How Do Bongs Work?

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Why should you use bongs?

How do bongs work?

While using a bong for the first time, all these questions might bother you. You might want to know the benefits and downsides before going ahead. We understand your confusion. We will try to cover all the possible aspects. After going through the following article, you will know the usage, history, science, parts, and types of bongs.

Bongs are water pipes that work by filtering smoke through water, which cools and moistens the smoke. The smoke is then drawn through a chamber and out through a mouthpiece. The water in the bong helps to remove some of the harmful substances found in smoke, while also providing a smoother, cooler hit. Bongs can come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, and often include additional features such as percolators and ash catchers to enhance the smoking experience.

As said by experts, bongs help with smoother hits. Additionally, it will enable users to get a higher degree of intoxication. You will have different types of bongs in the current market.

However, all of them will serve the same purpose. They will have similar parts; you can consider one based on your budget and preference. Please keep reading to learn more about bongs and how they work.

What Are Bongs?

Bongs are simple devices used to smoke combusted cannabis. As mentioned earlier, there will be different bongs ranging from multi-chamber options to advanced masterpieces. In addition, you can use these devices to consume cannabis and herbs.

Most of them come with a small bowl and a downstem. The bowl will hold the cannabis, and the down section will hold water. Hence, you can have cooler and smoother hits.

Yes, the water in a bong will add a cooler effect to your smoke. Currently, most prefer glass bongs. However, other options are available. For example, you can have bamboo, plastic, and wood bongs. Also, you can have one with precious metals.

History of Bongs

The term bong has come from Baung. It is a Thai word related to the cylindrical wooden tube or pipe. Some pieces of evidence say that bongs have been around for 2,400 years. Its history connects it to the Russian Kurgan. Archaeologists believe Scythian tribal leaders relied on gold bongs to smoke opium or cannabis. Also, historian Herodotus supported such claims.

In 1500, Bongs were available in China during the Ming Dynasty. The tool traveled via Persia along the Silk Road. Some evidence proves that Empress Dowager Cixi used a bong, a water pipe. However, commoners used bamboo bongs during the Qing Dynasty. But, the Chinese merchants used a sophisticated metal version.

The modern-day usage dates back to the 1960s in the Hippy Era. An American glassblower, Bob Snodgrass, got the credit. He became well-known for developing contemporary water pipes. Yes, these glass bongs are widely available in the current market.

Science Behind Bongs

Bongs work following some physics principles. If you light cannabis, it will start to combust. The flame heat will break down the bonds of cannabis and change its particles into gas. It will filter all the unwanted particles, and users can inhale better smoke. In a bong, the water will play a determining role.

The smoke will pass through the water, and the process will remove ash and tar significantly. Yes, the water will catch ash and tar, and you will inhale neutral compounds.

In addition to this, water will cool the smoke, and then it will reach your mouth and lungs. Hence, you can expect a balancing effect. The terpenes and cannabinoids will vaporize at some specific temperature. However, you might want them in the vapor stream. You can have this benefit with the downstem.

Parts of Bongs

Every bong will have some components. There will be a tube, bowl, base, carb, and downstem.

  • Tube: It will fill with smoke after filtering through the water. It will end with a mouthpiece, which you can use for inhaling.
  • Bowl: There will be a bowl to load your cannabis. Most bongs come with a removable bowl, and you can use it as the slide carb.
  • Base: The base is the bottom part. You will have different designs at the bottom. However, the most common options are a bubble or beaker shape. The bottom will hold water.
  • Carb: A carburetor or carb is the hole that will enable you to enjoy clear smoke from your device.
  • Downstem: It is a small tube part. It supports the journey from your bowl to the bottom.
How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your System 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

How Does a Bong Work?

As we know, bongs are available in different sizes and shapes. When some come with a bowl and chambers, the advanced ones will have mouth-blown and colorful art. However, all the designs will serve the same purpose. They will filter and cool your smoke.

All the bongs will have a small bowl, and the bowl will hold your dried marijuana flower. When you light your cannabis, it will cause combustion. While inhaling it, the water in the base will bubble. The smoke will rise through the bottom water and chamber. Hence, you can inhale cool and filtered smoke. However, you must follow a few steps while using a bong. Here are more details.

  • Put water into your bong. While pouring water, you must ensure that it submerges the downstem. The downstem will be down towards the bottom.
  • Now you can add your cannabis to the bowl. You will have to avoid tight packing. If you do so, it might not combust.
  • Your bong is ready, and you can light the cannabis. Put your mouth and start inhaling. You will have to use the mouthpiece to inhale the smoke.

Once you light the cannabis, the chamber will fill with cool and filtered smoke. Then, you can enjoy the smooth smoke.

Why Should You Use a Bong?

Bongs offer a few benefits. First, a bong will filter your smoke and minimize the impact. If you cannot avoid smoking, you can consider a healthier choice. Second, bongs will reduce the amount of hot smoke into the lungs.

