Colored Borosilicate Bongs

If you’re looking to pick up a colored borosilicate bong, there are plenty of options out there. Some even come with an LED light in the bowl for extra cool lighting effects. But what colors do they all offer?

There’s been some great innovations when it comes to smoking accessories over the past few years, including glass pipes that heat marijuana rather than burning tobacco, dabbing pens that allow users to inhale concentrates without smoke buildup on their clothes, and more.

However, one trend has remained popular among many smokers — using a water pipe called a bong. The bong is essentially just another name for its predecessor, which was invented back in 1935 as part of a Chinese smoking device known as “the hookah.”

Today, this classic piece of equipment looks much different from how people remember seeing them decades ago. Instead of being made mostly of bamboo, most modern bongs tend to be made of acrylic materials like tempered Pyrex glass.

These newer pieces can also look quite stylish thanks to varying designs and color schemes. Additionally, if you want something other than basic black, various companies have started making colorful borosilicate bongs specifically designed for use while smoking cannabis.

In fact, these devices often include built-in LEDs that provide additional visual stimulation and help make your high feel better! Here we’ll take a closer look at some of the best colored borosilicate bongs available today.

Note: While we’ve included pictures of actual products here, please keep in mind that manufacturers sometimes change product names and release new models before photos get updated.

Borobud V

This particular model is actually a line of five borosilicate bongs that vary based on size and overall design. All of them feature an 18mm stem, but each version offers slightly different features. For example, the smallest borosilicate vial includes a smaller 7″ diameter bowl, whereas the largest version measures almost 8″.

Each bowl is lined with a special material meant to maximize vaporization, and the stems range between 4 1/2 inches and 5 1/4 inches long. There are three versions of each style, and prices start around $30 per unit.

All of the borosilicate bongs share a similar appearance, although the larger ones obviously stand taller due to their larger bowls. They typically don’t weigh very much either, usually coming in under 2 pounds despite having thick walls.

And because they’re shaped like regular bongs, they still fit easily into drawers or cabinets. You won’t find anything too outlandish about the way these look, but they certainly aren’t boring either.

For those who enjoy lighter hits, try taking a hit off one of these units instead of a full joint. Though not as strong as traditional bongs, they pack enough punch to satisfy anyone who wants a little less bite.

The Pipe Shop Colorglass Series

These unique borosilicate bongs are made by The Pipe Shop, which sells a variety of smoking gear online. Although you might expect to pay top dollar for such premium items, you can actually purchase several of these glasses fairly inexpensively.

Most of them retail for only $50, though the highest price I could find online was $65 per unit. As far as quality goes, these bongs actually seem to live up to their namesake status, with smooth curves and well-designed holes ensuring maximum airflow through the entire glass structure.

Each one of these borosilicates comes in two varieties depending upon whether you choose blue or green coloring. Both look good standing alone, but you can combine them together for really interesting results. For instance, you can put a green version next to a blue one and create a nice contrast effect.

Or you can mix things up and experiment with both colors side by side. Just avoid mixing two differently colored shades within the same bowl, since doing so will cause air bubbles to form inside.

Overall, these borosilicate bongs are pretty versatile and worth considering if you’re interested in picking up a new type of weed delivery system. Don’t forget about the wide selection of other smoking aids offered by The Pipe Shop as well, including rolling papers and grinders.

Moody Blue and Green by Smoke & Spirits

Smoke & Spirits produces a number of edibles and vaping products, but it does especially well with its collection of borosilicate bongs. Its Moody series of bongs come in four distinct styles: medium body, small body, large body, and slimline. Prices begin at $60 for the slimline version, ranging up to $70 for the heaviest hitters.

As you’d probably guess, the main difference between these and standard borosilicate bongs lies in size. Because they were originally intended for medical purposes, the bowls on these pieces are relatively narrow compared to normal bongs.

That said, none of them measure particularly short or tall. Rather, the length varies according to the overall size of the user, so if you prefer shorter height then you should definitely go for the smaller sizes. Otherwise, someone 6’5″ would likely need to order the largest version regardless. And because of their low weight, these bongs are easy to hold during sessions.

You can also buy multiple pieces of the same sized set if you plan on sharing with friends. It makes sense financially since you end up paying less per person after splitting the cost. Also note that you cannot replace any parts once you own one of these, except perhaps for cleaning methods.

So if you ever break yours, you’ll need to contact Smoke & Spirits directly for replacement parts. Finally, keep in mind that unless otherwise specified, all of these bongs are made exclusively for adult consumption.

Zyrtec Premium Color-Changing Glasses (Blue or Red)

While boro doesn’t necessarily refer to the specific chemical composition of these pieces, they do resemble the original concept behind bongs. Like real bongs, however, these glasses are used primarily for smoking pot or certain types of herbs.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply fill them with whatever substance you desire and expect it to pass straight through. To ensure proper filtration, you must first pour boiling water through a separate chamber prior to filling your chosen herb mixture.

Afterward, add your choice of concentrate and wait 15 minutes until everything gets soaked properly.
Once filled, Zyrtec’s borosilicate bongs feature a mouthpiece attached to the bottom where you place your lips for inhalation.

The bowl itself contains a heating element that turns blue whenever electricity passes through it. Once activated, this heats the water bath below to produce steam which travels through the glass tube toward your nose.

Since the liquid moves faster near the tip of the bowl, it eventually reaches your lungs where it mixes with oxygen and provides a greater chance of delivering active ingredients to your bloodstream.
Although Zyrtec’s borosilicate bongs technically fall into the category of smoking paraphernalia rather than recreational tools, they work surprisingly well for getting stoned.

Many users claim that the experience provided by the glowing blue base isn’t nearly as intense as that produced by real bongs. On the downside, these machines are somewhat limited in terms of versatility and portability.

Unlike true bongs, they do require an electrical outlet nearby, and no matter where you travel the temperature never changes. Still, if you prefer to stay indoors then these are perfect choices.


In conclusion, buying a colored borosilicate bong is a smart idea if you’re tired of sticking solely to tradition. Not only can you spice up your current setup, but you can also expand your horizons by trying out new ways to consume marijuana.

Of course, these gadgets aren’t suitable for everyone, so you should check with your doctor before starting toking.

Have you purchased a colored borosilicate bong yet? What kind did you get and why did you decide to buy it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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My Favorite Colored Borosilicate Bongs

Mini Colored Glass Bong – Gold

Mini Coloured Glass Bong Gold, 77 Bongs

Superb mini glass bong that will provide you with a fantastic couple of hits while not taking up too much space and also looking rather nice.

Size: 18cm

“Bubbled at the base to maximize the water capacity and featuring a molded grip for your fingers underneath the specialist 12.5mm joint, this Napoleon Bonaparte of the bong world also has a carb hole to save on all that pesky bowl lifting.
Technically, this bong will even fit in your pocket!”

Mini Colored Glass Bong – Blue

Mini Coloured Glass Bong Blue, 77 Bongs

This small but mighty glass bong is the perfect solution for those times when you need a quick hit. Its compact size makes it easy to store anywhere, and its sleek design will look great in any setting!

Size: 18cm

Mini Colored Glass Bong – Multi

Mini Coloured Glass Bong Multi Coloured, 77 Bongs

With its compact design, this bong is perfect for those who want to use it while on the move. It’s smaller than most other models so you can take your hits anywhere without taking up too much space or looking like a glass centerpiece!

Size: 18cm

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