Cannabis in Today’s Society of Modern World

These days more and more people of all ages, professions and social backgrounds are turning to marijuana. The reasons are both as simple and complex as the drug itself. Let’s start with a highly stressful and demanding, achievement-oriented way of life, information overload as computers, media, and cell phones flood us with too much data to digest. It is really hard to find the time and peace of mind to relax and enjoy the moment.

Our jobs get increasingly complex and technical with multitasking as a norm in today’s workplace. There is a lot of pressure on efficiency and quality of work while the number of tasks to complete grows daily, in effect leaving us in a continually stressful state of mind.

Also, our children are affected and strongly influenced. Computer games, TV, cell phones, and the internet keep our youth busier than ever before and that converts into a constant brain rush which is mentally very stressful. The perpetual need to maintain contact with a multitude of online and offline friends, pressure to know more and better is indeed time-consuming, leaving little time to enjoy the natural company of family members and real-time friends. Homework and chores become boring slow duties and are often left behind while we speed on the communication and information superhighway of our days.

Marijuana, 77 Bongs

Marijuana is rapidly replacing pharmaceuticals as a modern drug of choice for millions. Many people, both young and old, are worn down by the enormous challenges of living today’s lifestyle. And while the pharmacy market has been flooded with synthetic drugs for many years, like antidepressants, nerve pills, and anti-anxiety agents, more and more people of today are finding that a simple marijuana joint works wonders on the central nervous system, especially when it comes to stress and pain relief, stimulating creativity and helping in socialization.

Marijuana is healthier and more natural than synthetic pills, easier to find, relatively inexpensive to buy, and needs no doctor’s prescription. The plant can be easily grown from widely available online cannabis seeds. A single marijuana cigarette will calm, stabilize, and focus even the most stressed, hurried individual. Marijuana smoking or eating in a form of pot brownies is an increasingly common thing in the workplace these days. How to grow marijuana knowledge is popular and easily available in form of texts, books, videos.

It is also a well-known fact that marijuana has fewer overall side effects than most prescription drugs. This fact alone is encouraging the people of today to put down the pill bottle and pick up a joint. Stress is reduced, work output is increased all with the help of an abundant, although mostly illegal, plant. Marijuana, although socially yet unrecognized as such, is the new miracle drug. As we Dutchies say: “One joint a day keeps the doctor away!”

Marijuana Use on The Rise In US

Marijuana’s renewed popularity is not limited to any single group of young people. It encompasses age, wealth, middle-class, and low-income families. It thrives in suburban, urban, and rural populations. It includes high achievers, busy businessmen, and average students. It involves every ethnicity and every kind of household. As one stoner reminded me, “A lot of people think it’s just low life and troubled kids who drink and use cannabis. But it’s not.

Everybody’s doing it…” Realizing that today’s kids of course overestimate on the side of the norm of predictions of use, they certainly know better than any adult what their friends and peers are doing. Marijuana is the most widely used soft drug in America today, and this has been the case for some years. Reasons include stress and pain relief, entertainment purposes, stopping the mental rush, and more. Nearly 90 million Americans have used and enjoyed marijuana in their lifetime, what about you?

Learn more on the history of marijuana, get true facts about marijuana, and support the legalization of marijuana in your country!