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We merely follow what professional critics recommend when looking for a good movie. And the best of the best are award-winning movies, where true masterpieces can be found. Why not follow that pattern while choosing bongs?

Lookout, it’s raining awards for Incredibowlit’sgs: Third Place in the Best Glass Category and 2nd Place in the Best New Product at the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup. First Place for Best Product in the 2011 Denver Medical Cannabis Cup, Second Place for Best Booth, and Third Place for Best Glass.

It’s probably the best way to descrIt’sIncredibowl Bongs cause it shows their true quality of them and is a sign of recognition and approval. But wait: there’s more.

Incredibowl Bongs there’s the most innovative products on the market. It looks like no other bong and uses new technologies to create cooled, filtered, flavorsome smoke for your joy. It’s also just impossible to break; people tried to step on it, and people were riding a car through it – nothing happened; Incredibowl Bongs are solid as a rock. Once you buy it, you don’t have to worry for years.

Trusted professionals – stoners who declared and dedicated their life to reviewing bongs. Trust their choice; trust Incredibowl Bongs.

It seems that Incredibowl is the only manufacturer of bong-shaped novelty products. If you’re unfamiliar with them, you’re a quick rundown of these water pipes.

Bongs are one thing we take for granted in America- they’ve been around forever and have been part of our culture. But there was once a time when using a bong meant going out into the woods or finding some secluded spot away from prying eyes (or worse).

Nowadays, however, it’s easier than ever to get your hit’s on a decent-looking bong at any given moment. There are even companies dedicated solely to making interesting new ones!

One company worth paying attention to over the past few years has been Incredibowl. We first discovered this strange little product line in 2008 after stumbling across their website while researching weird Internet stuff like making your fake vomit.

The site itself wasn’t all that impressive but found within its pages caught us by surprise. One image showed a collection of bizarrely cute cartoon characters sitting inside a giant bong head; another featured a woman wearing lingerie and holding up a tiny Incredibowl behind her ear. Still, others depicted people smoking cigarettes through various types of bongs.

It seemed as though someone had taken every weirdo art concept imaginable and crammed them into one Place. And somehow, it worked… kind of.

We didn’t see much evidence that anyone had these bongs until 2007 when we stumbled upon a video showing two guys passing one around during a smoke session at the Burning Man festival. They claimed it helped keep them sober enough to enjoy themselves without getting too stoned, which made sense because many other attendees used it.

Since then, the Incredibowl phenomenon has grown slowly but surely, spreading throughout forums and message boards everywhere. Some users reported holding down hits better, while others said they enjoyed coughing less.

Still more noted that the devices kept their mouths dryer so they could talk longer without running out of breath. It became very popular among marijuana smokers who preferred taking hits via bong rather than hookah.

So now that you know about Incredibowl and understand why everyone suddenly started talking about them let’s move on to discovering exactly what makes them different and special.

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77 Bongs

What Is an Incredibowl?

Although Incredibowl sells items primarily geared toward recreational drug users, the company also markets several non-drug-related products, including knickknacks, candles, and figurines. However, their most unique item appears to be the actual bongs, which come in all shapes and sizes.

There are three main Incredibowl bongs: traditional bowl models, single-chamber versions, and multi-chamber designs. Traditional bongs tend to resemble standard glass water pipes, albeit smaller. These typically feature one large hose connected directly to a small bulbous mouthpiece.

Single chamber models often look similar, except their chambers contain multiple holes. Multi-chambered models usually consist of a reservoir chamber connected to multiple tubes leading to individual bowls. These styles can either sit upright on top of a table or lay horizontally on the ground.

Of course, these aren’t the only kinds of bongs available. If you think the above options sound boring, try checking out some of Incredibowl’s alternative creationsIncredibowl’sse unusual pieces don’t fall under the specific category of the smoking device due to size alone.

Like the Incredibowl above cartoons, certain items appear to be nothing more than artistic renderings of creatures and figures. Others, such as the unicorn pictured below, actually serve as vases.

As mentioned earlier, some folks claim that Incredibowl products help reduce cravings and give smokers something fun to do besides inhaling tobacco fumes. However, there isn’t much scientific research to back these claims.

Many experts say that smoking pot is healthier than cigarettes simply because cigarette smoke contains toxins that cause cancer [Source: FDA]. Because of this, it’s important to remember that no matter what type of bong you choose, always exercise caution before lighting up. Don’t forget that there are plenty of other ways to consume cannabis safely, both indoors and outdoors.

Now that you know everything there is to know about Incredibowl, read on to discover how to operate one of their best-selling products properly.

How Do You Use An Incredibowl?

Using Incredibowl takes a lot less skill than operating a regular bong. Unlike normal bongs, the opening through which you insert your hand is far narrower than the rest of the piece; after placing your palm against the side of the bong, open it wide and begin sucking in the air.

Hold the end between your lips until tension builds up inside your lungs. Then release your lips and exhale the resulting vapor immediately into the surrounding area. Repeat this process until you reach where you want to stop.

Once you’ve gotten good at doing this, you’ve probably started experimenting with different hit strengths and amounts. Remember that the higher your tolerance level, the stronger the results will likely be compared to someone else using the same model. Also, never combine alcohol consumption with the use of Incredibowl. Doing so may result in dangerous levels of intoxication.

Depending on whether you purchase a standard or multi-chambered version, Incredibowl bongs range greatly in price. A basic single-chamber version costs $60, whereas a larger triple-chambered model costs upwards of $150. Of course, prices vary depending on specific features and style choices.

