How To Make a Gravity Bong

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Gravity bongs are nifty pieces of tool that leverage gravity to come up with massive volumes of smoke. The difference? The smoke is clear, and you can inhale it even more conveniently. Making a gravity bong won’t cost you much, and it has undoubtedly proven to be one of the best ways to get your high and enjoy a lasting round.

The operation process of these bongs is quite simple. All you need to do is add the weed to your bong, which will soon create highly concentrated smoke you can inhale and feel in your lungs. The supposed high is likely to be more intense when compared to joints and pipes.

Every time you breathe into your smoky bong bottle, you get a better opportunity to smoke from a large bowl of your favorite marijuana in a single shot. This is one of the many reasons the bong gives you a greater hit. However, for the same reason, we wouldn’t recommend it to newbies, as it can potentially create highs that you probably cannot handle yet.

But how exactly do you make a gravity bong at home? Is there any DIY method to try? Let’s find out.

Making a Regular Gravity Bong

If you want to make a simple and standard gravity bong, follow the below instructions to start with your mission.

Step One

Get two bottles, one smaller than the other. Next, get a box cutter and leverage it to snip off the end part of the small bottle. If you leave a more significant part of the bottle intact, you will likely enjoy a stronger and more intense hit. That is also why you should exercise caution while trimming the ends. Be very careful and avoid cutting the bottle more than required.

Once you are done cutting the small bottle, take the larger bottle (at least two liters) and fill it to the brim with regular water. If you want an alternative arrangement to bottles, you might want to use a large bucket filled with water.

Step Two

As a third step, you need to remove the small bottle cap. Next, set your box cutter to create a hole in the bottle’s lid. If you do not have a box cutter handy, use a scissor instead. While making the whole thing, keep it large enough to draw ample air. However, avoid making it unnecessarily big, or else the foil and the weed on top of it are likely to trip into the water.

How Long Does Cannabis Oil Last 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Step Three

The fourth step involves adding a shape to your aluminum foil that will accommodate the marijuana that you care about the smoke. If you’ve used a bong before, you probably know how to do it. If you have not, the idea is simple: get your bottle cap with the newly drilled hole and wrap the foil around it. Then, give the entire thing the bowl shape because it will hold your weed.

The depth can go according to your discretion, and there’s no harm in making the foil extra deep because it will only save your weed from touching the water. Depending on the size of the foil, you might need to trim the excess bits. Otherwise, your marijuana might fall.

Alternatively, if you do not want to bear the hassle of creating a bowl from scratch, you can also order gravity bowls for smoking cannabis. You will find most of these bowls online and can get one depending on your desired size and strength. The best part: some of these bowls are also reusable; this way, you can sustainably smoke weed for as long as possible without worrying about new bowls.

Step Four

As a fourth step, you need to poke small holes in your foil. Again, ensure your tool is sharp enough to drive the suitable holes. It would be best if you also were neat throughout the process, or else the foil can get easily ripped. As a rule of thumb, you might need around two to six foils for consistent and free-flowing ventilation.

Once you’re done with this step, it is time to load the cannabis and get high. Please choose your preferred weed strains and gently transfer them to the bottle cap you have covered with aluminum foil. With that said, leave the task here and do not bother to fasten the lid. You can skip this step using pre-made bowls instead of caps because the device already comes with hotels.

Step Five

For the fifth step, you need to transfer the small bottle to the bigger two-liter bottle, container, or bucket. Again, do not submerge it completely and allow the cap to float on the water. After completing this step, you can fasten the bottle cap again.

Step Six

Well, you are pretty much done now, and all you need to do is light your marijuana. As you do this, steadily pill the small bottle up from the water and allow it to fill up with the smoke from your weed. If you do not find the smoke filling up inside the bottle, consider giving it a check and make sure the bottle cap is fully fastened.

Look for gaps and make sure there are none. Remember, even the smallest leaks can compromise the comfort you would otherwise enjoy from your bong; it is crucial to check for loopholes if your first attempt is unsuccessful.

Do not fret much because even the most complex issues with gravity bongs can be fixed in minutes. First, however, you must follow trial and error to get to the real problem.

Step Seven

As the seventh step, you need to unfasten the cap from the bottle. However, do this only when the bottle is filled with copious amounts of smoke. When you start to see the smoke, that is the time when you move its opening near your mouth and inhale it. Again, the hit will be strong, and your high will last the longest time.

When you’re done taking the hit, it is best to push the smaller bottle back inside, the bigger bottle or container. As more water enters the bottle, you will start to feel the smoke within your system. If you are using cannabis instead of marijuana, the smoke is likely to be cooler. Whatever you are smoking would be cool because you already filter them with the water inside the bigger container. Remember, this doesn’t affect the quality of the THC and instead improves it.

If you expect an ultimate impact, be fully prepared for the hit and avoid pushing yourself to smoke more than usual. Remember, gravity bongs, when used the correct way, can potentially make the toughest smokers cough. That is why it is best to exercise caution and take small hits instead of bigger and longer ones. You can take longer and more intense hits when you are accustomed to using and operating the bong.

How Long Does Cannabis Oil Stay In Your System 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Tips, Safety Measures, and Guidelines

Following a couple of guidelines doesn’t hurt even if you are a veteran smoker. If anything, it will only enhance your high and drive you for an excellent experience. So, if you are just getting started, here are some guidelines:

  • Try to use bottles of Gatorade because they tend to be thicker than their counterparts. What’s more, they are also sturdier than regular bottles of two-liter. Because these bottles come with a wider cap, you can drill a larger hole and create a bowl that can be maneuvered without hassles.
  • Try a socket if you aren’t comfortable using a pre-made bowl or aluminum foil. Many people opt for this because the foil often changes the actual feel of the cannabis and leaves a longer-lasting smell.
  • If you have accidentally burnt your finger right after getting a hit, create a new hole on the higher part of the bottle to suck or inhale the smoke. Put them right on the hole where they touch the smoke to get your fingers at ease.

Bottom Line

Now that you have a clear idea about building your gravity bong from scratch, it will barely take a couple of minutes to source the required materials and a few more minutes to set up the entire thing. Because we’ve also stated and clarified the safety guidelines, you can rest assured of enjoying your perfect high as long as you follow our guidelines.

Also, check out the procedure of making both types of gravity bongs and try the one that best suits your needs and convenience. Either way, you’ll be left with a super helpful product that’ll last you the longest time.

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