Large Glass Bongs

It’s no longer just about getting your smoke on! With the rise of electronic cigarettes and less harmful options, glass smoking pipes are an important part of smokers’ lives.

These pieces not only last for years with proper care but also provide great looks in any setting or add a sense of style that can’t be found anywhere else when it comes down to choosing between water pipe bongs versus cheap acrylic ones.

Do you want quality? You’ll find plenty if you shop around because this isn’t something most people would settle for: Aesthetically pleasing designs alongside clean healthier hits makes these accessories well worth investing time into finding what works best both aesthetically.

Glass pipes began showing up as far back as 3000 BC, but it wasn’t until around 1000 AD that they evolved into their modern form — the water pipe we know today. It was during this time period that people started using these devices to smoke opium from small clay pots or gourds.

Today, there are thousands upon thousands of different types of smoking accessories available on the market. And while many have tried to recreate the experience of traditional tobacco smoking with little success, others have taken the concept further with products like hookah (also known as nargileh) sets, which combine vaporizers, grinders, stems, and even ashtrays.

But if you want something more casual yet still stylish than an elaborate set-up, you may be interested in exploring some other options. After all, why shell out hundreds of dollars when you can get the same effect at a fraction of the cost? If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward way to enjoy weed without breaking the bank, consider taking a look at our collection of large-sized glass bongs below.

There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing one of these bongs. First off is size, because unlike traditional methods such as cigarettes and cigars, where the user has complete control over how much he wants to consume each time they take a drag, most forms of marijuana consumption rely heavily on inhaling fumes through an enclosed tube.

This means that whatever amount of smoke you put down will quickly fill up the entire length of the airway, thus making it difficult to increase intake later. For this reason, you’ll find that most glass bongs come equipped with multiple chambers so you can increase capacity depending on what type of session you plan on having.

Smoking sessions don’t last long enough to warrant buying a giant bowl, however, so unless you plan to go heavy, just stick to medium sized bubblers. Another important factor is weight. Although lighter pieces can make great portable party favors, larger ones tend to weigh less and provide greater stability when holding them between your hands.

Finally, another consideration is price point. Larger pieces aren’t necessarily going to cost more money than smaller styles, although some do charge significantly more due to their premium materials and craftsmanship. As long as you’re prepared to spend a few hundred bucks on quality, you should end up getting exactly what you pay for.

To help narrow your choices down even further, we’ve divided our selection of large-size bongs into three categories based on price range. The first section features models that fit right in among the cheapest vases and dishes you’d ever buy for home use, whereas the second category includes those that fall somewhere in the middle of affordability and quality.

To round things out, the third group contains the top contenders that offer high levels of both performance and aesthetics. Read ahead to see which of these excellent designs fits best within your preferred price bracket.

For Beginners

These beginner-level bowls feature low prices, moderate capacities, and uncomplicated shapes that won’t require any complicated setups or maintenance once you start using them regularly. They also happen to work well with a wide variety of techniques, including joint rolling, hand dabbing, and mouth toking.

Medium Sized Bubblers

In terms of size, these units measure anywhere from 4 inches to 6 inches across and hold anywhere from 10 ounces to 60 ounces of liquid. These are perfect for users who either prefer to experiment with various strains or simply want to save room in their pockets for bigger hits.

Most importantly, they give you ample space to expand your tolerance level before finally deciding whether or not you actually want to finish the whole thing.

A number of these items feature built-in screens that prevent unwanted debris from falling inside the chamber and causing problems, while others have been designed specifically to accommodate removable filters. You can choose whichever design works best for you, provided that you understand that since they operate on similar principles, the effects produced by each unit are virtually identical.

Smoking Glasses by Price Point

As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t expect to pay too much for something that’s capable of producing the exact same results as a $1,000+ model. That being said, you can usually spot bargains by paying attention to certain details.

Take note of extra features like adjustable airflow settings or extra screen panels, because while you might think you’re saving money by opting for a cheaper version, you could end up losing functionality along the way. Also check to see if the piece you’re eyeing comes with its own grinder, otherwise you’ll have to purchase yours separately.

Lastly, try to avoid anything made of plastic that doesn’t feel solid and durable under normal usage circumstances. A good rule of thumb is to never pay more than $20 per item.

Biggest Hits in Bigger Bottles

While most bongs consist of single chambers with limited capacity, these “big hitters” typically contain two separate sections separated by a sliding divider. One side holds regular water, while the other houses special concentrate oils and waxes used by advanced smokers.

Some of these containers have been specially shaped to maximize efficiency when filling up each individual bowl, allowing users to load up their lungs twice instead of only once. In addition to providing a stronger hit, these super-potent versions produce noticeably thicker clouds compared to standard concentrates.

On the downside, they’re typically pricier to acquire, requiring you to part ways with at least double what a typical smoker would fork out for a single device.

The Best Large Glass Bongs

Here, we’ve compiled the following list of the top five recommended large-capacity bongs according to their overall value and performance. Each entry belongs to a particular class, ranging from inexpensive starter models to pricey collector’s editions. While these selections were chosen primarily based on popularity, they represent exceptional examples of their respective categories.

