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What is the best way to enjoy your favorite smoke? Water-filtered bongs! They use a process that makes it cooler and more palatable and lets you inhale deeply because of how pure water can be used. This protects alveolar macrophages, an important component in our immune systems’ ability to fight bacteria – without sacrificing taste or quality from extracts like infusions or tinctures (which are great, too!). So protect yourself by vaping healthier today with one simple switch-around.

Water pipes are typically made of one or more layers of acrylic, silicone, or other materials. A glass water bong is a pipe with an added layer- the bowl itself- usually made from clear glass. The result is a smooth-tasting smoke that goes down easy and feels cool to hold. Learn about different types of glass water bongs on this page.

You’ve heard it before – smoking doesn’t do anything good for you. Cigarettes kill. But what if I told you there was something even better than cigarettes for helping you relax, get high, lose weight, relieve stress, etc.?

Something so natural, healthy, nonaddictive, and fun that your friends would be jealous they don’t use it too! What if I told you there were such things as vaporizers…for food?! Well, in case you didn’t know, these little wonders exist. They’re called “vaporizing ovens.”

You can put any edible substance into them (like potpourri) and then heat the air inside until the product reaches its boiling point without burning. Then all you have left is a delicious-smelling mist! So how does this relate to smoking marijuana? It’s simple. There are many ways to enjoy weed that don’t involve inhaling hot carcinogens like tobacco or tar through a cigarette, joint or blunt.

One way is by using water pipes. These devices work just like vaporizer ovens, but instead of heating air, you heat a liquid. Inhaling the resulting steam will help make you feel relaxed and mellow while relieving tension and anxiety. If you want to learn more about water pipes, keep reading!

Types of Glass Water Pipes

There are hundreds of different kinds of water pipes available today. Some look fancy, some look funny, some smell nice, some taste great, some are expensive, and some are cheap. All of them serve the same purpose, though – they allow you to experience the effects of cannabis in a safe, controlled manner.

This means no nasty burns from touching hot coals, no harsh chemicals from the bagged herb, no lung damage from breathing carbon monoxide fumes, and certainly no addictive substances being pumped directly into your system. Instead, you’ll only ingest THC when you take hits off a device designed specifically for maximum safety.

The most basic type of water pipe is known as a gravity bong. Gravity bongs consist of two bowls attached at their base. Users often blow through large mouthpieces, which create suction and draw the smoke up through separate tubes leading to each bowl.

Because of the size of the mouthpiece, gravity bongs tend to produce thick clouds rather than tight puffs of smoke. However, since they rely solely upon gravity for drawing the material up, they aren’t recommended for people who suffer from respiratory ailments because they may cause severe coughing fits.

Also, small debris particles can easily become lodged between the joints connecting the mouthpiece to the bowls, making it impossible to clean thoroughly. Finally, because there isn’t much room for airflow around the bottom half of the bowl where combustion occurs, smokers find that gravity bongs burn very poorly.

As a result, gravity bongs are not ideal for beginners experimenting with various strains or concentrates.

Bongs Up To 20 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

The PAX Era Vapor System is a slightly newer water pipe style. Like the previous version of this design, the original PAX model consists of several pieces, including a base unit, 2 long stems, 4 short stems, and 6 pre-filled ceramic chambers.

Unlike older versions of this design, however, the new Pax units come with 3 adjustable temperature settings allowing you to control precisely how warm you’d like your hit to be. Additionally, the latest models feature 1″ diameter holes drilled right over the flame area to improve efficiency.

The newest PAX line includes additional features like built-in water filtration systems to ensure optimal performance, extra wide bases for stability and improved ergonomics, and a sleek modern aesthetic that makes these items popular favorites among discerning consumers everywhere.

For those interested in purchasing a less pricey alternative to the PAX line, check out Kube Vape Systems. Although slightly smaller than traditional water pipes, tubes still deliver tremendous value for money. Kubes provide superior flavor thanks to advanced engineering and patented technology.

Each piece comes equipped with multiple chambers that can accommodate a variety of herbs and concentrates. Furthermore, tubes excel at producing dense, flavorful smokes while keeping the overall experience relatively tame.

Best of all, many include handy accessories like integrated screens, USB chargers, battery packs, and cleaning brushes to enhance functionality and minimize messiness.

Try the Volcano vaporization method if you prefer lighter denser nugs to chew on. Invented by John Wickham back in 1963, volcanos run on electricity and use an internal coil to generate a gentle stream of heated air.

Volcano rigs offer fast delivery times and extremely subtle highs when used properly. Unfortunately, unlike other consumption methods, volcanos require extensive maintenance and regular electrical upgrades due to their propensity to catch fire. Fortunately, manufacturers now sell replacement parts to repair minor damages and upgrade old units to handle larger amounts of concentrate.

What Is “smoking” On A Water Pipe?

One last question: what exactly happens when you light up a water pipe? Does it burn? How big is the flame? Why does the user breathe through their nose? Keep reading to discover answers to all of these questions. The flame is quite small.

Users should never exhale onto the actual flame, which could lead to spontaneous ignition. Rather, a smoker will usually hold simple breath through their nostrils. Since the flame is positioned near the end of a tube, the smoke quickly expands and rushes past the open end.

The expanding gases then condense into tiny droplets that settle towards the tube’s bottom, creating a foggy cloud. Once outside the body, the smoke mixes with oxygen to form water and carbon dioxide. Just think of it as reverse evaporation!

Now that we understand why a water pipe works let’s discuss utilizing one. First, pick a comfortable height above the ground. Next, place the mouthpiece in a position pointing downward toward your lips. Lightly suck on the stem to release the chamber filled with dry ice chips.

Blow gently through the mouthpiece after approximately 5 seconds to prevent the chip pack from blowing away. Now, begin taking slow deep breaths through your nose. Hold the stem tightly against your lip and continue doing so throughout the process. After the first few moments, the smoke will shoot straight up into the lungs bypassing the throat entirely.

Always remain calm during usage and avoid holding the pipe with bare hands. Even the slightest bit of moisture can trigger combustion. Last but not least, remember that every person reacts differently to edibles. Don’t worry if you don’t immediately notice positive results. Sometimes it takes hours for full effect.

My Favorite Glass Water Bongs

Medium Glass Bong

Medium Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

More pot leaves, more smoke, more water, higher thoughts. Watch the smoke grow whiter and whiter, getting higher and higher up the tube.

Filtration is great; the Bong stands firmly and is always ready for you to load it and have a puff. This is Jungle Style. A great choice for Water Pipes Lovers. Aim high and get high!

Height: 23cm

Glass Bong Conical Tubing

Glass Bong Conical Tubing, 77 Bongs

Another Jungle-Inspired Water Bong. Feel its natural power and ability to change Herb into milky smoke. Water is crucial to sustaining life on Earth. It is also indispensable for smoking in pipes such as that.

Use fresh water to filtrate your smoke smoothly, and you’ll find that you can travel to an exotic jungle whenever you like and that you don’t have to physically go anywhere. It’s the smoke that leads you through your journey.

Size: 18cm

Glass Bong in Wood Case

Glass Bong In Wood Case, 77 Bongs

This Glass Recliner Bong comes in a hand-carved wooden storage/presentation box.

Fitted and padded inside, these decorative boxes have a large leaf carved into the lid and a consistent flower/leaf design all over the rest of the box.

The bong is bubble-based with a reclining shaft and a large bowl, providing a very satisfying hit for the user. This bong also features a green leaf design on the reclining shaft below the mouthpiece.

Size: 22cm

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