Hurricane Bongs Spare Parts

Hurricane Bongs Spare Parts 1024x536, 77 Bongs

My Favorite Hurricane Bongs

Hurricane Azrael Bowl

Hurricane Azrael Bowl, 77 Bongs

This smaller, chalice-shaped bowl is the counterpart to the Hurricane Turbo Bowl.

Designed for more fine-grained or difficult-to-burn mixtures. Its large surface makes it very easy to light up, and the small hole means there’s no need for filters, gauze, or stones.

Size: 14.5

Hurricane Turbo Bowl

Hurricane Turbo Bowl, 77 Bongs

The Turbochronic bowl has steep walls and a large hole making it perfect for rougher mixtures and chunkier lumps, even stems slip easily through the hole into the splash guard. A perfect single hitter.

Size: N/A

Hurricane Vesuvio Bowl

Hurricane Vesuvio Bowl, 77 Bongs

Vesuvio is an all-purpose bowl and is the standard base model with each Hurricane bong.

Upon combustion, the glowing embers explode inside the hollow glass body and produce a little firework – hence its name.

Length: N/A

Hurricane Down Pipe – Large

Hurricane Down Pipe Large, 77 Bongs

Spare Hurricane downpipe to fit Hurricane bongs sized 600 and above.

Length: 180mm

Hurricane Bong Down Pipe – Small

Spare Hurricane downpipe to fit Hurricane bongs sized 250.

Size: 16.5cm

Hurricane Catalyst / Dirtcatcher

The Hurricane catalyst or splash guard is specially designed to fit the Hurricane downpipe and bowls and serves to catch the ash and embers which fall from the bowl.

This prevents them from clogging the downpipe and entering the bong itself. The front side hit hole on the bong should only be opened after these embers have fallen into the splash guard – which should be a third filled with warm water, kept damp, and occasionally emptied.

Size: N/A

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