Top 7 High-Quality Bongs

Seasoned and frequent smokers know the difference between quality and cheap. The bongs listed here will not disappoint even the most experienced and demanding bong user. Only quality bongs for the smoothest hits.

Whether you’re looking for a high-quality bong that’s durable and functional or one made of the highest quality materials, there are many to choose from. What follows is an overview of some of the top bongs available on the market today.

Everyone knows how easy it is to roll your own marijuana cigarettes these days. All you need is rolling papers, a small bowl, scissors, weed (of course), and something to smoke out of—a pipe, cigarette holder, water pipe, etc.—and you’ve got yourself a joint.

But have you ever thought about smoking out of a bong instead? A bong is essentially just glass with a stem inside designed so that water can pass through it without dripping down onto whatever else is sitting in front of it. If you want to get really technical, a bong is also called “water delivery device,” but most people don’t care that much about what makes them work if all they know is that they make great joints.

A bong will let you enjoy the effects of THC better than anything else because you’ll be able to inhale directly into your lungs rather than having to hold weed between two fingers like when using a spliff or other type of rolled tobacco product.

It works the same way as drinking through a straw does, except it allows more air to come into contact with the smoke. This means that you won’t feel nearly as tired after taking hits off a bong as you would while smoking a regular joint. And since the smoke goes straight up into your head, you’ll experience less coughing compared to traditional methods.

While plenty of smokers use pipes nowadays, you may not realize that some serious innovation has been happening behind closed doors at companies like Grav Labs over the past few years. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that this company is responsible for making modern bongs possible by developing new designs based on their research and testing.

In addition to being easier on the throat than standard joints, these devices aren’t going away anytime soon. They’re very popular among potheads who prefer to take their highs with minimal hassle. Read on to find out which ones we recommend the best.

When it comes to choosing the absolute best bong for your needs, we couldn’t possibly pick only one. That said, the following list represents our favorite selections right now.

Gravity Flow Big Bud Waterpipe ($80)

This bong looks exactly as advertised. Its design was inspired by the classic Waterpipes of yore, and its size lends itself well to portability. We think the mouthpiece is a bit too large for comfort, though.

Still, it’s worth considering if you plan on traveling around with your bong regularly. It features a simple set-up process and offers good airflow that doesn’t leave any residue behind. Plus, you can buy replacement parts online should you break yours!

Volcano Vaporizer/Bud Vape Pen ($175)

If you already vape nicotine sticks on occasion, why shouldn’t you try vaping cannabis? With this pen style vaporization system, you can actually do both at once. It utilizes heat generated by an internal coil to extract active ingredients from flower material placed within it.

While it isn’t quite powerful enough to fully vaporize loose bud, it definitely helps bring out the flavor of concentrates such as hash oil, shatter, rosin, waxes, oils, and even live resin. The battery lasts approximately 20 minutes per charge, so you can easily keep it close at hand during long sessions.

Grav 3rd Eye Water Delivery System ($330+/-$40 shipping)

Grav Labs’ newest model is probably the closest thing to a perfect bong yet invented. It includes everything you could ask for including adjustable temperature controls, 10mm diameter holes for maximum efficiency, and stainless steel mesh filters that help prevent particles from passing further up into your nose and sinuses.

But perhaps the coolest feature is the ability to adjust the intensity of each hit simply by turning a dial. When you tire of smoking, pull back the sleeve on the side of the tube where you found the dial and twist it clockwise until you reach your desired effect. Adjustable volume control lets you regulate the strength of each draw, and the entire unit fits neatly under your desk or nightstand

Gatorade Chorus Bowl ($25-$30)

We love the idea of combining art and science together to create products that improve human life. The folks at Grav Labs did just that when they came up with the Gravity Series Glasses.

These glasses were created specifically for those seeking enhanced mental performance thanks to the unique benefits offered by cannabinoids. As an added bonus, these bad boys look pretty cool too.

Grav Labs Grav 2nd Gen Waterpipe ($45)

This version of the original Grav Labs Waterpipe adds Bluetooth functionality to the mix. Use it while driving and listen to music, watch movies, or talk to friends via text message. Just connect the included adapter cable to your car stereo, then plug the USB receiver into the power outlet near your passenger seat. Once connected, press play on your phone’s media player app, and stream audio wirelessly throughout your vehicle!

