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Smokers always choose glass bongs for great looks, cool glass touch, classic style, and cleaner, healthier smoke. Water filters out tars and toxins and cools the smoke to deliver smooth hits and protect your lungs; important!

Quality, aesthetic Glass in glass bongs provides useful and pleasant smoke visibility.

Their extraordinary appearance and exceptional smoking features make glass bongs preferable among smokers. High-quality Glass and reasonable prices make our glass bongs the preferable ones on the market!

The secret of glass bongs’ popularity lies in their remarkable properties. Glass withstands a higher temperature and allows for cooler and deeper smoke. Moreover, taking advantage of the fact that Glass itself has no smell and no taste, smokers frequently choose glass bongs for the unaffected smoke’s flavor that they provide.

A glass bong is a piece of apparatus used for smoking marijuana. It consists of an airtight chamber containing water and other additives to suspend the smoke. The user inhales through a tube that fits over his mouth or nose.

Although it may seem like a fairly simple device, many different designs are available today. However, most people agree that the best glass bongs will be made from high-quality materials that won’t break easily when you drop them.

A glass pipe is a piece of apparatus used for smoking marijuana. It consists of an airtight chamber containing water and other additives to suspend the smoke. The user inhales through a tube that fits over his mouth or nose. Although it may sound like a fairly simple device, many different designs are available today.

However, most people agree that the best glass bongs will be made from high-quality materials that won’t break easily when you drop them. There are also some very important things to consider about this type of smoking device before making your own. Here’s what you need to know.

Types of Glass Pipes

There are two main types of glass bongs right now – those with and without screens. With screenless ones, hot gasses enter the chamber but can escape through holes near the top of the Glass. This allows the users to breathe fresh, oxygenated air instead of thick, tar-like clouds.

These work well if you’re looking to get high quickly. Screened bongs don’t allow for much in the way of airflow. They have small holes at the top of the bowl that let hot gases into the chamber. But because they’re so tightly sealed off, these tend to make more dense bowls than their unscreened counterparts.

Screenless bongs are usually smaller and easier to take apart. You could use them as portable smoking devices. However, you’ll probably want a screened version if you want something bigger. Screens are typically made from stainless steel mesh, copper, ceramic, or bamboo. Connoisseurs often prefer ceramic mesh due to its durability.

There are several different kinds of screens. Some come with multiple layers of material, while others only have one layer of metal wire. Also, some screens have circular openings, whereas others have rectangular cutouts. Because of all these variations, you can find specific models for certain activities, such as smoking joints or concentrates.

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77 Bongs

Materials Used To Make Glass Pipes

You might think that since glass pipes were first invented in Morocco in ancient times, the material should follow suit. After all, Morocco has great climate conditions. Unfortunately, though, no natural substance called “Moroccan glass” exists. Instead, modern bongs are mostly made from sandblasted acrylics, resin, tempered Pyrex, metals, ceramics, and even wood.

Acrylics and resins are manmade substances. Most manufacturers use them because they’re strong enough to withstand heat without breaking or cracking. Tempered Pyrex is another common choice among bong enthusiasts because it doesn’t warp or crack when exposed to extreme temperatures. Metal pieces are used to create the chambers found in most bongs.

Tempering involves using special processes to harden Glass. As mentioned earlier, Pyrex is commonly used because it holds up well under intense heat. When tempering Glass, manufacturers add chemicals to soften it enough to bend it. Then, they apply pressure until it reaches the proper strength.

Another popular material is brass. During World War II, brass was originally developed in Europe to replace iron piping systems. Because brass is corrosion-resistant, it makes a good material for smoking pipes. Many prefer it because it looks classy and adds character to any room. Wood has been used widely for centuries to build smoking pipes. While it looks nice, it tends to burn rather badly.

Because of these factors, you may notice that the price of glass pipes varies greatly depending on where you buy them. Generally speaking, the higher the quality, the more expensive the bong.

The Best Materials For Making Your Pipe

If you decide to make your pipe, you’ll want to pay attention to three key things: construction techniques, design elements, and innovation.

First, how exactly does the manufacturer construct each piece? Does he use traditional methods or new technology? Second, what kind of design elements are incorporated? Do they fit together smoothly? Thirdly, how innovative is the product? Is it easy to clean or repair? What else can you expect to see added to future products?

When talking about construction techniques, you’ll hear terms like “sandblasting,” “firing,” and “temper.” Sandblast is the process of spraying fine grains of silica gel onto molten Glass. Once it cools down, the surface becomes rough textured. Firing is similar, except the craftsman uses a torch to fire the powder directly onto the Glass instead of using a sprayer.

By doing so, he creates a smooth, reflective finish. Temper is the same thing, except the finished piece gets hardened chemically. This method takes longer but produces better results.