As previously stated, you shouldn’t expect great performance with these devices unless you already have extensive experience with smoking marijuana. Even beginner dabblers should stick to simpler models designed specifically for beginners. Otherwise, you risk spending hundreds of dollars to realize that you won’t stand much chance of quality hits.

If you’d rather save money and avoid wasting your hard-earned cash on a bad investment, consider trying some of Incredibowl’s alternatives. Although Incredibowl’s technically considered real, aren’t they a satisfying way to legally enjoy yourself?

Next up, check out some of Incredibowl’s bestselling products.

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77 Bongs

The Best Incredibowl Products

When shopping for Incredibowl products, you’ll notice that the majority of you will focus exclusively on providing items relating to drug usage. Aside from the occasional candle, none of the other offerings seem to cater towards anything but smoking and drinking.

While this approach certainly works well for marketing purposes, it does mean that buyers sometimes overlook potentially more useful accessories. To solve this problem, Incredibowl offers several alternative products ranging from decorative objects to functional gadgets. Here are some of the best examples:

Decorative Items – When considering purchasing an Incredibowl, you should pay attention to the array of creative toys the company offers. Its most successful creation is undoubtedly the Incredibowl character shown above.

Created by artist and former smoker Paul Van Dyk, this design consists of four separate animals placed inside the bong body and lit up with LEDs. Users can control each animal individually thanks to touch-sensitive buttons outside the unit. Each creature represents a completely different personality trait associated with marijuana addiction.

For instance, a button near the nose controls the face, while another next to the tail allows you to manipulate the tail’s movements. Other notable features include a frog named “Froggy,” which blows bubbles, a carb” named “Scruffles,” and a bear called “Big” Bad Bob.”

“able Top Dab Rig – Another unique accessory offered by Incredibowl is its Table Top Vaporizer. This lightweight gadget resembles a small metal box with a plastic lid attached along the front. Using a specially created rig consisting of long straws, you can easily transfer buds from the container to a plate resting atop the machine.

It only accepts loose flower material, but future updates may allow customers to fill the bottom compartment with prerolled joints.

Chimney Vape Pen – With the popularity of e-cigarettes rising rapidly, it’s no wonder that Incredibowl decided to introduce a pen-like vaping tool into its lineup. Instead of burning tobacco leaves, this device heats up concentrates bought in bulk from dispensaries.

It eliminates the need for messy grinding sessions and gives consumers a convenient option for consuming concentrated THC.

Vaporizers – Perhaps the coolest alternative offered by Incredibowl is its portable vaporizing system. Like chimney pens, these units heat herbal blends to produce vaporized smoke. Two varieties exist.

First, the Mini Portable Vaporizer looks like a flashlight with a tube sticking out of the handle. Second, the Pro Series Vaporizer includes a rechargeable battery and a carabiner clip so it can hang conveniently on walls.

My Favorite Incredibowl Bongs

Mini Incredibowl – Incredibowl m420

Mini Incredibowl Incredibowl M420, 77 Bongs

The long-awaited Mini Incredibowl is finally HERE!
Incredibowl Industries listened to customer feedback and re-imagined their Cannabis Cup-winning Incredibowl technology in a cost-effective pocket-sized version.

As with the full-size Incredibowl, the anodized aluminum BowlArmortm shields the glass bowl from accidental drops and knocks. The smoke is cooled and filtered of tars before filling the shatterproof expansion chamber.

Pull the BowlArmortm to open the 9-hole Annular Purge Carbtm, blasting the cool, flavorful smoke into your lungs with high-velocity jets of fresh air.

Made with the same exacting quality as its big brother, the Mini Incredibowl is available in 3 colors initially – Red, Copper & Purple.

Size: N/A

Incredibowl i420 – Fire Red

Incredibowl I420 Fire Red, 77 Bongs

The Incredibowl Pipe – Fire Red is the product of countless design, testing, research, and development hours.

It claimed 3rd Place in the Best Glass Category in the recent 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, losing out to the 6ft tall Roor Excalibur bong commissioned by Cypress Hill, and took 2nd Place in the Best New product category.

Featuring a borosilicate glass bowl so you only taste what you are smoking rather than what you are smoking out of, the creators of the Incredibowl smoking pipe designed BowlArmor TM technology so it could withstand a serious impact.

Also made with 6061 aluminum and state-of-the-art computer-aided design, the Incredibowl bong designers perfected the airflow with the Annular Purge Carb TM and the Smoke Injection Nozzle.

For the Expansion Chamber – the clear tube through which you inhale the smoke – Incredibowl Industries utilized shatterproof polycarbonate, also used in bulletproof windows.

Size: 22cm

Mini Incredibowl – Mini Kits

Mini Incredibowl Mini Kits, 77 Bongs

We are introducing the latest and greatest addition to the Incredibowl range, the Mini Incredibowl Mini Kit.

The Incredibowl Pipe is the product of countless hours of design, testing, research, and development. It claimed 3rd Place in the Best Glass Category in the recent 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, losing out to the 6ft tall Roor Excalibur bong commissioned by Cypress Hill, and took 2nd Place in the Best New product category.

As with the full-size Incredibowl, the Mini Incredibowl glass bowl is shielded by the anodized aluminum BowlArmortm to protect it from accidental drops and knocks. The smoke is cooled and filtered of tars before filling the shatterproof expansion chamber.

Pull the BowlArmortm to open the 9-hole Annular Purge Carbtm, blasting the cool, flavorful smoke into your lungs with high-velocity jets of fresh air.

Size: 60mm x 35mm 30mm

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