How To Clean Glass Bongs

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Bongs are the best companion for smokers. Bongs enable them to enjoy filtered and smoother hits. Also, the impact on the lungs will be less while using bongs. Different types of bongs are available in the current condition. But the most preferred one is glass bongs.

Glass bongs are transparent and easy to clean. In the following, we will learn more about the cleaning requirements of bongs. We will cover the benefits and frequency of cleaning. Also, we will discuss some easy and effective cleaning methods. You can consider those methods to clean your glass bong. You will find most of them quickly. More importantly, you can start cleaning with the available things at home whenever you want.

Benefits of a Clean Bong

Before knowing the benefits, you can ask yourself a simple question. Why do you need a bong? You will need a bong to enjoy filtered and smoother hits. After using your glass bong a few times, you will notice some build-ups. What will happen if you reuse it without cleaning it? You will end up inhaling the residue’s smoke. You can imagine the impact.

There is no doubt that glass bongs are the best smoking tools. However, your best device can impact adversely without proper maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning is a must to boost efficiency and minimize the impact of smoking. If you want more reasons, you can go through the following.

Better Flirtation

You might be thinking that the design will ensure filtration. Hence, you do not need to bother about the cleaning. However, you can expect better filtration with a clean bong. Imagine that your bong has dirt residues and smells.

Now you will fill it with water; you can get the best of that water through your device. But, if your bong is clean, the water’s purity will be higher. Hence, you can expect a better outcome.

Less Risk

If you inhale from a dirty bong, you can develop respiratory issues. Yes, the dirt inside the bong might infect your throat during inhaling. In addition, molds will grow inside your bong, and you might inhale them. Therefore, you can maintain cleanliness to minimize the risk.

You must also avoid filling the water when your bong is unused. Water can cause mold build-up. It is worth mentioning that all molds are not green. Molds can be gray, black, pink, or even white. If you use a grimy bong, you might inhale mold spores.

You will have to be extra careful while sharing your bong with others. If they are unwell, you might experience the same health issues. In addition, you will have to clean it immediately after use. Biofilm will build after twenty-four hours. Hence, you will have to consider immediate cleaning to protect your lungs.

Smoother Hits

In a clean bong, the water will be fresh. There will not be the stench of old water, weed, and resin. Hence, you can enjoy a smoother hit. However, mold growth in the air path will impact your smoking. Therefore, you cannot expect the best filtration. But you can enjoy the freshness with regular cleaning.

No Smell

A dirty bong will impact your smoking experience significantly. First, the smell might irritate you, and you might not continue smoking. Also, if stale water spills on your carpet, it will be hard to remove the stain. Besides, the smell will linger and impact your indoor air. But you will not experience all these issues with a clean bong.

Dirty Appearance

In addition, dirty bongs will look unpleasant to the eyes. The dirt deposits will impact the look significantly. If the material is glass, you might not prefer a grimy bong. The transparent material will highlight mold growth. You can avoid this condition with regular cleaning.

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77 Bongs

When Should You Clean Your Bong?

You can clean your bong after every use if you do not smoke regularly. If you do so, the water will not cause mold growth. You will not experience smell as well. However, if you are a regular smoker, you can clean your bong once a week. If possible, you can consider cleaning every day after passionate smoking.

You might not be aware that bongs get dirty fast. Even if there is no visible dirt, you will notice an impact after repeated use. Also, if you remove the water after every smoke and clean regularly, you can avoid deep cleaning. On the other hand, you might need a deep cleaning when your bong has many dirt deposits. The process will get back its cleanliness and freshness.

Signs To Look For

You can look for signs if you do not want to clean every week. It will help you to know when cleaning is due. A glass bong is transparent, and it will be easier to notice the dirt deposits inside. Here are a few signs that indicate your bong needs cleaning.

  • Resins on the glass
  • Stinky, stale, and unclear water
  • Dirt deposits inside the bong chamber

If you have a percolator, you might notice dark stains. The stains indicate that your bong requires immediate cleaning. In brief, when your bong looks dirty and causes unpleasant smells, you can consider cleaning it.

Things Needed For Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, you will have different bong materials. Hence, the cleaning requirements will not be the same. Any wrong cleaning method might break your glass bong. Therefore, you must do proper research before using any cleaning solution. However, we will cover proven and safe practices. When it comes to cleaning material, you can have the following things. It is worth mentioning that you will need different things for different cleaning methods.

  • Hand towels
  • Small bags
  • Bottlebrush and pipe cleaners
  • Straw cleaning brush
  • Water

Apart from that, you will need a set of plugs to clean the holes.