Bongs use a downstem, which filters your smoke before reaching your lungs. As a result, the smoke will hit smoothly, and there will be less lung and throat irritation.

Additionally, bongs will have all the necessary parts to support your smoking. You will have less expensive options as well. You can use a glass bong repeatedly. Instead of spending on different devices, you can have one bong to enjoy cooler hits and minimize the impact on your lungs and throat. You can enjoy cleaner and better hits with a bong.

Are Bongs Beneficial To Lungs?

Smoke will impact your lungs regardless of the type of device. However, bongs will have some user-friendly features. For example, a bong will have a bottom to hold water, and water will eliminate the dry heat, and you can enjoy cooler, smoother, and creamier smoke.

Yes, even if you inhale smooth smoke, you will be smoking. Hence, the impact will be there. Your bong might filter some unhealthy stuff. But you cannot expect the best protection.

You will be inhaling the combusted cannabis still. The smoke will impact your lungs regardless of the source. Also, you will have a similar impact from tobacco or marijuana. Yes, the combusted material will generate carcinogens. However, the effects of cannabis will be a bit less.

Also, the design of bongs will have a role. With a glass bong, the smoking impact will be a bit less. If you use a plastic bong, it will harm your lungs more. This is because plastic will have some harmful chemicals, such as BPA and phthalates. Both are harmful to your lungs.

Also, bongs are dirty and can cause lung infections with repeated usage. According to a case study, repeated use will cause necrotizing pneumonia. One can experience this condition due to the death of lung tissue. However, you can minimize the impact with some careful planning.

First of all, you can choose a safe option. Second, you will have to avoid prolonged use of one bong. Third, keep replacing your bong and avoid inhaling the dirt particles inside of a dirty bong.

What Are The Types?

There are different types of bongs. Even if all serve the same purpose, there will be some differences. You will find differences in the materials, designs, and shapes. Also, you will find many developed models in the current condition. So many options can confuse any.

Without adequate information, you might end up buying the wrong product. In the following, we will make it easier for you. We will cover different types of bongs with their distinct features. You can go through them to find the most suitable one.

Chambered Bongs

You can consider having this type to enjoy a smooth and clean hit. Also, this type is available in different designs and shapes. In this option, the chambers will be inside your bong. You will find them stacked on each other. However, each will have a different water section.

Hence, you can expect the best filtration. Many people prefer this one for its highest filtration. This is because the smoke will reach you after the double or triple filtration process. With the best filtration, the impact on your throat and lungs will be less.

Percolator Bongs

You will have many designs and styles in percolator bongs. Like the previous one, it will have chambers to filter the smoke. As a result, the smoke will travel efficiently before reaching your mouth. Also, it features many holes and slits to ensure extra air circulation and flow. In brief, it will let your smoke rotate circularly and create bubbles.

As a result, you can enjoy cooler and cleaner hits. Some percolator bongs feature a triple matrix. They will have three levels of water chambers. Also, all of them will have a highly efficient percolator. Hence, you can expect optimally balanced filtration and smoke diffusion.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Urine 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Recycler Bongs

You will love the design of the recycler bongs. It can filter your smoke remarkably. Mostly, a recycler bong will have a two-chamber system. The system will recycle water through a loop. The looping of the filtration will allow the vapor to contact the air fast. Hence, you can expect a better experience.

If the smoke takes time to interact with the air molecules, the smoke will be stale. As a result, there will be less dryness in the hit. You can imagine the impact. Besides, the loop will act as the natural splash guard, and the water will not hit you under any circumstances. With a recycler bong, you can get optimal smoke filtration. You will appreciate the tastiest and smoothest hit as well.

Straight Tubed Bongs

You can go with straight-tubed bongs if you want an old-fashioned and classic design bong. They come in a simple tube style. Hence, you cannot get many advanced features. They will have a water chamber at the base. However, it will filter your smoke minimally.

The design will let the smoke go straight into the lungs through the bowl pieces. There will be no obstruction in the way. It might be easy to use, but you cannot consider it for repeated use. Its low water and smoke filtration ability will not support repeated use. However, you can use it occasionally.

Can I Hold In Smoke Longer?

Yes, you can hold in cannabis to have better intoxication. You can have this experience while using a joint or bong. Regular users say that they feel high while holding in the smoke. However, you will not have any positive impact.

According to a research report, there will be no difference in the carbon monoxide levels while holding the smoke for a long. However, you can have some harmful effects. If you hold in smoke for longer, your lungs will inhale more carcinogens. Hence, you should always avoid holding smoke for more than a few seconds.

Final Thoughts

The history of bongs dates back thousands of years. However, you will notice many improvements in the design of contemporary options. Even if bongs have been around long, they became popular in the 1960s. Today, you will have many safer and more developed models.

The best thing about bongs is that they are easy to use. Add water and cannabis, and enjoy your creamier and smooth hit whenever possible. However, it is better to go with quality products. More importantly, you should avoid regular repeated use. Enjoy your smoother and creamier hit without impacting your lungs more.

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