Top 7 Easy Pull Bongs

Pull bongs are a type of water pipe that has been around for years. They have been used by smokers to enjoy the effects of smoking without having to light anything up themselves. The smoke is pulled through water and cooled down, which makes it easier to inhale. If you are looking for an easy pull bong with great taste then read on!

Pull bongs are a type of water pipe that has been around for years. They have been used by smokers to enjoy the effects of smoking without having to light anything up themselves. The smoke is pulled through water and cooled down, which makes it easier to inhale.

If you are looking for an easy pull bong with great taste then read on!

The first bong style was actually invented in India before the British came across them while they were fighting the natives during the Indian Rebellion.

It’s called a hookah or chanaka (which means “pipe”) but there isn’t really much evidence this existed anywhere outside of India until recently when some enterprising businessmen figured out how to mass produce these devices easily.

They’re basically just glass bowls with small holes drilled into them that sit over long tubes that connect to plastic hoses attached to faucets. You can buy one off eBay for as little at $15 US dollars, although if you want something nicer I would recommend spending more money on quality items from reputable sellers who sell top-quality products.

Below we will go over what a good top-of-the line easy pull bong looks like, along with other types of water pipes that are also very popular right now. We’ll discuss why people love them so much, and how they work too.

What Is A Top-of-the Line Easy Pull Water Pipe?

So what exactly does a high end pull bong look like? Well, generally speaking they should be made out of either clear acrylic or frosted Pyrex material because both of those materials are transparent enough to let most visible wavelengths of light pass through.

Acrylic is lighter than pyrex, however, making it better suited for travel. Most of the time though you won’t see any markings on your bong whatsoever – all you know is that it works well. There are many different models available today, ranging from simple single bowl units to multi-piece ones containing multiple chambers. Some even include built-in humidifiers.

Here are some examples of various styles:


This design features a large central chamber surrounded by smaller side chambers where water flows around rather than through. This allows the user to take larger draws than normal without getting hit with hot air bubbles and reeking water vapor.

These aerogels are typically designed to fit standard 20mm female connectors and come with their own ceramic mouthpieces. One thing worth mentioning about these particular bongs is that they don’t get quite as wet as others do since only the center section gets filled with water.

These tend to run between 75$-100$, depending on size/material options…but they make me think twice everytime I use them. However, once again, if you purchase them from someone who sells consistently high quality products then you shouldn’t have to worry about low quality. Just remember, cheap doesn’t mean bad.

AeroGel Smoke System

Another classic design similar to aerogels, these bongs feature several connected sections instead of just one big main section that fills up with water. Again, you will find that these are usually sold with ceramic mouth pieces, but unlike aerogels they tend to fill up faster and get pretty wet due to the fact that all of the sides are exposed to the same amount of water.

Expect to pay around 80$ for a decent model here, which isn’t bad considering the quality you receive. Also check out our review of the AeroGel Deluxe bong below.

CaliSmokes AeroBong

One manufacturer known for its beautiful and unique designs, CaliSmokes’ line of aerobongs focus heavily on creating original yet functional shapes and colors. Their newest addition is the AeroBong series, which consists of three different sizes: Large, Mid, and Small.

Each of these versions comes equipped with a separate stem allowing users to customize the shape of their draw based on personal preference. All of these models are constructed using Aerogel and offer excellent performance with smooth airflow and no noise.

You may notice that each version of the AeroBong contains two chambers – the bottom chamber being slightly wider than the upper chamber. This helps keep moisture levels constant throughout each session. Unlike the other models mentioned above, the AeroBong is not meant to contain water indefinitely.

Instead, the system is designed such that after filling the lower chamber with cold water the unit automatically releases excess pressure via condensation, resulting in moist warm air coming out of the upper chamber.

As a result, the smoker never needs to refill the entire device with fresh drinking water. In other words, you don’t need to change out the filter ever. What could be simpler than that?

Easy To Use Water Pipes With Great Taste

I hope this article gave you a basic idea of what pulls bongs are and helped explain what separates higher quality units from the rest. Now that you understand what pulls bongs are, head over to my website and pick up yourself a nice unit.

Once you start enjoying the benefits of pulling tobacco or weed, you might soon forget that you didn’t light anything on fire.

Important for newbies and frequent smokers. Easy pull makes using a bong pleasurable and saves effort during special moments of fun. Choose one of the easy pull bongs from the selected models listed below.


Magic Glass Royal Bong

Freezer 18.8, 77 Bongs

Magic Glass produces Bongs that are durable, practical, and long-lasting. The highest quality standards and testing of all Bongs guarantee Magic Glass makes the finest Bongs.

Made in Germany, this Water Bong has a simple but highly effective design. The Glass is of perfect quality, and smoking from this Glass Bong is a real pleasure thanks to perfect filtration. Looks nice, makes the smoke tasty!

Size: 38cm


Fluorescent Plastic Bong

Fluorescent Plastic Bong, 77 Bongs

Great bong, but the rush hole needs to be bigger to get a good healthy hit.

Size: 29.8cm


Acrylic Colored Bong

Acrylic Colored Bong, 77 Bongs

Amazing construction and specific design. This bong is known for its triple chamber which cools down the smoke and mixes it entirely with clean air left inside, so the hit comes out really nicely and smoothly.

Size: 30.5cm


Tattoo Fluorescent Acrylic Bong

Tattoo Fluorescent Acrylic Bong, 77 Bongs

These bright vividly colored bongs have a cool tribal tattoo design on their stem. Cheap acyclic bongs are great for parties because there’s no fear of someone accidentally breaking a good piece of glass. An affordable stylish party bong.

Size: 26cm

“Too bright! It’s a decent bong when kept clean. Doesn’t break. Very cool cuz some of my stoner friends are clumsy. I really like mine. I pack with plenty of ice for a perfectly cool toke every time.”


Magic Glass Bong 500

1000, 77 Bongs

Made from the finest borosilicate glass, Magic Glass Bongs are unique in their high quality, durability, and perfect smoking conditions. A high glass tube delivers tasty smoke straight to your lungs.

Then it makes your brain work in a slightly different way, changing your thoughts in a way you never thought they might be before. The smoke filtrates perfectly, water bubbles nicely and you begin feeling lucky and joyful more and more with every little puff.

Size: 47cm


Big Glass Brazil Bong

Holland Bong Metal Stem 2 Holes 1, 77 Bongs

In my opinion, it’s an amazing bong for the price! It can be a little tricky to assemble and there are no instructions. You want to put the rubber pieces in both holes then slowly slide the stem through the bottom rubber piece.

Once assembled it smokes great. It has a nice sized chamber for the price. I think it’s possible to put too much water in the bong and it can be hard to get continuous suck-age; if you have this happen just pour some of the water out.

Size: 38cm


Glass Sandblasted Bong

Glass Bong Sandblasted 2, 77 Bongs

The secrets of the Desert are waiting for you to be discovered. Travel through the sea of sand and find ancient wisdom in the forgotten region of this mysterious place.

Matte surfaces are intriguing because there is always some kind of mystery in them. They are not obvious, nothing can be taken for granted when looking at them.

With their unique style and features, they are extraordinary and worth owning. This Sandblasted Bong is mysterious and magical.

Do not hesitate and buy your own magic SandBong. Write on the Sand. Find the real you.

Size: 40cm