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It’s hard to imagine anything more beautiful than a natural wood or bamboo stick. With an elegant finish, these smoking implements are proof of care for Mother Earth and can give great tribal children in their native jungle-like paradise feeling! If you’re looking for something that will last decades with its authentic look (and feel), then consider one today – let your pride show off how much love goes into what we create.

If you’re looking for a large bong, there are plenty of options to choose from. There is the classic bamboo bong that’s made out of one solid piece of wood and then there are other more unique designs such as glass or acrylic pieces with holes drilled into them.

Some larger bamboos even have multiple chambers inside so they can accommodate different types of smoke like hash oil, cannabis oils or tobacco. But which type should you get?

Bamboo has been used by humans since ancient times because it’s resistant to insects and rot. It also grows quickly making it an excellent choice for building materials and firewood.

In recent years though, its popularity has increased due to environmental concerns over deforestation. This is why we often see manufacturers using recycled bamboo instead.

When it comes to smoking devices specifically, many people use traditional clay water pipes. These days however, if you want something bigger than the average bong (which is typically around 7 inches), you might be interested in getting a large bamboo smoking pipe.

There are several styles available but what exactly makes these models stand apart from their smaller counterparts? Keep reading to learn about some popular large bongo models and how each one stacks up against the others when compared side by side.

What Is A Large Bamboo Smoking Device

A large bamboo smoking device is simply any size bong that measures 12 inches or longer. Typically, most users buy at least 10″ diameter models as well. You’ll find them advertised online all the time and while these sizes may seem big on paper, once you hold one in your hand, it really does feel quite small. However, don’t let that fool you — many smokers swear by them because they provide a much better hit without sacrificing too much air flow.

Some larger bong models include two separate bowls – one bowl sits directly below where your mouth would normally rest during normal usage. From here, the smoke travels down through another tube called a chimney and empties into yet another chamber located just above the base unit.

These double chambered units usually feature very thick walls as well as special filters designed to keep ash, tar, etc., from filling both chambers. Other bong models only incorporate a single bowl instead of having two separate ones.

Regardless of whether you opt for the double bowl style or not, the majority of large bong products allow you to adjust airflow according to your preferences. Many models offer adjustable stems as well, allowing you to customize the overall height of the entire setup.

For example, you could increase or decrease the height until your lips comfortably fit within the opening. Then again, you may prefer to leave everything at default settings and never touch it after setting it up. That way, you won’t accidentally break anything or make modifications you later regret.

Of course, aside from being relatively inexpensive, the best part about large bong models is that they take up less space. They’re great accessories to add to living rooms, bedrooms and dens because unlike regular bongs, they aren’t bulky nor do they require permanent installation.

Instead, you can simply set them on top of bookshelves, nightstands or coffee tables. If you own a spacious home, this alone will probably justify buying one. But regardless of how much room you actually have, they still look good sitting on top of furniture as long as the placement isn’t obstructing traffic patterns.

Another thing worth mentioning is that most large bonga models come equipped with a wide variety of features including removable screens, sliding shut off knobs, swiveling bases, built-in fans, auto locks, etc. While these extras certainly enhance functionality, they tend to cost extra money making them somewhat expensive.

On the flipside, if you plan on keeping your large bong permanently installed somewhere, you can always skip those fancy upgrades and save yourself some cash. Either way, it’s highly recommended that you consult reviews first before purchasing one to avoid spending extra money needlessly.

Finally, although prices vary depending on manufacturer, quality and brand name, expect to pay between $50-$300 for most decent sized large bong models. As far as maintenance goes, cleaning shouldn’t pose too much trouble either.

All you have to worry about is replacing burnt out embers every now and then and occasionally rinsing the interior surface. Most large bong owners recommend doing this 2-3 times per year at minimum. Unlike traditional bongs, you don’t have to empty the debris manually because most large bonga models have self-emptying systems.

Pros And Cons Of The Classic L-Shaped Large Bongo Pipe

One of the oldest known forms of smoking pipes, the l-shaped model remains popular today despite its age. Although it doesn’t represent the latest innovations in vaping technology, many enthusiasts believe that it offers superior performance when compared to newer models. Here are some pros and cons associated with owning a standard 3 foot tall l-shape version:


  • It provides a smooth draw similar to cigarette smoking.
  • Its design allows easy access to the innermost region of the bowl for maximum flavor extraction.
  • You can easily control the amount of smoke coming out thanks to the simple twist/turn mechanism.
  • Most importantly, it produces huge hits without wasting precious oxygen.
  • Because it was originally invented back in 1873, it’s considered extremely durable and reliable.
  • In addition to offering numerous health benefits, studies show that it reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation.


