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Glass, in common sense, contains silica as the main component (Glass former). Still, silica-free glasses also exist. Glass is sometimes created naturally from volcanic lava and lightning strikes (Lechatelierite). If the lava is felsic, this Glass is called obsidian and is usually black with impurities.

Obsidian is a raw material for flintknappers, who have used it to make extremely sharp glass knives since the stone age.

The physical and, in particular, the optical properties of Glass make it suitable for technological applications such as windows, containers (bottles, jars, bowls), optics, optoelectronics, and laboratory equipment.

The ease of formability, and its aesthetic features, such as transparency and pigmentation, render Glass a common art medium. It is used for glass bongs production where smoke visibility matters.

Colors in Glass may be obtained by the addition of coloring ions and by precipitation of finely dispersed colloids (such as in “ruby gold,” white tin oxide glass, and red “selenium ruby”). Ordinary soda-lime Glass appears colorless to the naked eye when thin, although iron oxide impurities produce a green tint that can be viewed in thick pieces or with the aid of scientific instruments.

Other metals and metal oxides can be added to Glass during its manufacture to change its color, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Color and see-through effects can also be found in popular acrylic bongs.

You want to smoke marijuana because it makes you feel good, right? Well, okay then! But don’t do it wrong. Smoking cannabis alone isn’t going to make you happy or healthy unless you’re also very careful with where, when, and how much you consume. And if you buy yourself one of these cool-looking glass pipes, you can do more harm than just getting high.

This article will explain why people used to think that putting hot rocks into cold water would release THC from its chemical bonds (it doesn’t), as well as which types of Glass are best suited for this purpose and how they should be used. After reading this article, you’ll have no desire to return to a regular old joint again.

What Is A Glass Bong

Smoking marijuana has existed since ancient times, so we might assume it must be safe. However, there was once an experiment performed at McGill University that showed otherwise. The study concluded that inhaling air through burning grass caused lung cancer due to carcinogens produced during combustion.

Since most people still choose to partake in their favorite vice despite knowing better, scientists continued researching ways to improve existing methods.

Eventually, someone came out with a solution: the water bong.

Water bongs utilize a special kind of Glass called “porcelain enameled ware,” known colloquially as “Peak” or “Ovaltine.” This type of Glass has several unique qualities that allow for a smooth draw and easy cleaning after each session.

It works like any other glassware, except instead of tap water, you fill it with specially prepared warm river water. Then, light whatever mixture of tobacco, herb, concentrates, etc., you prefer and suck the resulting fumes down into your mouth via a straw.

Some users call this method the traditional way to enjoy herbs, while others use modern technology to amplify the experience further.

People who use them typically describe the experience as similar to drinking alcohol, only stronger and with far fewer hangover effects. Most importantly, though, Pemik-style bongs are designed to minimize the damage done to human lungs and livers.

However, if you’d rather stay away from any substance abuse, don’t worry. There are plenty of alternatives available that are safer to use. For example, you could always try using a dabbing rig instead. Check out our guide here.

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77 Bongs

The Best Way To Use One

With a little knowledge, anyone can assemble a functional glass bong. All you need is a bowl (usually pre-filled with filtered water) and a tube made of either stainless steel or titanium connected to a hose that runs outside.

These tubes ensure that the heated water stays inside the bowl, thus keeping the entire setup clean and free of dangerous chemicals such as carbon monoxide.

Many different bowls are available, ranging from simple models resembling tiny teapots to those shaped like huge fish tanks. Some even look like giant eyeballs sitting atop long stems.

Whatever shape you decide to get, keep in mind that your choice affects the overall size and style of the unit. Generally speaking, larger bowls tend to produce bigger hits, but smaller ones may offer greater portability.

Most experienced users recommend starting small until you become accustomed to the product. Once you start taking larger draws, you risk choking on the powerful vapors. When buying your first glass bong, pay attention to the amount of space between the base and the top rim, as well as the diameter of the bowl. Generally, wide bowls work great for beginners, while narrow models are recommended for seasoned smokers.

While it’s important to consider your personal preferences, remember that everyone has their tolerance level. Don’t push yourself too hard, especially since most weed products contain more harmful substances such as tar and lead acetate than cigarettes.

While you may find that a particular strain burns easier than another, moderation is key. Start slow and gradually increase your intake over time. Remember that you only have two choices: live dangerously or die young.

Where Do You Buy Them?

If you already possess a working model, you probably know where to purchase replacement parts online. Otherwise, most reputable head shops carry a variety of options, including everything from traditional wooden bongs to newfangled plastic devices capable of producing multiple hits per pull. Make sure that whoever sells yours takes extra care to properly calibrate the device before handing it over to you.

How Much Should I Spend On A Glass Pipe?

As mentioned earlier, there are dozens of varieties available. Prices vary greatly depending on material quality, design, and customization. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to help determine whether you’ll be able to afford a decent glass bong.

First, check to see if it uses standard materials. For instance, cheap Chinese imports often consist of thick acrylic and flimsy metal pieces. They won’t last nearly as long as something crafted from superior metals like titanium or brass.

Second, avoid paying for unnecessary upgrades. Unless you plan on actually making modifications, stick with unmodified stock designs.

Finally, ask questions about additional accessories. Are extras included? How does shipping cost compare to price alone? Can you add anything else later without spending hundreds of dollars on miscellaneous items?

Once you have answers to these questions, you should have enough information to decide whether you can handle purchasing a $20 glass bong now or saving up for months on a $200+ beast. Of course, you shouldn’t neglect to factor in the value of having a reliable tool that likely won’t break within weeks of ownership.


Now you understand exactly what goes into creating a glass bong and why they aren’t merely glorified, cigarette holders. With a little research and practice, you can easily pick one out for yourself and never touch another joint again. Good luck, bud!

Glass Bong With Etched Ornaments

Glass Bong With Etched Ornaments, 77 Bongs

This bong is great if you like to get ripped on one fat bong hit. On my first day having this piece, I got so stoned that I forgot it was on my table and knocked it over, but don’t worry, it’s durable and didn’t break.

Size: 35cm

Sandblasted Glass Bong

Sandblasted Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

A work of art, I must say. I’ve had 3 glass bongs, and this is easily the best in terms of looks and quality. EASILY worth the money.

Size: 40cm

Double Base Ice Glass Bong

Double Base Ice Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

This is one killer bong. The ice really cools the smoke down, letting you take enormous hits. Huge bowl and massive hits. The carb is really big and in the perfect spot to really shotgun that smoke.

Size: 36cm

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