Crazy Glass Bongs

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Glass bongs are great for smokers who want to fit in with their peers and be seen smoking. They provide aesthetic value and protection of the lungs from harmful toxins via a water filtration system that cools the smoke before being inhaled by a smoker.

Smooth hits due to the ice-blue colored stained glass design on most models, allowing light reflection while providing the necessary dark background. Letting you enjoy your marijuana without worrying about eyesight issues caused solely because the lighting was inadequate – all this plus an affordable price tag means there’s no reason to.

If you’ve ever looked into buying a glass bong before, chances are good you’ve thought, “I want something really weird.” After all, this piece of smoking equipment has become synonymous with marijuana culture — people who smoke pot may have never heard of another type of bong before they learned about them. Well, here’s a little taste of our strange world without weed.

First off, let us explain what exactly a bong is. It stands for bamboo inhalation pipe (or sometimes waterpipe) but more commonly refers to those devices made entirely of clear plastic tubing connected by small holes drilled through each section.

These pipes usually feature a base unit called a carburetor that heats your vaporized liquid as you inhale through the mouthpiece. They’re typically used when smoking cannabis because the heat helps release THC from its chemical bonds. However, when using a bowl or joint, you’ll use a torch instead of a carburetor to get high.

Glass bongs take things to a whole other level. While many glass bongs resemble traditional ones, others look insane. Here are four unique glass bongs that will leave you scratching your head.

The Phallic-Shaped Glass Bong

There are plenty of different bongs, but how could anyone imagine a design shaped like a giant penis? Meet the phallic bong. Also known as a banana bong or dildo bong, this gadget was invented by artist Jon Favell during his time at the Burning Man festival in 1991.

He said he created it after seeing two guys talking while sharing joints. To put it simply, Favell wanted to make a device that would allow him to share his smoking experience with someone else. His solution came from a long tube with a smaller diameter near the bottom than towards the top, where the larger end looks almost similar to a penis. You can see one example above.

Regarding functionality, the phallic work just like any normal bong: You light up your herb inside and draw air through the mouthpiece. However, unlike standard glass bongs, smokers must hold onto the narrower portion of the phallic since it doesn’t support the weight of the heavier part.

Although they say anything goes at Burning Man, I’d imagine no self-respecting man wants to be caught holding a huge pink sex toy over his head. So don’t expect to try this one at home unless you plan to decorate your bathroom with it.

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77 Bongs

The Giant Glass Water Pipe

What happens when you cross a bong with a lawn chair? Answer: The giant water pipe pictured above. This creation was designed by Dan Aykroyd’s son Evan back in 2004 for a music video shoot. As you might guess, it took quite a bit longer than anticipated to complete due to safety concerns.

Luckily, Evan had already started building prototypes for his dad, and he ended up having a blast making his version of the classic lawn chair bong. The only problem is that it isn’t very functional.

With a large pipe diameter measuring 15 inches, you won’t be able to comfortably fit your entire arm inside. Check out the following instructions if you still want to recreate the effect.

A Glass Bong That Looks Like an Exotic Carpet

Have you seen those beautiful carpets hanging in Middle Eastern souks? What kind of magic does it contain, right? How about transforming it into a bong? That’s exactly what Dutch designer Joep van Lieshout did.

He worked closely with a local carpet maker named Jelle Rooijackers to create a product that mimicked the texture of natural handmade rugs. Once the prototype was completed, Van Lieshout added several holes along the object’s sides so users wouldn’t accidentally knock over the massive thing while trying to enjoy a nice hit. Nowadays, you can buy a replica for yourself here.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we should probably mention that although the original design resembles a rug, the finished product feels much smoother. Many people believe the pattern represents swirling clouds of smoke, hence why some call it a cloud bong.

Regardless, it allows for incredibly creative ways to smoke marijuana, such as blowing the hot vapors straight down the throat or into the lungs. There’s also a special hose included that lets you add additional herbs to the mix.

This One Is Made From an Altoids Tin

Now we come to perhaps the strangest design of them all. We know what you’re thinking: Surely not another bong carved out of an old Altoids tin. Yes, yes, we are. And we promise it works great too. Designer Joe Zwillinge built this oddball item way back in 2003, and it is now available online.

According to Zwillinge, he got inspiration from watching a friend smoke cigarettes inside a hollowed-out pen. Since tobacco wasn’t going to cut it, he decided to experiment with alternative materials like wood and metal until he found a material capable of handling temperatures reaching 500 degrees Fahrenheit. After lots of trial and error, he finally settled on using soda cans.

Unfortunately, he didn’t patent the idea, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled when searching eBay or Etsy for one.

Despite being completely absurd, this particular version of the infamous bong became wildly popular among musicians and artists. For example, Snoop Dogg bought one for $10,000 (the same amount of money he spent on his mansion), and Jimi Hendrix allegedly smoked from one of the objects.

If you feel like giving it a shot and aren’t afraid to break any rules, you can find a few tips for first-timers here.

My Favorite Crazy Glass Bongs

Glass Bong

Glass Bong 2, 77 Bongs

This unique Mini Glass Bong with three ripples in the base for super grip when hitting. It has an extended mouthpiece, and the Triple Grip makes it much less likely to slip out of your hand while also giving it a unique appearance.

A good-sized bowl sits atop the piece to provide a nice, smooth smoke.

Height: 17cm

Hurricane Bong Basix – Six Air Jets

Hurricane Bong Basix Six Air Jets, 77 Bongs

HURRICANE BASIX only comes in one standard form. Finished to meet top European standards, guaranteed performance and sublime workmanship combine to provide the gateway to an uplifting smoking experience.

We think the glass is the most suitable substance used in pipe making. That is why we have chosen Borosilicate glass to make our product. Enjoy a smooth, pure smoke and watch it all happen! These baSIX Hurricane Bongs allow you to watch their revolutionary filtration system in action.

It’s this system that defines the amazing quality of Hurricane Bongs. Fine punctures are applied laterally throughout the corpus of the bong, drawing outside air and swirling the smoke into a strong rotation.

As you smoke, the tar content is smeared against the glass. This process expertly purifies the taste and experience of every smoke and ensures much less impact on the health of the smoker. This patented Smoke filtration system is licensed by Hurricane worldwide, and you get the one and only original.

Like all of Hurricane’s range, this model is made of 100% borosilicate glass and is crafted totally tension-free. It has an anti-break system and a lack of protruding parts that further ensure the minimum damage is done if the bong is dropped.

All Hurricane models are shipped as complete sets, including a splash guard, 2 connection rods, and the’ Vesuvio’ bowl, an all-around variety.

Height: 39cm

Glass Bong Double Conical Tubing

Glass Bong Double Conical Tubing, 77 Bongs

Are you seeing double? Maybe you should put the bong down now. Wait! It’s supposed to have two bowls!

Let’s hit that baby again! This bubbled bong has two downpipes and two bowls. Double the hit. Double the fun. Double the vision!

Height: 30cm

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