Safe Cleaning Methods for Glass Bongs

Kosher Salt And Alcohol

You might be aware of this old cleaning method. You can use alcohol to clean most of the bong material. For example, you can use 91% isopropyl alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is also workable, but it will not be that effective. When it comes to salt, you can use kosher salt. In the absence of kosher salts, you can use Epsom salt.

Both salt types will knock loose the resin and debris inside the bong. As the glass is transparent, you can see the impact. However, you will have to rinse your bong in water and dry it up after cleaning it with alcohol. Also, you cannot use alcohol to clean acrylic bongs. Alcohol can dissolve the adhesive holding and make your bong unusable.

Vinegar & Baking Soda

If you do not have alcohol and salt, you can use vinegar and baking soda. The combination can be a good cleaning solution. However, it can make your bong messy. Also, you might need more quantities. Hence, you can use the kitchen sink during cleaning.

Keep your glass bong in the sink, and then put a cup of baking soda into its chamber. For better efficiency, you can place the soda through the downstem hole. You can do this if your bong features a percolator. After using the baking soda, you can fill your glass bong with vinegar. You can use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. Yes, both will help with the same benefits. But white vinegar is less expensive.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has some beneficial cleaning properties. You can use lemon juice for cleaning and preventative as well. Also, you will find the process super easy but effective. Cut a lemon and squeeze five to ten drops into the bong water. If you do so, the resins will not stick to the glass. Therefore, it will minimize the cleaning requirements. Besides, lemon juice will clean your bong and remove the dirt deposits. Both vinegar and lemon juice will help with the same benefits. But lemon juice will taste better than vinegar.

Boiling Water

No doubt boiling water can damage your glass bong when not done correctly. Hence, you will have to be careful while considering this cleaning method. First, put the bong into a large pot, and you can use a canning rack to avoid touching the bottom. Now, fill the pot with water.

After filling the pot with water, you can turn the burner on, and you will have to set it to low heat. The water needs to heat slowly. You will have to bring it to a simmering boil. Yes, you will have to avoid rolling boil. Once the simmering starts, allow the pot to stay on the burner for half an hour.

After half an hour, you can remove the bong from the hot water and keep it in a safe place. Next, allow it to cool down completely. During this process, you should avoid using cold water. Once it cools down, you can use water. It is worth mentioning that cold water might damage your bong when it is hot. When you can touch the glass bong comfortably, you can use hot tap water to rinse it.

Denture Tablets

Yes, you can use denture tablets to clean your glass bong. It might sound surprising, but it is an effective method. You can use denture tablets to clean the parts of your bong. These tablets can clean the bowl, ash catchers, downstem, or other bong accessories. Also, you will find the process simple.

Get a plastic container and place the accessories. Now you can cover the container with hot water. After filling it with water, you can add denture tablets to it. You can wait for half an hour to forty-five minutes. After this, you can rinse the pieces with hot water.

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77 Bongs


Many people do not consider acetone a safe choice for bongs. Yes, acetone can be harmful when it contains a bitterant. You will have to go with safer options. After using this cleaning solution, you must rinse the bong thoroughly. Otherwise, it will smell and taste nasty. Instead of nail polish remover acetone, you can use paint thinner acetone.

Dishwasher Pods

You can also use dishwasher pods to clean your bong. However, you will have to take extra caution while cleaning glass bongs. You cannot pour the boiled water into the bong directly. If you do so, the thermal shock might cause breaking. Instead, when the bong is cold, you can bring it to room temperature.

Gradually, you can increase the temperature. Next, put dishwasher pods through the mouthpiece into the bong. Now, you can pour hot water and let the dishwasher pods dissolve fully. After filling the water, you can shut the masterpiece hole and shake it vigorously. Allow it to sit for a while, and then rinse it out.


You might be thinking about how you can clean a glass bong in your oven. But it is possible, and you can expect optimal cleaning as well. However, you must be careful while cleaning 100% glass products. Any wrong method will damage your bong, and you cannot use it anymore.

When it comes to an oven’s self-cleaning cycle, it will go from 500°F to 600°F. Also, once the self-cleaning cycle starts, your oven might lock. In that condition, you cannot open your oven. Hence, you will have to take extra precautions to avoid any damage.

First, remove all the bong accessories. Next, you can remove the bowl, downstem, and ash catcher. Finally, you can place the accessories and bong on a metal pan. Keep the pan in the middle of your oven when it has room temperature.

After placing the metal pan, you can start the self-cleaning cycle. The process will clean your bong thoroughly. After cleaning, allow your oven to come back to room temperature, and then you can remove the bong.


You can follow the above cleaning methods to clean your glass bong. However, you will have to be extra careful while using an oven, dishwasher pods, and boiling. Clean your bong regularly and enjoy smoother hits whenever you want. Also, cleaning will boost longevity and save on replacements.

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