Glass Water Bongs

What is the best way to enjoy your favorite smoke? Water-filtered bongs! They use a process that makes it cooler and more palatable, as well as letting you inhale deeply because of how pure water can be used. This protects alveolar macrophages which is an important component in our immune systems’ ability fight bacteria – all without sacrificing taste or quality from extracts like infusions or tinctures (which are great too!). So protect yourself by vaping healthier today with one simple switch-around:

My Favorite Glass Water Bongs

Medium Glass Bong

Medium Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

More pot leaves, more smoke, more water, higher thoughts. Watch the smoke grow whiter and whiter, getting higher and higher up the tube.

Filtration is great, the Bong stands firmly and is always ready for you to load it and have a puff. This is Jungle Style. A great choice for Water Pipes Lovers. Aim high and get high!

Height: 23cm

Glass Bong Conical Tubing

Glass Bong Conical Tubing, 77 Bongs

Another Jungle Inspired Water Bong. Feel its natural power and ability to change Herb into milky smoke. Water is crucial to sustaining life on Earth. It is also indispensable for smoking in pipes such as that.

Use fresh water to filtrate your smoke smoothly and you’ll find that you can travel to an exotic jungle whenever you like and that you don’t have to physically go anywhere. It’s the smoke that leads you through your journey.

Size: 18cm

Glass Bong in Wood Case

Glass Bong In Wood Case, 77 Bongs

This Glass Recliner Bong comes in a hand-carved wooden storage/presentation box.

Fitted and padded on the inside, these decorative boxes have a large leaf carved into the lid and a consistent flower/leaf design all over the rest of the box.

The bong itself is bubble-based while having a reclining shaft and a large bowl that provides a very satisfying hit for the user. This bong also features a green leaf design on the reclining shaft just below the mouthpiece.

Size: 22cm

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