Mojo Water Bongs

Classics, they never get old. Yes, some music gets out of fashion, but you simply can’t tell anything like that about Mozart or Pink Floyd, it sounds just plain crazy. Similar to movies – Casablanca was a good movie, is a good movie, and will be as good in the future. Same with stylish antique furniture, cars, and – of course, most obviously – bongs.

Mojo Water Bongs are using a classical style and fashion. It didn’t get old, looks as neat as always. There are many modern look-a-like bongs, using fancy technologies, but after all, if you just want a nice bong then Mojo Water Bongs Is the right choice, especially when you’re into classics or “old-school”.

Besides style, you got to notice how efficient those bongs are. They feature a double bubble for better smoke and water capacity, and as well completely removable rubber foot which makes cleaning far easier. Alongside those come metal downpipe and bowl. The small size (from 30 cm x 10 cm to 24 cm x 7 cm) makes it comfortable to take with you, and easy to handle.

Here’s maybe the best part: Mojo Water Bongs are at a really reasonable price. You can get them for less than $20, so if you’re looking for a cheap, efficient, and stylish bong then Mojo Waster Bongs are a brainer. And then you’re recommended to enjoy pure smoke from Mojo Water Bongs in Oldsmobile while watching Gone With The Wind with Elvis Presley.

The Mojo line of water bong products is a great way to get your hands on some high quality smoking gear without breaking the bank. We’ll take you through each model and what makes them so unique.

If there’s one thing we’re pretty sure about, it’s that everyone loves a good smoke break once in awhile. In fact, if you’ve ever taken an extended road trip or vacation with no smoking allowed, chances are you were probably very stressed out by all of those pesky cigarette breaks!

But even though most people love a little bit of nicotine now and again, there are still plenty who absolutely hate cigarettes but aren’t interested in switching over to cigars or tobacco pipes — they just want something cool to do while they drive. And for these folks, a water pipe might be right up their alley.

Water pipes have been around since at least ancient Egypt where locals used to light fires inside long tubes made from reeds until eventually they figured out how to fill the same tube with cold water instead.

Today, modern smokers can choose between several different types of water pipes like classic hand-held models, ceramic pieces and gravity fed systems which resemble large aquariums. The most popular type, however, has got to be the lava bowl because it offers users a more realistic experience than any other style thanks to its bubbling effect created when hot lava slowly fills a glass chamber.

Not only does this make the whole process much smoother, it also produces far less toxic emissions and gives off a distinct smoky flavor unlike anything else. This is why many purists consider the lava method to be the best way to enjoy a true “smoking” session.

But not every smoker wants to use pure volcanic rock as filler material. For example, someone looking for a cheaper alternative could opt for plastic tubing filled with tap water instead. Or maybe they want to save money altogether and find another way to create a bubbly air flow.

Enter the Mojo line of water bong products. These machines work similarly to traditional water pipes except they replace the lava with colored liquid heated via electricity and then forced into a narrow channel leading directly to the user’s mouth.

When ignited, the resulting vapor creates a thick cloud of superheated steam which looks exactly like real cigarette smoke. The main difference between regular old water bongs and the ones described above is that anyone can buy and own one of these units, regardless of age or skill level, for under $100.

That means you don’t need years of practice or expensive tools to try your luck at becoming a pro waterpipe technician. If you think you’d simply rather spend time hanging out with friends instead of trying to figure out ways to keep yourself entertained during car rides, check out our review of the Smokin’ Pro II Lava Bowl below.

So let’s say you really want to give one of these devices a shot. Where should you start shopping? Read on to learn more.

Smoking Time (and Price)

Although there are dozens upon dozens of variations available, one general rule applies across all brands: The longer the better. Of course, longevity isn’t always guaranteed due to factors such as filling materials, size, construction and personal preference.

Generally speaking, higher price points tend to mean greater durability, but whether or not this is actually the case will depend largely on individual preferences. There are three basic sizes to pick from – 16 inches, 22 inches and 30 inches – and generally the larger bowls cost slightly more per unit.

Because of this, it may pay to shop online before making the trip down to local stores. With prices starting at around $80 for smaller units, most Mojo owners agree that the upfront costs are well worth it considering the convenience factor alone.

In addition to overall length, there are two important measurements related to performance: diameter and throat height. Diameter refers to the inner width of the hose while throat height measures the distance from top to bottom along the entire length.

