How To Make a Water Bottle Bong

How To Make A Water Bottle Bong 1024x536, 77 Bongs

Why do you need a water bottle bong? Does it offer the same glass bong experience? Yes, a water bottle bong can help with the same experience. Also, you can make a water bottle bong.

We will discuss how to make a water bottle bong in the following. We will cover different aspects as well. Keep reading to be aware of the process, benefits, and downsides.

What Are Water Bottle Bongs?

Water bottle bongs are those bongs you make with water bottles. You can make a water bottle a workable bong by following a few steps. The process is easy, and everyone can do it at home with the available materials.

It is worth mentioning that water bottle bongs are not reusable. You can make them if you do not have other things to smoke at home. Yes, you will have to use them only once. Also, you will not regret it since it will not require much effort.

However, if you can do it right, you can have a lot of fun. Besides, a water bottle bong will work like a glass bong. Hence, you will not experience much difference. But you will have to keep a few things in your mind.

  • The water bottle bong needs to have a stem inserted into the body.
  • It should have less water.
  • You can use only clean bottles.

You will find a water bottle bong simple but effective. You can make it whenever needed to enjoy your smoke.

Materials To Make Water Bottle Bongs

You will need a few things, most of which will be available at your home. Here are the things you should get before making the bong.

  • Use a plastic water bottle. You can avoid the small ones. Instead, use a 17-ounce bottle. In the absence of a water bottle, you can use soda bottles. But you will have to clean any sticky substance.
  • A sharp knife, razor blade, or scissors
  • A highlighter, pen, or marker
  • Water
  • A small metal pipe bowl or a thick aluminum foil
  • A hemp wick, match, or lighter
  • Toothpick or a needle
  • Cannabis strain

Get all these things, and then start making your bottle bong.

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77 Bongs

How To Make Water Bottle Bongs (Step-by-step Instructions)

Step One: Prepare Your Water Bottle

You can use either a plastic or soda bottle. However, you will have to clean the bottle thoroughly before use. Otherwise, the sticky residue can impact your smoking experience. After cleaning the bottle, you can remove its wrapper. You will find a transparent bottle easy to make correct holes. You can see inside and make better plans.

Step Two: Make Your Downstem

After removing the bottle wrapper, you will have to make the downstem. It should house a small bowl. You can use a marker, ballpoint pen, or highlighter to make the downstem. While using a marker, you can consider using a flatter one. However, a thick highlighter will work best.

You can choose the one based on availability. You will have to remove the insides of the marker, highlighter, or ballpoint pen. You will require the empty cylindrical body only. The tube will work as the downstem. Once you have the downstem, you will need a bowl for pairing.

Step Three: Get Your Bowl

You can use a metal pipe bowl if you have any. First, check it to ensure that it fits inside the empty tube of the pen, highlighter, or marker. If the pipe fits perfectly, you can go ahead. However, you can use aluminum foil if you do not have a pipe bowl. Also, you can use aluminum foil if the fitting is not proper.

Tear off a large piece and fold it a few times to get a thick and substantial form. After folding, you can place the foil over the cylinder’s bottom of your tube. Now, you can fold down the edges of the foil to ensure a secure fit.

Also, you can gently press on the foil and use a toothpick or needle to make tiny holes. You can make three to five holes in the thick foil. As the holes will hold the herb, they should be proper. You will waste cannabis when the holes are big.

Step Four: Make a Place For Downstem

Now, you will have to insert the downstem. You will need a knife, razor blade, or scissors to make a small hole in your bottle. First, you must make the hole below the midway point. After making the hole, you can use your lighter to melt it.

Avoid breathing the fume. You will have to make a hole that can fit the downstem. Then, you can insert the downstem through the hole into the water bottle. You will have to keep it down to touch the bottom.

Step Five: Make Another Hole

After inserting the downstem, you can rotate your water bottle ninety degrees from the inserted downstem. Now, make a small hole inside the bottle following the same method.

As it will be the carb hole, you must ensure its position will enable you to hold your water bottle comfortably. You will have to place your finger on the top of the hole to hold the bottle.

Step Six: Fill Water

Hold your water bottle upright and pour water into it. The water needs to submerge the downstem’s bottom. You will have to avoid adding too much or too little water.

Step Seven: Prepare The Strain

Now your bottle is ready. You can get your favorite cannabis strain and pack it into the bowl. Next, insert your packed bowl into the downstem. Finally, you are all set to enjoy your smoke!

While smoking, you will have to use the bottle mouth as the mouthpiece. Hold the water bottle bong sideways with the bowl and downstem sticking up. They should be away from your face. Keep your finger or thumb over the carb hole. You can use a hemp wick, match, or lighter to light your cannabis.

Inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece. While doing so, the smoke will be sucked down, creating bubbles in the water. You can remove your finger from the carb hole when you want to take a hit. Remove the finger and pull the smoke up into your lungs.

How Long Does It Take For Cannabis Seeds To Germinate 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Things to Avoid While Making Water Bottle Bongs

Water bottle bongs are easy to make. You can make a bottle bong whenever you want. However, it would be best to consider a few things to make it safe. For example, you cannot use your bong more than once. Besides, you can avoid the following.

  • Using Contaminated Bottles: You should always use a clean water bottle. If a bottle contains anything harmful, you should not use it to make a bong. You should not use an oil bottle as well. The best options are plastic water bottles or soda bottles. Also, you can clean the bottle before use. Cleaning will remove all the residues.
  • Inhaling Plastic: You might need to melt the plastic while making holes. If you notice any fume released from plastic, you will have to avoid inhaling it. Plastic fumes can be harmful.
  • Using Repeatedly: You should never consider using water bottle bongs as a long-term solution. You cannot use a bottle bong more than once. If you need a bong for repeated use, you can have a hard plastic or glass bong. Both these are durable and safe for extended usage.
  • Mishandling Water: You will have to handle your bong carefully. You will have to be more careful while throwing bong water. The water releases nasty odors. Also, it is hard to remove as well. Hence, you will have to throw the water in a safe place.

When Should You Use Water Bottle Bongs?

Water bottle bongs cannot be a lasting solution. Yes, you can use them in emergencies when other options are unavailable. However, you cannot use them for repeated smoking as well. For regular use, you will need a glass bong. In brief, you can say that you can use water bottle options as a stopgap solution.

When Should You Avoid Water Bottle Bongs?

As stated earlier, water bottle bongs are not suitable for regular usage. You cannot use them as a repeated smoking device. Also, they might not be the best choice for starters. Starters will need a sturdy tool. Besides, it is not safe to smoke from plastic and aluminum foil. Both can release highly toxic fumes. Hence, you can use water bottle bongs occasionally when other options are unavailable.

Are They Safe?

You might not find them safe since you can inhale plastic fume. However, you can avoid inhaling plastic fumes and minimize the risk. Whenever there is a plastic fume, you can shut it down. However, you will have to wait until it cools down completely. Also, you can ingest plastic chemicals with repeated use. Hence, you should avoid using it frequently.

Wrapping It Up

It is easy to make water bottle bongs. However, you can use them occasionally. But, using safer and cleaner glass options for regular use is better.

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