High Quality Bubbler Bongs

Bubblers and Sherlocks might just be the most beautiful bongs you’ve ever seen! The colors mixed in magical swirls form a masterpiece that will take your breath away before even taking one hit. These must-haves for anyone who loves eye candy
Bowls or anything else made with glass are perfect too because they can hold up to 30ml of liquid, meaning there’s plenty left over when it comes time To clean them out after use – but don’t worry; we have instructions on how easy this task actually is (and bonus: no expensive cleaning products needed).

My Favorite High Quality Bubbler Bongs

Molino Glass Sherlock Bubbler

Molino Glass Sherlock Bubbler, 77 Bongs

Molino glass continues to make stunning art pieces that go far beyond any other pipes and bubblers out there.

These Molino Glass Headie Pipes are no exception, and might just be their most amazing creations to date.

The patterns on the glass are strong and vibrantly colored, and the very individual designs and shapes of each range are truly masterful works of art. This Molino sherlock also features a carb hole in the colored horn at the side of the bowl. Makes for a great smoke!

Size: approx. 24cm

Colored Bubbler

Colored Bubbler 3, 77 Bongs

The Old Shaman once said: “You can smoke even the best Magic Herb, but unless you smoke it in the right pipe, it won’t work properly”.

We proudly present to you the wonderful Shaman’s Colored Bubbler. Spirits know this Bubbler, you don’t have to be afraid whether you will meet their acceptance or not.

They accept you when you smoke in this Colored Bubbler. They will be awaiting your arrival. And as soon as you appear in front of them, the brand new story will begin.

Size: 19cm

Bubbler – Reversal Piece

Bubbler Reversal Piece, 77 Bongs

With the unique twirl motive and psychedelic colors, this Bubbler is highly recommended for any demanding smokers who will appreciate its best performance, detailed design, and fantastic smoking conditions.

Who knows what psychedelic sweets this pipe tastes like? Take a trip inside the marvelous world of colors, twirls, and intriguing tastes. Every puff is different!

Size: 15.2cm

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