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Black glass leaf bong is a classic piece of smoking paraphernalia; you can find them for sale at just about any head shop. Learn how to use this iconic tool.

The humble water pipe has become an icon in the war on drugs. The original “buzz-nums” were made from bamboo or wood, but today many people prefer using their lab-made materials instead. Some smokers also use weed pipes as part of a pre-roll ritual that involves lighting up a joint before taking it in through one end while sucking beer out of the other side.

Pipes have evolved into so much more than they originally were, though. Some vapes even let users vape concentrates without burning anything (you still need your wax). But perhaps most importantly, modern-day pipes allow us to smoke weed with far less mess.

No longer do we choke on thick clouds of sticky resin, nor must we worry about inhaling ash like when our ancestors would’ve been burned alive if caught doing the same thing.

But what did those early pioneers use to enjoy their cannabis products? There was no Instagram then, so here’s where to look next time you’re bored.

What Is It?

A traditional glass black leaf bong allows its user to take a hit off a marijuana cigarette — known locally as “dabbing” — which produces a vaporized concentrate rather than a loose flower.

The bowl is usually made from hand-blown glass and features two holes on either side, allowing air to be pulled over the bud during inhalation. Most designs feature a small tube running along the bottom called the stem, which acts as a guide and support for holding the whole contraption together. A third hole allows the smoker to exhale via another tube underneath the device’s base.

If you want something similar to these devices without purchasing one, you could try making your DIY version out of a few sand-filled plastic bottles. Or maybe you’d like to make one out of an old CD case. They’ll all work well too! All you need is a way to create a seal around the mouthpiece and a vessel containing enough water to fill said seal.

However, it doesn’t matter what material you choose since every single model will achieve the same effect. What does change between different models is how they’re designed internally and the shape of the finished product.

25 Crazy Shaped Bongs And Where To Buy Them 1024x536, 77 Bongs
77 Bongs

Where Can You Buy One?

Head shops sell everything from rolling papers to shatter and joints. If you live outside of North America or Europe, you might not know exactly what a head shop is, but rest assured, you’ll see plenty of references to them online should you search for them.

In short, head shops are places specifically devoted to selling drug paraphernalia, such as pipes, grinders, rosin presses, and dab rigs, among others. Cannabis companies often hang their hat there, too, meaning you’ll frequently come across items offered by brands who don’t manufacture them themselves.

For example, Blue Dream Smoke carries a variety of high-quality glass bongs, including black-leaf ones. At the same time, Tikun Olam sells beautifully crafted wooden pieces alongside glass bowls that aren’t intended for dabbing. Meanwhile, Planet X Glass specializes solely in building unique versions of these tools.

While finding a reputable dealer may not always be easy, you can always check reviews to help narrow things down until you eventually stumble upon someone trustworthy. Generally, avoid buying from anyone offering free shipping unless they provide exceptional service after delivery. Try contacting them first, and ask questions like whether they’ve ever had issues with customers returning goods.

How Do I Use It?

You’ll probably want to start with a fresh batch of herb, trimming the stems with scissors beforehand if necessary to ensure a clean burn. Then attach the right length stem to the appropriate hole in the device using double-sided tape.

Once you’ve done that, add approximately 1/2 cup of water to the space inside the bowl. Make sure you leave room for expansion.

Next, light up some tobacco or incense sticks and hold them directly above the flame until they’re fully consumed. Slowly lower the light downwards towards the bowl when the flames die away. Hold onto the stem with your lips slightly parted and begin inhaling deeply.

Keep breathing steadily throughout, never stop moving forward and pull the smoke deep into your lungs. Exhale forcefully once you feel your chest expand. That’s it. Enjoy!

Some enthusiasts say you shouldn’t inhale through the stem, but I think that approach leads to uneven hits and excessive splashing. Instead, keep the stem firmly attached to the bowl and suck air straight down through it. Doing so ensures nothing is left behind and that no resulting vapor gets lost to gravity.

Any Other Good Uses For This Thing?

Yes! Many believe that pipes are only good for getting stoned, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While smoking weed helps relax me, I can perform better under pressure thanks to my trusty glass black leaf bong.

Whether you’re preparing for a big presentation, competing in a sport requiring focus, or want to get a little bit drunk, having a dank session won’t hurt. Just remember to breathe properly and pay attention to airflow.

I recommend keeping a bong near the bed whenever possible because everyone knows lying down comfortably with a lit joint nearby is a great way to relax and fall asleep quickly. To learn more about this ancient practice, read up on our history of sleep aid consumption.

My Favorite Black Leaf Bongs

Black Leaf Bong – Lightshow Skull Bong

This unique Black Leaf Bong features a light show for when you are milking it. Flip a switch on the underside of the base, and color-changing lights will flash up through the bong.

The bubbled base is shaped like a skull, while the glass, though punctured with a standard metal downtube and bowl, is thick and sturdy.

Size: 450mm / 45cm

Black Leaf Percolator Bong – Tribal Dome Perc

Using 5mm thick glass, this Black Leaf Glass Straight Bong features a tribal-colored dome percolator to smooth out that hit and look rather good while it does it.

It has an 18.8 joint, ice notches, and comes equipped with a diffuser downtube. The glass features raised swirls near the mouthpiece.

Size: 48cm

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