V2 Pro – Vape pen

This rechargeable handheld unit looks like a miniature cigarette holder, except for the fact that it produces thick clouds rather than smoke. Its main draw lies in its ability to produce huge amounts of THC, CBD, and CBN oil directly through heating.

Once activated, the battery heats up a mixture of flammable gel fuel and propane gas to temperatures reaching 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, creating a highly concentrated vapor that mixes seamlessly with oxygen molecules to create smooth, flavorful hits.

The product itself measures 7.5 x 2.7 x 3.3 inches and weighs roughly 11 pounds, making it slightly heavier than average bongs. Unfortunately, its hefty appearance makes it unsuitable for traveling purposes, though many reviewers claim that it provides powerful highs regardless of whether or not it’s carried around.

Users praise the unit for its lightweight build and portability, as well as its ease of use thanks to intuitive controls located near the handle.

Price Range: Approximate retail price ranges between $50 and $150 USD.

Lorax WaterPipe Xtreme Edition – Water Pipes

With the exception of the stem, which sits underneath the bowl, everything else about this versatile piece fits snugly into any pocket or purse. Made of stainless steel, the tank portion resembles a clear cylinder filled with ice cubes.

When it’s ready for action, a lever activates the system and sends hot water streaming through the base, gradually melting away the ice cube formation and releasing purest sativa essence straight into the water stream.

Because its temperature remains consistent throughout operation, the resulting vape is always perfectly balanced and mild enough to allow you to easily maintain focus. At approximately 8.4 x 5.6 x 4.8 inches, the Water Pipe Xtreme edition is slightly longer than average and has the added benefit of working equally well indoors and outdoors.

There’s no need to worry about refilling it as the unit automatically does so whenever necessary. Since it uses natural elements rather than chemical additives, it’s safe to assume that no residue will accumulate over time.

Price Range: Prices range between $80 and $160 USD.

G Pen Gio – Vaporizing Pens

Unlike most bongs, pens are sold individually and must be charged via USB cable. Despite its charging capabilities, however, the G Pen Gio offers a compact design suitable for carrying around in your bag. Like the Lorax WaterPipe above, its core consists of a ceramic dish with holes drilled all around its perimeter.

Unlike its predecessor, however, this unit operates exclusively on wicks, which sit atop a layer of activated charcoal powder. When heated up, the material releases a sweet flavor reminiscent of freshly cut grass. All you have to do afterwards is gently shake it to remove excess ashes, after which you can refill the unit with fresh juice to resume vaping.

Overall, the G Pen Gio takes up considerably less space and is easier to carry around than bulky bongs. However, because it requires manual recharging, it isn’t nearly as convenient as automatic replacements like the aforementioned WaterPipe.

Price Range: Starting at $40 USD.

Cali Smoker Deluxe Elite Series Collection II – Hand Pipes

Handpipes are often considered the simplest method of enjoying cannabis, mainly because they’re easy to transport and don’t require any kind of setup.

My Favorite Cheap Glass Bongs

G-Spot Classic Egg Bong

G Spot Classic Egg Bong, 77 Bongs

– Tension-Free Glass.
– Professional Laboratory Glass, very thick 0.5cm.
– Print on Bong applied with Real Gold.

G-Spot Bongs are made with the finest borosilicate glass, under the highest quality standards. Each bong is tested for minimum glass thickness before they even leave the workshop, and they are all oven-tempered to make each one a strong and tension-free bong.

This G-Spot – Curved Eggbong has a Solid Tank joint, which turns a bong’s weakest point into its strongest. The shaft also curves toward you from the egg-shaped base as you smoke, ensuring it is one of the most comfortable smokes you can get.

Height: 50cm
Glass Thick: 5mm

Glass Bong Sandblasted

Glass Bong Sandblasted 2, 77 Bongs

The secrets of the Desert are waiting for you to be discovered. Travel through the sea of sand and find ancient wisdom in the forgotten region of this mysterious place. Matte surfaces are intriguing because there is always some kind of mystery in them.

They are not obvious, nothing can be taken for granted when looking at them. With their unique style and features, they are extraordinary and worth owning. This Sandblasted Bong is mysterious and magical. Do not hesitate and buy your own magic SandBong. Write on the Sand. Find the real you.

Size: 40cm

Glass Bong Set In Wood Case

Glass Bong Set In Wood Case, 77 Bongs

The set includes a fantastic bubble-based shaft bong, a small glass pipe, a small keychain pipe, a bong brush, mini stash tin, screen gauzes, and brass drop-in gauzes. It is presented in a large wooden box, carved all over with a giant leaf and other flowery herb-inspired designs.

The bong stands 37cm tall and has a large bowl to provide the user with the most satisfying of hits. And for those days when the bong is just too much, the Mini Glass Pipe included in the set is the perfect accompaniment to the bong.

Alongside the glass, the pipe is a Keyring pipe, perfect for taking out and about on your travels. With the mini stash tin and the gauzes, this is a perfect set presented in a magnificently carved wooden box. Makes a great gift!

Size: 37cm