn’t experience any problems here.

Can Bongs Be Used For Tobacco 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Who’s it For?

The RooR bong is great for anyone who wants to try concentrates for the first time. People looking to save money should consider picking one of these up. Anyone interested in getting stoned fast should look somewhere else.


As far as design goes, this bong might not look too exciting at first glance. The bowl itself doesn’t even come with a lid. Instead, it sits flush against the body of the bong. What makes it stand out is how small the diameter is compared to the overall size of the whole unit.

At 11 inches tall, this thing barely reaches over your head. After taking my measurements, I was surprised to see how short this thing was. If you’re taller than six feet, holding this thing in your hands might feel awkward. Otherwise, it’s very easy to move around the house.

On top of the bowl is a rubber tube containing a charcoal filter. When you load the concentrate cup, the bottom of the tube gets pushed down against the bowl, preventing anything larger than 2 milligrams of material from going inside.

On the side of the bowl, there’s another tube running underneath the bowl. This second tube allows air back in, helping keep the smoke flowing smoothly throughout your lungs. Overall, it feels like sturdy glass that wouldn’t break easily.

Using It

To use the RooR bong, fill the bowl with your favorite concentrate and slide the tip of the stem into the concentrate cup. Then, you place the mouthpiece between your lips and suck the smoke down through the entire system.

Once you start inhaling, water vapor pours out of the end of the mouthpiece. You can continue doing this until you run out of concentration or you’re ready to switch bowls. You never need to touch the hot part of the device unless you’re cleaning it, so it stays nice and cool.

When you exhale, air flows out of the side of the mouthpiece and fills the room with thick clouds of smoke. The best part is that you can adjust how strong it depends on how hard you breathe. If you push in harder, you’ll create thicker clouds of smoke.

Conversely, if you let go easier, you’ll force less air past the filter and produce thinner clouds. Just remember to stay safe and follow common sense. Don’t drive or operate machinery while using this bong. Concentration levels vary per person, so experiment with your tolerance level to determine how strong you’d like to be.

One neat feature of this bong is that it includes a timer function. When activated, it starts counting down from 60 seconds. When it reaches zero, the bong automatically shuts off. This helps prevent accidents where people could accidentally fall asleep during a session.

Just set it anywhere you want and forget it. Another useful function is that it lets you know when it’s time to clean the bowl. The indicator lights turn red when it’s time to wipe down the bowl quickly. Afterward, it turns green again to show that it’s ok to use.

Is Marijuana Legal In Florida 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs


This bong is perfect for anyone wanting to try concentrates but didn’t want to mess with joints. It’s super simple to use and requires minimal maintenance. Plus, it’s relatively affordable, considering the quality that went into producing it.


While it’s better than most cheap bongs, this thing isn’t quite as powerful as others on the market. Unlike traditional pipes, you’ll have to work for each puff. Also, the mouthpiece is shorter than expected, meaning you must lean forward slightly more.

Lastly, it could be difficult to tell exactly how much concentration is left once you inhale. Even though it’s labeled with numbers, the scale seems vague. All in all, it’s not the worst bong on the market, but it isn’t as impressive as others.

Should You Buy It?

Overall, the RooR bong 3.2mm is a fantastic value for those wanting to dip their toes into the world of concentrates. While it might not be as powerful as others, it’s still perfectly capable of hitting you with a solid buzz.

If you pick one up, we recommend purchasing a higher-grade concentrate such as Blue Dream or Grandaddy Purple. We suggest waiting until you’ve tried them before deciding which one you like better.

My Favorite RooR Bongs

Roor Bong Custom 3.2mm – Mini Master

Roor Bong Custom 3.2mm Mini Master, 77 Bongs

This custom RooR Bong 3.2 has been expertly fashioned from the purest, highest-quality Borosilicate glass and will make a great addition to any collection, small or big, because ice-notches and a Yellow logo on the straight tube mean you have a smaller, more compact, and less expensive, version of the majestically huge RooR Fairmaster.

It is a Mini-Master.
Renowned for their quality in effect and appearance, RooR continues to amaze and astound all who experience their craftsmanship. With this Custom RooR Bong, they have once again proved themselves several cuts above their contemporaries.

The Bistable joint even gives it so much more strength at its weakest point than other ordinary bongs.

Size: 35cm

Roor Bong Little Sista – 3.2mm

Roor Bong Little Sista 3.2mm, 77 Bongs

Stability, functionality, and aesthetics are the main criteria for a good water pipe. High-quality raw material, professional processing, and, naturally, the thickness of the pipe wall together with the pipe diameter are the prerequisites for stability.

Each wall thickness has been given a specific color in the RooR collection. The color red in the logo of the RooR Bong Little Sista 3.2mm stands for a glass thickness of 3.2mm. The white center represents the ‘little sister’ of the white logo Dealers Cup.

This bong consists of a cylinder, a down tube, and a separate lift-off bowl. All RooR glass bongs come complete with a RooR glass gauze.

Size: 35cm

Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 3.2mm – Red Baron

Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 3.2mm Red Baron, 77 Bongs

The Red Baron is an aesthetically pleasing bong with an exquisite design that looks fantastic on a tabletop or desk. A very stable and reliable water pipe, as are all of the RooRs creations, the beaker base of this bong is perfect for gathering a sizable amount of smoke.

The custom RooR also features ruby red ice notches molded into the sides, allowing you to fill the bong with ice cubes for a smooth, chilled smoke. The notches perfectly match the ruby red-crowned mouthpiece. The Spiral Nebula bowl is also dashed with color, with interweaving swirls around the glass.

Overall, the mighty Red Baron is a fantastic, superb-looking bong with excellent functionality and highly desirable features that will please any smoking enthusiast!

Size: 45cm

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