Glass In Glass Bongs

Glass in a common-sense contains silica as the main component (glass former), but silica-free glasses also exist. Glass is sometimes created naturally from volcanic lava and lightning strikes (Lechatelierite). If the lava is felsic this glass is called obsidian and is usually black with impurities. Obsidian is a raw material for flintknappers, who have used it to make extremely sharp glass knives since the stone age.

The physical and in particular the optical properties of glass make it suitable for technological applications such as windows, containers (bottles, jars, bowls), optics, optoelectronics, and laboratory equipment. The ease of formability, and its aesthetic features, such as transparency and pigmentation, render glass a common art medium. It is used for glass bongs production where smoke visibility matters.

Colors in glass may be obtained by the addition of coloring ions and by precipitation of finely dispersed colloids (such as in “ruby gold”, white tin oxide glass, red “selenium ruby”). The ordinary soda-lime glass appears colorless to the naked eye when it is thin, although iron oxide impurities produce a green tint that can be viewed in thick pieces or with the aid of scientific instruments. Further metals and metal oxides can be added to glass during its manufacture to change its color which can enhance its aesthetic appeal. Color and see-through effects can also be found in popular acrylic bongs.

Glass Bong With Etched Ornaments

Glass Bong With Etched Ornaments, 77 Bongs

This bong is great if you like to get ripped on one fat bong hit. On my first day having this piece I got so stoned I forgot it was on my table and knocked it over, but don’t worry, it’s very durable and didn’t break.

Size: 35cm

Sandblasted Glass Bong

Sandblasted Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

A work of art, I must say. I’ve had 3 glass bongs, and this is easily the best in terms of looks and quality. EASILY worth the money.

Size: 40cm

Double Base Ice Glass Bong

Double Base Ice Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

This is one killer bong. The ice really cools the smoke down letting you take enormous hits. Huge bowl, massive hits. The carb is really big and in the perfect spot to really shotgun that smoke.

Size: 36cm