Easy Bake Oven Personal Water Purifier ($150+)

Let’s face it: There’s nothing worse than spending money on fancy gear only to destroy it before you even start enjoying it. So why pay $200 for an expensive water purification rig that ends up covered in mold? Instead of shelling out big bucks, consider buying a portable Easy Bake Oven Personal Water Purifier.

Simply fill it with distilled water, attach the hose, place it wherever you normally store food overnight, and wait 24 hours. Then pour the purified H20 into bottles and drink it whenever you want.

Zegrahn Original Portable Water Filtration Kit ($49)

You never know when you might end up trapped somewhere without access to clean drinking water. Having a filtration system on hand ensures you stay healthy no matter your situation. This kit contains a compact home filter that can remove chlorine, pesticides, lead, mercury, bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, cysts, chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and more. It attaches to your backpack using elastic bands, weighs roughly 5 pounds, and measures 12 x 6 x 8 inches.

Rube Goldberg Water Bottle & Hydrator Bag Combo Pack ($15)

Ever see someone walking along carrying a bottle full of ice cubes? Yeah…me neither. Fortunately, Rube Goldberg designed a handy little gadget that keeps drinks cold for longer periods of time. This hydrated cooler uses evaporative cooling technology that eliminates the need for bulky refrigerators and ice packs.

Not only can it chill cans quickly, it can also preserve beverages for weeks, months, or even yearlong trips. To use it, simply fill the reservoir with tap water, seal the opening with plastic wrap, and hang it upside down in areas prone to extreme temperatures.

Klean Kanteen Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mug ($23)

Who says coffee tastes better hot or warm? Klean Kanteen’s insulated mugs offer convenience and taste consistency no matter whether you brew them early in the morning or late at night. Like most insulating cups, you’ll still be able to sip your java however you usually do, but you’ll notice a difference in terms of temperature. Of course, you’ll likely be saving money every month on Starbucks alone.

Thermos Ceramic Travel Mug w/ Silicone Lid + Tumbler Set ($19)

Traveling often? Never worry about finding a reliable cup again thanks to this useful travel mug. Although it’s slightly larger than average, it holds 15 ounces of liquid and sports a wide mouth that you can fit almost any container into.

Also featuring a silicone lid, it prevents spills due to condensation. For extra safety, put a rubber band around the handle to secure it, and keep it next to your bed at night in case you wake up thirsty.

Camelback Roadrunner Backpack ($37)

Camelbacks aren’t necessarily known for their affordability, but this particular bag manages to pack a lot of value into a relatively affordable price tag. It has tons of compartments, including one specifically for storing your smartphone, and it also provides ample storage for various accessories, including a retractable keychain flashlight. On the downside, the straps tend to dig uncomfortably into my shoulders sometimes while hiking.

Nalgene Wide Mouth 16oz Bottles ($13)

These lightweight containers boast impressive insulation capabilities. Their thick walls ensure that your beverage stays nice and chilly for several hours. Each bottle also includes a replaceable flip cap that seals tightly. Unlike cheap plastic models, this kind doesn’t leak, meaning that you’ll always have fresh filtered water ready to go.


Roor Icemaster 7.0 Green Label

Roor Icemaster 7.0 Green Label, 77 Bongs

The cream of RooR’s crop. Yet, the Green Label IceMaster weighs only 1140 grams. Impressive considering the bong is built with 7mm thick glass. Stands at a towering height of just over 18 inches.

Stenciled with a gorgeous green RooR label and artist signature just above the downstem. The IceMaster has a five-inch base to ensure stability. Ideal as a centerpiece on a table of bongs.

Will hold a large volume of water for awesome filtration. Standard ice catcher notch in neck holds over eight ice cubes. Cools smoke perfectly before hitting your lungs. Add accessories like a diffuser and ash catcher.

RooR’s best bong.
This ice master is rather light for 7mm thick glass, at only 1,140 grams. Most suitable as table bong, 1 and a 1/2 feet height with a base diameter of just over 5 inches. The joint size is suitable for a RooR diffuser to be added.

The ice catcher allows inserting a bunch of ice cubes for much smoother hits. Fused joints and thick glass make this bong exceptionally durable. The usual artist’s signature was placed slightly above the downstem joint, ours was a green swirl with a yellow dot over it.