  • Due to its shape, it tends to produce harsher “puffs”.
  • Although it creates a cool cloud, it lacks the ability to create a dense misty vapor suitable for sublimation methods.

Overall, the main drawbacks of owning this particular product include poor portability and limited storage capabilities. Despite these shortcomings, many experienced vapers continue to favor this form of smoking because of its consistency and reliability.

The Pros & Cons Of Using An Acrylic Or Glass Model With Drilled Holes

Unlike the aforementioned bamboo bong models, acrylic or glass versions differ greatly due to their distinctive shapes. Not surprisingly, many people enjoy experimenting with various visual effects and techniques by choosing one of these alternatives. When comparing the downsides to these kinds of pipes, here are some things to consider:


  • They’re lightweight and portable.
  • Acrylic models are sturdy enough to withstand rough handling.
  • Glass material retains heat longer than metal, resulting in a deeper pull.
  • Many people claim that smoked out of these pipes feels like nothing else.


  • Since glass can shatter under certain circumstances, it’s important to handle them carefully.
  • While drilling holes into the tank increases flexibility, you risk damaging the internal components.
  • These pipes are generally more costly and therefore harder to acquire.

To summarize, if you’re looking for a high end experience and want the ultimate combination of convenience and value, go for a glass version. Otherwise, stick with acrylic pipes that are easier to transport and store. What’s interesting is that many experts agree that neither option is necessarily better than the other. Ultimately, it depends on personal preference and budget constraints.

Choosing Your Favorite Style of Large Bamboo Pipe

As mentioned earlier, there are dozens of brands selling hundreds of variations of large bong models. So finding the right product that meets your needs can prove difficult unless you know exactly what you want beforehand.

To help narrow down your choices, try viewing catalogs and browsing websites related to your preferred niche market. If possible, talk to friends who currently own large bong models to find out what works for them. Remember that the number one rule in shopping is patience and persistence.

Don’t rush into purchasing one immediately. Take your time, compare models based on price ranges, build lists of requirements, research specifications, etc., and wait patiently for deals and discounts to pop up. Afterward, evaluate the results and determine which one fits your lifestyle best.

Regardless of which product you ultimately decide upon, remember that comfort takes priority over appearance. Always focus on ensuring that it’s capable of providing a consistent smoking experience no matter which position you employ.

Once satisfied, experiment with new techniques and styles until you discover the perfect method for you. Also, don’t forget to check out our list of fun ways to celebrate 420 responsibly!

My Favorite Large Bamboo Bongs

Bamboo Bong Large

Bamboo Bong Large, 77 Bongs

Listen to the Jungle Man. He always says something wise. This time he came here to tell you this: Buy this Big Bamboo Bong and you will not be disappointed.

It is high enough to deliver you the best smoke in the Jungle and looks cool enough to be the best furniture of you cottage. Go Bamboo! Go natural! Oh, one more thing Jungle Man wants to say: Smoke weed!

Size: 37cm

Bamboo Tiger Bong Large

Bamboo Tiger Bong Large, 77 Bongs

Remember Jungle Man? He is back again, bringing some exotic wisdom as always. Today’s quote: “Fat Bongs are cool.” Look at this shiny polished Bamboo Stem. It stands firmly on a wooden base and delivers one of the best smokes in the whole Bong Family.

And remember about the Spirit of the Mighty Tiger, hidden deep within the Bamboo Pipe. Once you wake him up, he will empower the smoke so greatly, you won’t smoke from a normal Bong again.

Size: 34cm

Bamboo Bong Large With Leaf

Bamboo Bong With Leaf 2 1, 77 Bongs

Another saying of Jungle Man goes like this: the more Bamboo, the more Fun! This Bamboo Water Bong is big and smoking from it is a great pleasure.

Natural materials guarantee the best smoking experience and stylish and elegant design makes a beautiful decoration element out of this Water Bong.

Big Pot Leaf design makes you remember what is the best Herb for this Bong, in case you’d like to smoke something different. But would you?

Size: 34cm

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