Most manufacturers incorporate standard design features like a stem and a chamber. They try to keep everything as simple as possible. One example would be the use of straight edges. Another feature you’ll rarely see is the incorporation of multiple parts. This helps prevent leaks and cracks.

Lastly, it’s important to note that any innovations introduced must increase functionality without increasing overall bulkiness in size. Otherwise, consumers won’t be able to carry them around comfortably.

How To Use A Glass Bong

Using a glass bong requires a few steps. First, you’ll insert the long stem into the chamber. Next, you’ll light up the stem’s end (normally done using matches). Finally, you’ll suck the smoke through the short stem and into your lungs.

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77 Bongs

Different Types of Water Chamber Designs

While the basic idea behind a glass pipe is pretty straightforward, the actual design differs quite a bit between brands. Manufacturers generally choose either a single-chamber model or a dual-chamber model. Single-chamber versions consist of a water chamber surrounded by a single wall of Glass. On the other hand, dual-chamber pipes contain separate chambers arranged side by side.

One advantage of single-chamber models is that they’re lighter and less bulky than dual-chamber ones. On the other hand, they’re not nearly as versatile as double-chambered ones. You’d have to switch out stems to change between different strains or concentrate formulas.

Dual-chamber glass bongs, on the other hand, have wider chambers. Since they’re shaped differently, you can use them to smoke both loose-leaf tobacco and cannabis simultaneously. Additionally, they’ve got larger air vents compared to single-chamber models. This makes breathing easier and provides more room for large hits.

Lastly, you’ll probably want to check out the latest innovations in water chamber design. Newer models include percolators, essentially a series of baffles surrounding the innermost chamber. This keeps the smoke suspended within the liquid for longer periods. It’s a good way to maximize the amount of THC absorbed into the bloodstream.


Now you understand the basics of a glass bong. Keep reading to learn about the world of weed accessories! Marijuana accessories and tools are growing increasingly popular every day. Pot smokers love finding novel ways to enjoy their favorite drug, and many companies are jumping on board. Today, there are hundreds of items ranging from vaporizers to rosin presses.

For instance, you can purchase a heated box to consume edibles in your home. Or, you can pick up a pocket knife to safely trim the bud and roll it into a common form. But perhaps the coolest accessory of all is a bong attachment for your car. This little gadget attaches to your steering wheel and gives you access to functional waterpipe whenever you feel the urge.

What’s even cooler is that it comes complete with a built-in timer. So, if you drive too fast, you can set it to shut itself off after a pre-determined period automatically. Whether you’re interested in buying a bong, a dabbing tool, or an edible delivery system, we hope this article has helped shed some light on the subject. Happy 420, everyone!

My Favorite Glass Bongs

Small Glass Bong

Small Glass Bong, 77 Bongs

A tiny bong that packs a powerful punch. It stands at only 12 cm. Excellent balance. The base holds plenty of water for excellent filtration. Its small size and affordability (in case it breaks en route) make traveling with this baby bong ideal.

Size: 12cm

“This bong is the best on this site. I bought one a few days ago, and it hits hard. Don’t pass this one up, bigger isn’t always better. This one gets a 10/10!!!”

“10/10 Don’t let the bong’s size fool you. Great warm-up water pipe. Perfect bong. Don’t leave home without it.”

Amber Glass Bong With Curl

Amber Glass Bong With Curl, 77 Bongs

Caution! Very affordable. The unique twist in the bong’s neck is not only a desirable sale feature but also its Achilles heel. Some stoners are known to knock over this bong after inhaling it too deeply.

A fussy beautiful bong with a pot leaf emblem on the shaft requires a little more attention than your standard water pipe. The bizarre curl ensures ice loading is a challenge. However, its uniqueness makes this bong an excellent addition to any enthusiast’s collection.

Size: 25cm

“Bought it the other day, but can’t really say much. It looks nice and everything, but it broke before I even got to use it. it fell over on my counter right on the curl and shattered. Oh well, it definitely looks nice but it is challenging to get water/ice down there due to the curl.”

“Tricky! But worth owning. Mine shattered. But I break plenty of bongs. Oh well. Two years old. And still going strong.”

Glass Bong – Hand Model

Glass Bong Hand Model, 77 Bongs

A great handheld bong. Don’t let its smaller size fool you into believing this bong doesn’t haul hard when inhaling. Bubbles beautifully. Holds just the right amount of water for excellent filtration.

Size: 18cm

“This is a wonderful little bong. When I purchased it I thought it might be too small or would break easily, but no! The bowl is nice and large and I was feeling pretty wiggy for the whole day after I smoked from this little guy. Definitely satisfied!”

“Perfect for personal sessions. Best bong I own. Very happy. It’s my first bong.”

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