Do Bamboo Bongs Work Better Than Glass

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If you are familiar with smoking up, you’re probably familiar with bongs. Alternatively called Bob Lowe or Billy, these are extensive water pipes typically leveraged for smoking weed or cannabis. Bong is just as old as time, and they have been used for centuries. The word is derived from the Thai term aung, which refers to a bamboo tube used to smoke Cannabis. So, like bongs, Bamboo bongs too date back several centuries.

Today’s modern bong is not anything like your conventional bamboo tube. However, the process continues to be the same. But are Bamboo bongs even useful? Also, how do they fare when compared to their glass counterparts? We will find that out and more in the following few sections.

What Is a Bamboo Bong?

Even before we delve into any other detail, it is crucial to first understand what bamboo bong is and how it works. as evident from the name itself; these bonds are typically crafted from high-quality Bamboo. The term itself derives from the Thai/Vietnamese term aung’, which refers to a wooden tube that is fully hollow to accommodate the effortless process of smoking herbs. These bongs are also extremely old and have been used for several decades.

But what exactly contributes to the popularity of Bamboo bongs, and why do so many people want to use them? One of the defining reasons could be the primary material of Bamboo. If you didn’t know already, Bamboo is crafted from extremely durable raw materials that can stay strong even under the hardest and strongest tension. In some cases, it has also exhibited greater resilience than steel. So, it probably makes sense why you want to use them.

But what are these bongs made of in the first place? Almost all bamboo bongs are primarily crafted from Silica, the 70% content within these products. For the uninitiated, you will find the same element in different types of glass, especially the borosilicate variants.

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This also attributes to the strength of these bongs and makes them even higher quality. The companies manufacturing these bongs ensure the product undergoes a complete tempering process. The same process applies to glass bongs. But in bamboo bongs, it helps secure the inner materials’ bond up to the molecules. Moreover, it also adds to the product’s strength, making it even more durable.

You will find bamboo bongs in almost all leading online stores. Alternatively, you can also purchase them from physical outlets. Either way, if you are purchasing a Bamboo bong, make sure it is crafted from high-quality Bamboo and lasts you the longest time. You can also make these bongs at home if you have some simple materials.

Usually, you can make your very own Bamboo bong by drilling holes in a large and hollow piece of Bamboo. Then, add some water and start smoking your herbs like a regular bong. The process is simple, and it will barely take a couple of minutes to complete this DIY project.

Why Are Bamboo Bongs Better Than Glass Bongs?

At this point, you are probably wondering why a Bamboo bong fares better than a glass bong. Well, the idea is simple. Unlike glass, Bamboo is not brittle. While glass bongs are beautiful and add a classy appeal every time you smoke, they can also break at the smallest push. This is regardless of the glass quality because even tempered glass bongs often cannot withstand extensive wear and tear. This is where Bamboo bongs take center stage. These devices are incredibly durable, so there’s no chance of them breaking down.

Moreover, because Bamboo is a lightweight material, you can carry your bong practically everywhere. So, if you are one of those travelers who don’t want to miss out on their daily dose of weed, this is one of the perfect bongs for you.

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Glass bongs, on the other hand, can often get quite heavy and thus difficult to handle. Because of the same reason, packing these bongs become a task.

Finally, bamboo bongs are also much more affordable when compared to glass bongs. You will find them in all possible designs, and because the material is durable, you will also get your money’s worth.

How To Use Bamboo Bongs?

Now that you’re familiar with the many benefits associated with bamboo bongs, you’re probably wondering how to use them in the first place. The process is fairly simple, and as we previously explained, bamboo bones operate the same way as a regular bong. All you need to do is fill them with water, light up your herb in a proper bowl, and start your beautiful and elevated journey.

Unlike a regular bong, you wouldn’t need any hot water, coarse salt, or alcoholic concoction to clean these bongs, either. The cleaning process for these bamboo counterparts is extremely soft and gentle. If you notice carefully, you will find some beeswax lined on your Bamboo bongs. Do not pour hot water into your bong to avoid ruining the beeswax. Avoid using any hard cleaning agent or a pipe cleaner, either.

The Right Way To Clean Bamboo Bongs

Cleaning bamboo bongs is easier than you thought. Here’s everything you need to do:

  • Get downstream out of the bong
  • Fill half of the bong with quality alcohol (isopropyl)
  • Next, add half a cup of rice grains (uncooked)
  • Constantly shake the mix and repeat the process until it’s back to its initial pristine condition.

Bottom Line

Bamboo bongs are simple, easy to use, and extremely uncomplicated. Even if you’re smoking up for the first time, you will find it incredibly simple to operate this Bong tube. While they may not be as advanced as glass bongs, these bong tubes are extremely convenient, lightweight, and ideal for travel. It is also specially catered to the requirements of smokers looking to enjoy cannabis in its rawest forms. Since we discussed the benefits, use, and care of these bongs, you will probably find handling and managing them easier.

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