A great choice for a daily smoker, especially with a diffuser and ash catcher. Free, extra herb grinder and lighter leash!

Size: 45cm

“Best bong ever! Got knocked over but didn’t break. Found outcomes with breakage guarantee from RooR.
Love it! Ultimate bong in my collection. Awesome hitting bong. Routinely blows friends away with its deep heavy hits.”


Glass Ice Bong

Glass Ice Bong, 77 Bongs

This high and beautiful Glass Bong is a piece of art and a highly effective Bong at once. Made from excellent glass, perfectly designed to serve you with the finest smoke, this thing is a real wonder.

Adding Ice to this Glass Bong makes your smoke smooth and cool, tasty, and of perfect consistency.

Two chambers and a high glass tube provide perfect smoking conditions and a simple, yet elegant design makes your room look much much better with this thing inside.

Size: 40cm


Magic Glass Mr. White Bong

Mr. White, 77 Bongs

This handblown glass bong made the best bong list with its big bowl, lightweight, balanced, tall stem, and easy to use mouthpiece.

The clear color requires plenty of cleaning, but the impressive craftsmanship and durability far outweigh this minor inconvenience.

Size: 26cm

“Looks great in my place. Very hard to clear the bowl in one hit. The bowl is huge! It doesn’t look big, but plenty of bud can get packed in the bowl. Hits great! One of my favorites.”


Magic Glass Bong 2000

Magic Glass Bong 2000, 77 Bongs

High quality, one of the largest bongs from Magic Glass. All the way from the enormous base, thru a wide and long shaft, the smoke cools down providing the smoker with a nice and smooth hit.

Size: 59cm


You Beauty Bong

You Beauty Bong, 77 Bongs

An oddly looking bong that’s unique eye-catching design cools down smoke wonderfully. The four chambers provide a silky smooth cool hit. Pack a bowl extra heavy because it’s so smooth stoners can take crippling bong rips.

You’re sure to feel the effects of marijuana with this bong. The clear construction allows friends to watch tokes. Don’t fear coughing in front of friends. You Beauty Bong hits silky smooth.

You Beauty doubles the smoke cooling space with four chambers for your smoke to cool down. While some old-timers may find this a little overkill, many of us don’t mind the extra work of filling the bong to get that extra crisp feeling only something like this can provide.

While it’s completely clear, this construction makes this piece not only one of the smoothest out there, but it also succeeds in being one of the most eye-catching.

Size: 35cm x 14cm

“Fantastic! Looks like a robot. Love inhaling from my You Beauty Bong. Instense. Hardest hitting bong I ever had. Pack a bowl with plenty of bud. Damn! Best bong in my glass collection.”


Roor Bong 7.0 – 3 Piece

Roor Bong 7.0 3 Piece, 77 Bongs

Functionality, durability, and most importantly design have made this RooR bong one of the most desirable pieces of glass enthusiasts will want in their collection.

The RooR 7.0 is smaller and more affordable but still has the distinctive quality enthusiasts expect from RooR. The bong’s simple design combined with 7mm thick glass ensures its stability.

A three-piece system that can be easily added with awesome RooR accessories. An excellent affordable introduction to the RooR line.
Roor bong with the thickest wall diameter 7mm, impressive glass volume gives rich, heavy feeling and results in an unmatched grade of stability.

One of the simplest ascetic designs with a very stable ground notch and great raw glass touch. Definitely my favorite and a recommendation for smaller bongs lovers. Very durable!

Size: 35cm

“This was the first RooR bong I bought! My other bongs collect dust now that I own this beautiful RooR. Loved it so much I began my own RooR collection. Careful! Owning this bong will make you want to come back for more. After four months of thinking about it I finally bought this bong for my birthday. Why did I wait!”


Magic Glass Bong 500

Magic Glass Bong 500, 77 Bongs

Made from the finest borosilicate glass, Magic Glass Bongs are unique in their high quality, durability, and perfect smoking conditions.

A high glass tube delivers tasty smoke straight to your lungs. Then it makes your brain work in a slightly different way, changing your thoughts in a way you never thought they might be before.

The smoke filtrates perfectly, water bubbles nicely and you begin feeling lucky and joyful more and more with every little puff.

Size: 47cm