As a general guideline, the bigger the diameter, the faster the air travels toward the lungs whereas the taller the throat, the more intense the airflow becomes near the tip. A lot of consumers claim that taller throats produce stronger hits than wider ones although this varies based on individual tastes.

Unfortunately, water bongs typically lack adjustable diameters meaning buyers must rely solely on standard sizing unless they happen to purchase a custom piece. On average, most experts recommend choosing a throat height somewhere between 2.5 to 3 inches depending on your current tolerance levels. Keep in mind that shorter versions exist too, but they won’t provide quite enough room for big draws.

Finally, remember that the actual weight of a given device depends heavily on the amount of filler material contained within. While lighter options usually offer fewer clouds and lower yields, heavier models often come with more powerful tanks capable of producing thicker puffs.

Since most novice enthusiasts operate on low budgets, this feature is definitely useful for helping people decide which path to go down.

What’s So Special About It?

As mentioned earlier, the primary goal of using a water pipe is to mimic the sensation of smoking real cigarettes. However, the end results differ greatly in nature. Unlike combustible tobacco, which burns quickly and releases copious amounts of carbon monoxide, tar and various toxins, heated liquids burn slower and emit a milder form of smoke.

Also, because lava doesn’t contain any significant quantities of oxygen, it prevents combustion by acting as a catalyst and preventing the chemical reaction required to release energy. Instead, heating occurs via conduction from surrounding objects, similar to how heat spreads throughout solid matter.

Another key benefit is that water bongs allow smokers to maintain control over their intake since they don’t require matches or lighters anymore. Finally, lava bowls produce far less residual ash compared to normal wood varieties. All together, this allows experienced vapers to consume significantly more fluid per session without worrying about potential health risks.

Overall, the biggest advantage offered by a lava bowl is that it provides a virtually risk free way to indulge oneself in a fun activity without having to deal with potentially dangerous chemicals. Some critics argue that this luxury comes at the expense of realism, but others disagree saying that the illusion works just fine.

After experimenting with both methods, most reviewers seem to prefer the latter approach since it helps them stay focused on enjoying themselves instead of concentrating on keeping track of their stats. Although some individuals may appreciate the full effects associated with the lava method, others would likely feel uncomfortable if asked to pull double duty as both observer and participant.

Regardless, we hope that everyone gets a chance to experience the benefits firsthand someday soon.

How Does it Compare To Competitors?

For starters, water pipes fall short of being able to fully recreate the experience found in real cigarettes. Most models cannot completely eliminate the carcinogens present in tobacco because they either run on electric power or pump in fresh fuel shortly after ignition.

Additionally, most designs can’t achieve temperatures anywhere close to burning coal or charcoal embers. At the same time, however, these drawbacks become irrelevant when it comes to lava bowls since the heat source never needs replacing.

Furthermore, the vast majority of manufacturers supply multiple styles designed specifically to maximize efficiency. Lastly, because lava bowls generate minimal waste, producers can charge reasonable rates for their goods.

Since the earliest days, smokers have sought new ways to relax. Over time, innovations emerged allowing people to satisfy their cravings away from public eyes. From simple bamboo sticks to elaborate sets of pipes and accessories, the number of possible setups grows exponentially each year.

Whether you want to play hooky from school/work, hang out with friends or just kick back and chill, you can easily find a suitable product here.

My Favorite Mojo Water Bongs

Mojo Medium Glass Bong – Double Bubble Stretched

Mojo Medium Glass Bong Double Bubble Stretched, 77 Bongs

Functional and efficient glass bong featuring a double bubble (with the lower one stretched out) for maximum smoke and water capacity.

Comes complete with a removable rubber foot (for ease of cleaning) and standard interchangeable metal downpipe and bowl.

Size: 25cm x 7cm

Mojo Medium Glass Bong – Double Bubble

Mojo Medium Glass Bong Double Bubble, 77 Bongs

Functional and efficient glass bong featuring a double bubble for maximum smoke and water capacity.

Comes complete with a removable rubber foot (for ease of cleaning) and standard interchangeable metal downpipe and bowl.

Size: 24cm x 7cm

Mojo Large Double Bubble Glass Bong – Straight Up

Mojo Large Double Bubble Glass Bong Straight Up, 77 Bongs

Functional and efficient glass bong featuring a double bubble for maximum smoke and water capacity.

Comes complete with a removable rubber foot (for ease of cleaning) and standard interchangeable metal downpipe and bowl.

Size: 35cm x 10cm