Plastic Bongs

The durability and easy survival of being dropped make plastic bongs more suitable than glass ones. Besides water filtration, acrylic also has benefits such as protecting your lung’s immune system against bacteria in case you get too close to someone else who might have germs on their lip!

My Favorite Plastic Bongs

Acryl Bong Colored

Acryl Bong Colored 5, 77 Bongs

If you are looking for a cheap and light Bong, this color water bong is the one to choose. Acrylic bongs are popular for their small weight, low price, and very good smoking conditions.

This cute orange-colored bong has a wide tube which gives the Smoker some nice sounds of bubbling while enjoying this device. The smoke is great, water gives it the right filtration. Do not hesitate, just smoke.

Height: 18cm
Diameter: 38mm

Very Thick Acrylic Bong

Very Thick Acrylic Bong, 77 Bongs

The Bubble Grip Bong maximizes its water volume capacity with the wide bubble base, while also featuring raised grips on the shaft above the bubble for your fingers when you hold the bong. A simple but highly effective bong design.

Height: 37cm
Diameter: 51mm
Glass Thick: 6mm

Acryl Bong Colored Extra Large

Acryl Bong Colored Extra Large, 77 Bongs

Wide and high tube, fantastic design, nice colors – these features characterize this color acrylic bong. Three violet water chambers are responsible for fantastic water filtration, and long red and blue tube provides a suitable way for the smoke to travel up.

This is cheap, but do not let the price fool you – it is very properly made and will serve you for a long time. Many clouds of smoke create with this wonderful water bong.

Height: 97cm
Diameter: 51mm

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