How To Choose Marijuana Seeds Strain

How To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Sativa and Indica

It’s sometimes hard to decide which strain of marijuana to choose for your growing adventure. Too many choices can easily confuse you and prevent you from choosing a particular strain that is best for your growing conditions. But maybe it will not be so complicated after you read this article.

Basically, there are two main strains of marijuana, Sativas, and Indicas.

Sativa cannabis plants differ from the Indica strain. It grows much higher and develops plenty of pale green (they have less chlorophyll) long leaves. Sativa marijuana is being famous because of its explosive growth. In favorable conditions, it can grow up to 20 – 25 feet during one season only.

This strain comes from Asia (Thailand, Vietnam) and from South America (Mexico, Columbia). The Sativa will take longer time to mature than Indica strains (10-15 weeks). Its buds have a nice sweet apple-like smell. When you smoke Sativas you will get energized and highly stimulated.

Cannabis Sativa Plant, 77 Bongs

Indica cannabis originated in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. The plant is shorter (usually 6-7 feet high)with darker green leaves. The leaves are darker because of higher levels of chlorophyll which means it will mature earlier. It will mature usually in 6 – 8 weeks. The buds will be thicker, denser, and vary in color from green to purple. The aroma of Indica marijuana will also often vary from smelly up to pleasant and sweet.

When you combine different stains of Sativa or different stains of Indica or even a combination of Indica and Sativa you will get a hybrid. The hybrid you get will differ in growth, smoke, and high and contain more or fewer characteristics of one or another strain, depending on how much Indica or Sativa genetics it contains.

Cannabis Indica Plant, 77 Bongs

Indoor or Outdoor Growing

You have to choose between indoor and outdoor growing according to your climate. For every strain of cannabis seed there is appropriate chart which will show you its flowering time. If you decide to plant your marijuana seeds outdoors you will want to have a shorter maturation time in order to avoid bad weather. If shorter growing season is an issue, the more Indica your cannabis seeds contains the faster will it mature.


If you chose to grow cannabis seeds indoors, you will be able to control their height. When the marijuana is tall enough you can trigger flowering and this will stop its further growth. The indoor lightning penetrates up to 3 feet into your indoor garden so this is all the height you will need. After your marijuana plant is high enough you can change the light to emulate 12 hours long days followed with 12 hours of darkness.

After some 8 – 1 4 days the flowering will begin. During this time your plant will grow only 6 – 12 inches more and then it will stop. Because of this, it is advisable to start the flowering when the plant reaches 20 – 25 inches of height. The time every marijuana plant needs to maturate will depend mostly on the growing conditions and on the strain of your marijuana seeds.

All marijuana strains are more or less potent but the results you will get depend on your choice of cannabis seeds and the conditions you have in your garden. It is complicated to test real levels of the THC (which is the substance responsible for the high) in any strain.

Marijuana synthesizes THC in the resin glands which will develop during the plant’s maturation. This glands help protect the seed from the intense heat so it is basically good idea to lower the humidity as much as possible in order to stimulate the marijuana plants to produce more THC containing resins. But no matter how much resin you get on Indica strains it will not match the high you get from Sativa strains of cannabis. So please choose according to your taste and preferences.


The yields you will get are approximate and they will depend mostly on the growing conditions. Artificial lighting will not penetrate very deep so it is better to grow a larger number of smaller plants in order to get higher yields of better quality. As a rule of thumb, the Indica strains and their hybrids will give you higher yields, and Sativa and Sativa hybrids will give you lower yields.

The yield of your indoor marijuana garden will depend mostly on the light provided. If you provide optimal growing conditions for your marijuana, the yields you get will be similar and depend on the ratio of Sativa and Indica in the plant. The growers must learn how to provide the best conditions and which particular strain will grow best in their conditions. It is a good idea to try different marijuana seeds and learn which suits you the best.

Plant Development

The time you need to grow a mature plant will show you how long will it take for flowering. The growing conditions (mostly the quality and quantity of light) will have an effect on plant development but the growing time will depend mostly on which ratio of Indica/Sativa plant your cannabis seeds come from.

Indicas will always flower faster than Sativas. It is also important to know how much time will your marijuana need to grow to reach the flowering phase. If the grower waits too long he risks the overgrowth of the plant which will reduce his yield. The Indica on other hand if induced to flower prematurely will have significantly lower yields.

How To Get Cannabis Seeds

The first option is to find free seeds. But as always free seems to be of low quality. You can find free seeds but the results will usually be disappointing. It’s probably a better idea if you pool resources with your friends and buy some marijuana seeds from an online supplier and then share them.

In some countries, there is a possibility to obtain seeds for growing marijuana for medical purposes. Be careful and learn what are the legal aspects and requirements for this in your area.

There are quite a few seed selling companies but the best cannabis seed selling companies are found in Amsterdam. We have tested all the companies thoroughly and it seems that only the marijuana seed from Amsterdam is improving every year. This is because those growers are developing new strains and testing their results often in an effort to serve the worldwide market for cannabis seeds.

White Widow Marijuana Seeds

White Widow Marijuana Seeds, 77 Bongs

This strain is the strongest weed in the world. The buds have so much THC on them that it is hard to see the bud at all.

The high is extreme and the taste divine. This weed has won more cups than any before. On top of all Dutch coffee shop menus (mostly the most expensive!) A must for anyone who thinks they are a smoker !!

Type: indica-sativa mix
Climate: indoor
Yield: 450 gr/m²
Height: 35-60 cm

New York City Diesel Marijuana Seeds

New York City Diesel Marijuana Seeds, 77 Bongs

Winner 2001, 2003, 2004 High Times Best Sativa Cannabis Cup. New York City Diesel Feminized has its roots in the Big Apple.

Typical sativa flavor, very sweet and a little spicy. Kinda like red grape. Smiling, flashing trippadelic…

Type: mexican sativa x afghani
Climate: indoor
Yield: 400 gr/m²
Height: 35-65 cm

Afghan Marijuana Seeds

Afghan Marijuana Seeds, 77 Bongs

A pure variety, never hybridized, imported from Afghanistan, grown in Holland. A weed from the good old days.

Very broad leaves, 100% Indica. Mountainous conditions, over thousands of years, have produced a very stocky, sturdy, and disease-resistant plant.

Heavy buds with lots of resin. Some plants turn purple at harvest time.

Type: mostly indica
Climate: indoor, outdoor
Yield: 350 gr/m²
Height: 35-50 cm